Anna Karenina, written by Tolstoy, was declared the greatest novel ever written by the Time’s poll done in 2007, so it was just a matter of time for Joe Wright to take on Anna. I should put Wright into my list of directors, since he did one of my favorites Pride & Prejudice, but I wasn’t a big fan of his Atonement that followed (too bad for Wright). But Anna Karenina could bring him back to my life because it seems remarkable from what I can tell based on the trailer. The movie has a book like story telling with the stop motion scenes and walking from one scenery to another. Having Keira Knightley as Anna, Jude Law as Aleksei Karenin and Aaron Johnson as the charming Vronsky, everything is set out perfectly for Anna Karenina to be the dazzling costume drama of 2012.

Those who do not know, I am a fan of historical costume dramas such as Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess and Marie Antoinette, because I love that time with its rules of conduct and its glamorous fashion. Also, I think Knightley suits these types of roles perfectly and she might as well only stick with what she is well suited for. I can’t really imagine her in any other time than the past, she feels like from the 18 and 19 century so I am happy that Wright keeps working with her while making these types of films.

 Anna Karenina is set to premiere on the 9th of November.


Image from Just Flick and altered by me.



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