Ever since I’ve been following Maria over at Big City Bookworm, I’ve been amazed at her skill to participate in multiple tag posts a week. I mean, I can hardly keep track of one (Thursday Movie Picks) let alone two/three per week! Anyway, Maria is awesome, which is one of the points I wanted to make, the other is that ever since I started reading her Top 10 Tuesdays, weekly tag created by The Broke and the Bookish, I’ve wanted to participate but I never really jumped for it… until today! Who knows if I’ll post for Top 10 Tuesday every week but I’ll try my best, especially since I’m clearly not writing any reviews lately.

Before I jump in to my very TV oriented list of fandoms, I just wanted to explain my choice of theme – fandoms from the past. You see, it’s very hard for me to think of my current state of fangirling as being part of the fandoms. I used to be much more hardcore and I think that ever since I’ve tried to focus less on watching shows and movies, I’ve lost track of the fandom-world. So here are my fandoms of the past, filled with nostalgia and great memories.

PS: I feel like being in a TV fandom is a lot more… rewarding because there is so much more to watch and that’s why majority of fandoms all of my picks in this list are shows.


This is the first fandom I remember joining and I don’t think I will ever leave. Friends is a live action comedy royalty, and they don’t make shows like that anymore. Why? Who knows. But the writing and the jokes, and the friendship of Friends is what made it amazing way back when while remaining timeless through its simplicity and honesty. I love it! I miss it! I think if I rewatched it again I’ll be sucked into its world but there are 10 seasons of it and I just can’t see myself giving it that much time as of now. So, even though it’s listed here as a fandom from my past, I’m still a fan and I remember watching Friends like it was yesterday… even though it’s been years.


One Tree Hill has a special place in my life because this is probably the show that started my TV addiction back in 2004. I tuned in a little before the second season premiered and then it was one episode per week for me, which seemed so ridiculous and yet, I was addicted. I had a notebook filled with various facts and song lists! At one point I thought I was Peyton! All that greatness lasted until the season 5 started, and ended completely with season 6. Oh well, you can’t have it all foreverbut for 4 years it was my favourite show on television and some of its quotes still hover around in my brain.


There are a few shows I need to mention that came all from the same guy and they shaped my teen years quite a lot. There is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse and the one I have not seen yet  but I will because my flatmate loved it and she likes great things (Firefly). So I mean, I have been apart of most of those fandoms, and long before I really understood how clever Buffy is as a show! Honestly, I only realised its brilliance completely during my second watch-through which just means it deserves another rewatch but I just don’t have the time. And guys, it’s been 20 years since Buffy… man, I’m old!


This show is another special one for me because this is the show I started to watch from day 1! It was amazing, I was scared as hell during those few episodes in the first season, but I was addicted. For five seasons, with Eric Kripke running the show, Supernatural was the perfect entertainment. Then, it got a little not so good but I still watched it for a few seasons, I think I made it to season 8… there are way more seasons now and maybe someday I will catch up, for old time’s sake, but my Supernatural fandom years have passed. It was great for me until it lasted though, no doubt about that.


I think all my fandom shows have a curse or something because so many didn’t survive passed their 5th season. But honestly, no other show messed it up more than Shameless – a show that I loved to bits for 4 and a half seasons! I waited for it, I was reading casting news and I was eager to love it forever. But nothing lasts forever… not even my shameless addiction towards Shameless. Most of you probably know what the show did but for those who are not aware, let’s just say they decided to wreck a very important character development I was not happy about. Happy endings apparently aren’t a thing for Shameless but you could have given us at least one… whatever, you know what you did, Shameless, and I exited the fandom without a second glance.


Alright, so MTV actually got me good when Teen Wolf premiered because they had Dylan O’Brien and for some reason it was exactly what I needed! I mean, I even ordered a Stilinski jumper from somewhere online and still own it as a proud fangirl I am. I’m not even watching the show anymore but I’m proud that I was apart of it for those first couple of years, and I even tuned in for other MTV shows because of Teen Wolf such as Awkward. and Faking It, and I don’t regret any of it.


I thought long and hard what cop show I should include, and even though I know I was a long time fan of Criminal Minds, I think it didn’t get close enough to the emotional roller coaster Rookie Blue was. It had so many great moments and I loved it from start to finish, even though the end didn’t really do it for me as much as the first couple of seasons. But I was rooting for the characters from day one and I think I even counted down the days until it came back for season 2, which is something I rarely did back then because I had such a bad memory (still do).


I felt like a part of my love for Gilmore Girls died with the revival.. it’s a shame really because I LOVE Gilmore Girls even though it pains me to write it present tense. It’s like part of the charm was taken away from us with that horrible revival, that literally destroyed Rory Gilmore and all she stood for. Anyway, I still think it deserves a mention here because they had a chance to make everything right again and they didn’t, which is when I decided to be less fangirl about Gilmore Girls. Even though I think I will rewatch it again soon because I miss Lorelai’s coffee addiction.


Now, this is a fandom that has sort of disappeared over the years, and frankly, for me it was partially because they made a very bad movie to tie up the loose ends. But, before that, we had two very good seasons with a very big mystery and then another mystery and then a shaky third season but it’s okay. Veronica Mars was one of those fandoms I was proud to be apart of and it will forever remain dear to my heart. I mean, it’s Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow!


I’m hereby discussing my very long love for two reality shows that I followed religiously way back when. Both are actually still running, though they have either changed their network or their format, or both, I’m not even sure anymore – which is when I sort of lost interest in them. I think change is good but it also means the show has run its course and that’s what happened to these two gems. Oh and I made a video clip of one of the Project Runway moments way back when which has over 800,000 notes on Tumblr – such a proud fan moment.

Are you any of these fandoms? What fandom would you never consider and which one of these could you see yourself participating in?


  • Firstly, thank you so much for all of the kind words! Honestly, there are some days I have no idea how I keep up with everything either haha! I’m glad my post inspired you to try and participate in Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s topic definitely was a fun one!

    Secondly, oh my gosh I totally agree with you about Shameless…like I literally agree with everything. I’m still so bitter about it. I can’t believe I managed to continue to watch it with the giant hole in my heart + the amount of cringe that the show gives me now. It just feels so redundant now. I miss my Gallavich 🙁

    So You Think You Can Dance was a big part of my life too! My sister used to dance competitively and we used to watch it together all the time. She used to want to be a contestant when she was younger haha!

    Man, I really need to catch up on Teen Wolf, I’m behind by about a season now. I know it’s almost done now though so maybe this is the time to catch up!

    This was a fantastic list and a great topic to try out Top Ten Tuesday! I hope to see more Top Ten Tuesday lists from you in the future!! 😀

    • You are welcome! I’m curious to hear how you go about your week because you do write a lot of posts weekly and I can’t even seem to write movie reviews anymore, it’s awful how much reviews I should be writing. It’s just really hard for me to write when I’m not in the mood and lately, I’m not in the mood for reviews at all. 🙁

      Shameless messed it up so bad.. stupid Shameless. And I’m thinking about catching up with Teen Wolf someday as well, since Dylan is still apart of it. I think the last season I saw was the one where Dylan was all crazy.. which one was that?

      I’m not a dancer nor I ever will be 😀 but I loved So You Think You Can Dance .. I just know what to appreciate I guess. 😀

      I will try, I already drafted the post and took some tiny notes. I think I won’t manage 10 but I will try my best to get 5 at least.

      • Haha believe it or not I don’t really have a schedule! I usually just try and write up a post whenever I have a spare chance. I’m lucky I work at a computer all day for my job so whenever I have a moment or if I need a little mental break, I’ll try and write up a blog post! The only thing I really schedule are my Top 10 Tuesdays and Waiting On Wednesdays. I’ll set aside a couple of hours on the weekend to schedule a whole bunch and then I don’t really worry about it until my scheduled posts run low haha!

        It really is sad about Shameless. I just don’t know if it will ever be able to redeem itself.

        I honestly can’t even remember what season of Teen Wolf that was. I want to say 4 but I’m probably lying haha!

        Yeah! Whenever I can’t think of 10 answers for the top 10 tuesday posts, I just try to get a little creative with it or just drop the number down to 5 haha!

        • Oh man, I wish I had that possibility at work but I have a pretty mobile work – restaurant business doesn’t really allow computer time. 😀 And I’m really bad at scheduling posts these days, even with TMP I’m constantly writing posts on the same day but I have a 4 day weekend this week so I’ll try to prepare!!

          It won’t.. it destroyed itself, sorry.

          I’m thinking about using 5 next week because I’m really not aware of unique reads. 😀

          • Oooh! A 4 day weekend sounds nice! Perfect time to schedule posts haha! Yeah, I definitely struggled with comings up with 10 unique reads. Top 10 Tuesdays can be hard sometimes haha! 😛

  • I am a die hard Buffy fan. It’s my favourite show of all time, I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon’s work and Firefly is great too. I’m also a really big Veronica Mars fan, and agree about season 3. It was shaky but it didn’t deserve to end because of it. I’m curious why you didn’t like the film though, I loved it personally, but always nice to hear others opinions!😁

    • Somewhere in my blog is the review for Veronica Mars, I think I was in overall disappointed how it turned out. Like the plot and the character development etc.. I haven’t watched it again ever since but maybe I will someday and have little less angry feelings about it.

  • Yeah, that GG revival wasn’t very good as what it did to Rory. How could someone as smart as Rory would be stupid enough to go in an affair with an ex-boyfriend and take job interviews for publications she had no interest in?

    • Indeed, her whole character development was awful from start to finish. Not to mention the one night (unprotected) stand!!! Ugh. I can’t even think about it!

      • I know. She’s supposed to be smarter than that. Plus, I more envision Rory Gilmore as someone that is content and having her life be much better. Yeah, she would still write a book but at least have a career as a journalist writing for newspapers in the U.S. and still have time for family including younger siblings.

        • I know! I could write essay-worthy posts about how the revival messed up the most crucial aspect of the show – Rory. Like.. it was horrible. And even Lorelai was all over the place. It was like they didn’t knwo who they were anymore and that’s not what fans needed. It’s not even fair to the characters, let alone fans. Oh well. Sad.

          • At least Emily was still interesting though I would’ve had her go “fuck you” to the entire DAR and call April to do something science-y and blow up something from the DAR as a statement from Emily to the DAR.

  • I was never in any of these fandoms, sadly. My husband (lol) was really into One Tree Hill though. I guess it came on in between classes for him in college. I’m always amused that he watched that show when I didn’t.

    • For some reason I find that to be hilarious.. I mean, I know teen shows are usually aimed at women but.. I can see your husband enjoying it-. I mean, does he like basketball? But indeed, it’s a little amusing indeed but did he watch it until the end?!

    • I thought the way she struggled was very out of character for her. I could have understood in terms of her career, that she would be a little unstable, but I thought she would at least have a little less drama in her social life. Like, it felt completely useless to have that final plot twist in the end for her.. just, as far as endings go, it was not good.

      • I think part of the problem was the time gap, if this was how they’d ended season 7 it might have been a little more believable, but she’s meant to be in her 30s now, and she acts like she’s only just out of college. Having said that, she always had drama in her social life, so that wasn’t too much of a surprise. Ugh, I hated the ending!

        • Well I think that the drama she had was more or less the reason she should have been all grown up by now and learned from her mistakes.. yet, she made even stupider mistakes.. it just, ugh, you’re right, the end is hate worthy and nothing else.

  • Man, what did Shameless do? I think the last episode I saw was Frank getting his new liver and starting to drink again in front of the kid.

    I have Comedy Central on all the time so I watch Friends every day 🙂

    • They messed up Ian’s and Mickey’s storylines. And well, it all started when they had Jeffrey Dean Morgan for one episode and then recast him – and downhill from that moment on… it was just, horrible to watch.

      I don’t even own a TV.. If I did I think I would have it on Comedy Central (if we got that channel) as well, seems like a way to go!

  • I was a big fan of Friends and loved Buffy! Angel and Dollhouse were also really great. If you get a chance you really should try Firefly, it’s great!! Nice post. 🙂

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