top10stetsEvery now and then a show comes a long that you really really like and then THEY take it away from you! I don’t exactly know who they are, probably the suits somewhere in the room who never actually watch the show but just follow the numbers which tend to be reflected wrongly onto paper in various cases. Some shows have high marks yet they still were cancelled or just simply not picked up again. And for a TV-show fanatic, this is absolutely frustrating, I know the feeling oh too well and when my friend recommended me to make a list about it, I thought, excellent idea! Since it isn’t a competition of which show that ended too soon is better than the other, the list is put up randomly.

PS: Next week, a list of “TV-shows that should have ended already” is also on its way.


Special: These shows had a good run, Chuck with 5 seasons and Friends with 10! Still, the main reason I wanted to add them here wasn’t because of their open ends or short airing time but because I miss the cast. Yes, these two are the créme de la créme of shows that have ended and have had an amazing cast. Surely, there are others but Chuck ending still hurts while Friends ending hurts probably forever.


This was one of my favorite new comers back in 2009 because I was so glad to see Jenna Elfman back on screen. The character she played, Billie was representing the world of us, meaning, she was a movie critic! Needless to say, I was super happy to see that on the screen together with some cougar type of action and a pregnancy on top of everything. When the show wasn’t picked up for a second season and Cougar Town did (both premiered in 2009) I was quite mad. This show had a lot more to offer and it didn’t feel forced. I miss it and I think I will re-watch it soon.


To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed by Veronica Mars and its third and final season, but yet, I still was very sad when everything ended. Too soon for sure, especially since the favorite love-story-line didn’t play out and it’s frustrating for a fangirl to not get her happy ending. I also miss seeing a strong and an independent teenage girl with a nerdy side on the screen, there were some back in the day (like 4 to 5 years ago) but now it seems kind of sad.


Being a big One Tree Hill and its first four seasons fan, I loved Bryan Greenberg. Scratch that, I still love him! Seeing him in October Road was great, he was on his own and he was doing his thing, yet, we didn’t get to see the show past its second season and with only 19 episodes, I felt everything was rushed in the end due to its cancellation. Favorite character was, despite my love for Greenberg, actually Eddie who was brought on screen by Geoff Stults. Also, it reminded me of Everwood and Gilmore Girls, that kind of a small town home vibe – I liked it.


Yes, that is again a show Bryan Greenberg was in and I’m telling you, either he has really bad luck or the whole damn world is upside down when it comes to the shows he is in. Though, How To Make It In America is a bit better from October Road (still both quality but in different genres), it seems that the world is upside because How To Make… got cancelled. It ran on HBO and well, that channel has many great shows running and it’s sad to see this raw and artistic one getting the thumbs down after the second season. I for sure miss it and Greenberg, of course.


A little bit of sci-fi mystery was on air for two season (really seems like a breaking point for many shows) and Tru Calling was on top of my list to watch when it was airing in 2003-2005. It was about a woman who could re-live the day and save people who weren’t supposed to die that day. And well, although it seems like a shortly lived plot, I am pretty sure they could have squeezed out at least one more season or two. I mean, at least for Eliza Dushku and the skinny guy on the right who is, yes, you guessed it, Zach Galifianakis.


This show had four good seasons, out of which two were probably amazing and other two were just pure entertainment. I felt that it ended too soon because I needed to see more, yet, a lot of the story lines were finished off and given closure. But it’s like Chuck and Friends, you just miss the show because the people in it were so affectionate and every time when I see the tall guy who played Beaver playing a small role in a TV-show, I remember Greek and how fun it was. Plus, a show about young adults has good life lessons that I really miss right about now.


Although it was not as addictive as The Vampire Diaries nor did it have the charm of Charmed (see what I did there?), The Secret Circle still wasn’t the worst in the bunch. Especially considering the new shows that took its place on CW including the Beauty and the Beast. That is why I can’t even imagine why the suits would do such a thing. It had Gale Harold who has turned into an actor I appreciate but I guess it didn’t have enough viewers to support the money that went into it. Still, like I said, it was not the worst and I would have liked to see more.


Spin-off to Bones, since the character Geoff Stults portrayed was also in Bones, the series only lasted for 13 episodes and it did come as a shock that this was cancelled because I thought it really had an interesting twist of crime solving to it, at least enough to last for an entire season. It still makes me sad to consider this as Michael Clarke Duncan’s last TV role which is kind of the reason why I would have wanted to see more episodes of The Finder. But I guess it wouldn’t have been the same without Duncan anyway.


Same sadness of sudden deaths applies to 8 Simple Rules, John Ritter who played the father died suddenly and left the show in a place that was really difficult. The episode that featured the family members dealing with his loss was not just sad because of the characters but I felt the sadness of the actors as well. The show did carry on into the third season but I guess it never felt right after Ritter’s sudden absence, yet, I can’t help to wonder if it still ended too soon.


Of all the shows in this list, Kyle XY exited in a way that was just unacceptable. Ending with a cliffhanger, ending with leaving everything open and not explaining it at all, is a really bad thing for a person that actually liked the show a lot. I was so hooked, mostly because it was sci-fi and really entertaining with just a right amount of humor. I miss this show, at least to a point where I still want to know what happened and where their lives ended up at after that forever hanging cliffhanger.


So that was it, I did not mention Firefly which my friend insisted I put in but it didn’t feel right to add something I haven’t yet watched. I know, I’ve been off my TV-show game with all these shows that I have missed and the ones I have fallen behind with. That being said, what are shows that ended too soon for you? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for more lists on Wednesdays!


  • Day Break with Taye Diggs was a really good show only lasted one season and with a cliffhanger. Also Angel it had 5 seasons but it was cancelled and didnt end with a proper conclusion.

  • Tru Calling and Veronica Mars are two of my of my favorites. I was always surprised that Tru Calling got axed so soon. It had a great cast and such an interesting storyline. I could have seen it growing into one of the huge crime dramas like Criminal Minds, but with a supernatural twist. I want to go re-watch it now after seeing it mentioned here!

  • My favorite classic teen drama is still My So-Called Life. Undeclared was also a great animated geek friendly college show similar to animated Clerks… another short-lived show. Oh, and the Tick, it had promise but was too expensive and died after 6 episodes. I think I have a thing for short lived TV shows, but then my other favorite is the Simpsons, so I guess it’s a give and take.

    • My So Called Life, sounds familiar but since it is quite old, I don’t know if I manage to give it a try. I will certainly try, since I now know it has Claire Danes.
      And yeah, Simpsons makes up for it I guess. What is it, 25+ already?

      • It’s a high quality show, but it’s definitely a sign of it’s time. I think the biggest hurdle to get through is the language. They like often like go into “like” overdrive.

        I realized I never really commented on your list. I loved the first couple seasons of Chuck, but lost track of it at some point. I also thought Secret Circle, Kyle XY, and 8 Simple Rules were pretty good. I remember reading some interview, maybe in an old Entertainment Weekly, where they interviewed the head writer/creator of Kyle XY and he gave them a brief rundown of what would have happened next.

  • Sad to say the only show I’m familiar with is Friends! But, I completely understand where this post is coming from. Pushing Daisies and Awake were two shows that were canceled way too early for me.

  • I also miss Friends and Chuck! I loved Greek…I think the story lines were quickly wrapped up because they were already on the verge of cancellation. 8 Simple Rules was never the same without John Ritter, I think it would have lasted longer if they took a different path, but it will still never be the same. Another short lived show I liked was Life. It was quickly wrapped up but it was interesting.

    • I thought the same, without Ritter the dynamic was just off. But I liked the new direction.. at least I understood the difficulties of taking and making something new. Life was okay, I liked one specific scene in the first season almost in the beginning. Haven’t gotten further though.

  • The Secret Circle did end too soon. At the ending of the first (and last) season, it had potential to be something great…I guess the whole Vampire Diaries overshadowed its potential success. I did have a discussion with friends about this and it came down to the fact that the cast wasn’t strong enough.

    There is at least two more (in my opinion) that should’ve lasted longer. Lie To Me and Moonlight ended way too soon.

    • Honestly, I disliked Lie to Me.. But not because of Roth, something else didn’t connect.
      I guess TSC did have a week cast in terms of some characters, I felt like only Tonkin was capable of being in the role and the grown-ups as well. TVD on the other hand has quite the strong cast with few exceptions.

      • For sure, Tonkin is better than the rest of the cast. Thats probably why she got a spot on TVD now. I had issues with Adam in particular because his facial expressions were a bit more limited…except maybe nearing the end of the season…

        Lie to Me’s selling point for me was Roth. If it was someone else, it wouldn’t have lasted 3 seasons.

        I’m interested in who you think is a weak cast in TVD though?

  • Wow didn’t even know The Secret Circle is dead. For me the most prematurely cancelled shows are Deadwood, Carnivale and Pushing Daisies – each of them brilliant and deserving of at least 6 seasons.

  • Another great list here. I really enjoyed How to Make it In America. Sad to see it go so quickly.

    One from me: Boomtown, a cop procedural that was so superior to other shows of its type. Loved it.

  • Most of these I never watched, though I’m certainly familiar with the “too soon” feeling of cancellations. Of the ones you list, there are a few where I feel comfortable weighing in on. In the case of 8 Simple Rules, the saddest part is Ritter’s death, obviously. I agree the show just didn’t feel right afterward… it was honestly surprising to see it continue. The Finder… I only saw the crossover episode of Bones that introduced it. Didn’t like it at all.

    On Chuck… as much as I really liked the show, the darker tone and perpetual fear of cancellation led to a lot of unevenness in the third through fifth seasons. I kind of wonder if, rather than ending too soon, it didn’t end soon enough. It had two great seasons, and two “kind of OK” seasons, and a stinker of a finale.

  • I definitely agree with Veronica Mars. I agree the third season was not as good, but I could’ve watched Kristen Bell play that role forever. And no closer for the shippers? That’s just rude. I am currently watching Angel and I hear that has a premature ending so it sucks knowing that going into it but hopefully they tied it up enough that you aren’t left hanging too badly. Other show I would add is Freaks & Geeks. I can’t believe that show only got 1 season! It’s one of my favorites.

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