There has been a lack of trailer posts on my blog because I find them to be more news than blog posts. It’s just like a press statement and though I was a huge fan of trailers earlier on this blog the hype is slowly going away for me. What can one say about a trailer? It can of course list the actors, the director and the premier date but I have wanted more out of my trailer posts and now it seems I can achieve that with Life of Pi trailer.

Reason why this post is coming on your way is because the trailer of the movie shows so much of its body of work, that you are able to write a lot more than usual. Just the colors seem to be out of this world! The playfulness of the dark and warm tones with a hint of glowing elements was already mind blowing in the trailer, I can’t imagine what it will be like in the actual movie theater with the right flow and rhythm and the soundtrack. I have a feeling that the official site for Life of Pi has a track from the movie on the background, if so, it will be something special. It probably makes sense if I say that the movie has a dream-fantasy kind of story telling to it, all which is emphasized with the colors – everything looks exaggerated but I think it all makes sense in the end.

Director Ang Lee, who has Hulk and Brokeback Mountain in his CV, brings this contemporary masterpiece onto the screen from the pages of a novel. I haven’t read the book, I’m getting a sudden urge to do so because I feel like this movie will not deprive from the novel but it will accelerate it by bringing the visual fantasy into life. David Magee who has written the screenplay from the novel by Yann Martel hasn’t done much, but his debut was Finding Neverland and that pretty much makes him good in my book. What pleases me the most, is the fact that for Suraj Sharma, who takes on the leading role Pi, it is the first time being on screen. Lee picked him out of 3,000 men and this now a 19-year-old probably wouldn’t disappoint – I have a feeling that Lee has excellent judge of character.


Movie is released in November 2012 which gives me enough time to pick up the book because I have a feeling that I would want to see the movie even if I have read the book. This is all because the trailer left me speechless but also made me linger for more.

Have any of you guys read the book?

The awesome art-like image is from Life of Pi official site. Check the site out, it’s amazing!

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