With my newly found desire to blog more often, I’ve decided to just go nuts and do things I haven’t done yet. Like trailer reactions because why not?! Starting off this new trend here on Mettel Ray is Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. A crime drama filled with so many big names and fan favourites that it’s hard to imagine not loving this film right off the bat.

First of all, Chris Evans! I love him here, I don’t care if he’s an unlikable character or a crazy one, I’m already in love. It’s so nice to see him no matter the role and it looks like he’s having fun here! Hopefully he will have a bigger role and not be killed off early on because that would be a huge waste!

Secondly, this looks like a great crime thriller, or am I imagining it? The cast alone is brilliant, Rian Johnson behind the camera gives me a some confidence as well. (I’m purposely ignoring The Last Jedi ever happened). The only thing I’m a little hesitant about is Daniel Craig. He seems to be doing a weird accent here and well, with all that Bond drama, his public persona is just very unlikable these days.

But that being said, this is going to be a lot of fun. Shannon is in it, so you know it’s gonna be a lot of crazy as well. Not to name drop literally everyone but Collette and Curtis? Gosh, that’s a magnificent duo right there. Curtis looks stunning in that red suit as well. Plus, Stanfield will surely add some flare of his own to this.

The plot seems to be an ode of those classic crime stories, where a murder takes place during a gathering. The detective arrives and starts to solve it, the entire group of people are suspects and step by step the mystery unravels itself. Add to the fact that the movie seems to take place primarily in one setting, and I’m even more excited about this.

Anyway, as it might seem from the level of excitement I’m putting out there, Knives Out is now one of my highly anticipated movies of 2019. Can’t wait to see this and be blown away by the performances and the movie itself. Plus, as an Evans fan, this movie will definitely be a great fangirl moment for me!

KNIVES OUT will be in cinemas on November 27th




  • The only good thing about this trailer is that it made you write a new post 🙂 I just hated it, everyone is trying so hard in it and Evans looks really old these days and his acting made me cringe, was that supposed to be funny? Looks like exactly the kind of a movie someone who believes he is much better than they are – that’s Johnson – would make.

    • I found it less so. It wasn’t specifically funny but it looks fun. Evans just needed a beard, which again, everyone keeps asking him to shave off. I’m disappointed that I didn’t mention that.
      Still, gonna look past the Last Jedi thing, and focus on the fact that I really liked Looper. That’s what I’m basing my excitement on.

  • Nice trailer reaction! I kind of felt like Rian created/released a teaser more than a trailer. I’m hoping the next one shows more of the family. But it still looks like fun! The cast list is crazy. I can’t believe how many people Rian packed into it. I’m so excited for Chris and seeing him in something other than Captain America (as much as I love his performance as Steve). He looks hilarious.

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