Recently I discovered that I have been enjoying quite a lot of theme songs. Like, enjoying to a point where I don’t even fast forward the opening credits because I want to hear the song. So I wanted to share them with you guys. Which, ironically, makes this week very music oriented with Thursday Movie Picks focusing on unforgettable film scores. Anyway, here are five TV-show theme songs I’ve recently enjoyed and loved!


I know this sort of makes it into a list of six but I could not add this one. Also I have to admit, I haven’t watched the second season yet… I felt like the first was so perfect and then they cancelled it that now I have anxiety about watching the FINAL season. I’m weird, I know…


Haven’t really talked about this show on my blog but I just finished season 2 and I love it! Will write about it soon enough but now let’s listen to its calming theme song.

4. NEMESIS by Benjamin Clementine / THE MORNING SHOW

The credits for The Morning Show were always fun to watch. And I never fast forwarded because the song worked so well and the animation was cool. You can listen to the original 2015 track HERE.

3. MAIN THEME by L’Orchestra Cinematique / STRANGER THINGS

This comforts me. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a horror show! but that’s the truth. Granted, Stranger Things is much more than a horror show but still the theme song has that note of scary to it for sure.

2. CHICAGO by Sufjan Stevens / THE POLITICIAN

Again, it’s a show I didn’t really talk about last year but I liked it a lot! It’s theme song, paired with that strange and mesmerising intro just go together so well. And the tone of the song is also very strange to me which works well with the show.


This list wouldn’t have had happened if it weren’t for Succession. I binged most of the first season in like a day and now I’m obsessed with its theme song. Just like I’m obsessed with the show!

What are some of your favourite TV-show theme songs?




  • The Punisher’s theme came to mind first when I saw the post title. Season 1 really is perfect! It’s a shame that it had to end, but I have a feeling that it may return soon. Money Heist and Stranger Things are great picks too! I’d add Vikings to the list. 🙂

    • Yaas! See, great minds think alike! Oh Vikings is still on my to be watched list.. it seems like something that I need to be in a specific mood for though. 😛

  • I just can’t get over the theme song of Firefly. Although it’s been a while since I watched the show, that song always keeps popping back into my head.

    • Don’t hit me. I still haven’t seen it. It just.. I feel like once I watch it I will be sad since there’s only one season. It seems like torture. 😀

    • The theme song has been stuck in my head FOR DAYS!! It’s so good. I’ve been playing an invisible piano all day. 😀

  • These are good! I love Succession’s theme as well as Stranger Things. The one I currently have stuck in my head is the title track for The Mandalorian. God, it’s so good.

    • I love how the Succession theme song has similar/altered versions in the show going through the episodes sometimes. It sounds familiar but it’s not.

  • Stranger Things is a good one! I love the opening theme for Dexter. The entire opening sequence is pretty great and I love how it mirrors what he actually does by using his morning routine. The Psych opening song is perfection too and I looooove when they have different versions of it based on the episode sometimes!

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