Top 5 Trios

When I thought about my favorite trios, I came to a sudden realization that there aren’t many trios out there. There are many many duos and a lot of bigger groups of four and five but not so many threes. So since the characters more seldom come in threes, I decided to dedicate a Top 5 post to my favorite trios that have graced screens of all sizes.

Bonus: The first couple of trios that I thought about were cartoon trios, Ed, Edd & Eddy were one of these trios that popped into my heard right away. Entertainingly awesome, I remember them to be hilarious.

5. Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls

My childhood was almost ideal with the legendary Cartoon Network’s series and The Powerpuff Girls happened to be my almost favorite cartoon. They are kick ass girls who are also just little girls, yet they are able to save the world numerous times.

4. Nick, Kurt and Dale from Horrible Bosses

There isn’t a world where the trio from Horrible Bosses won’t be my favorite because the actor trio itself is pretty much a go to happy-drug: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. They work together well, sure, the second movie wasn’t as groundbreaking and awesome, but the chemistry between these three works no matter what.

3. Cady, Janis & Damian from Mean Girls

One wouldn’t call this trio a nerd-herd but there’s a slight underdog vibe going through their existence that is rather enjoyable. As they take in Cady to their awesome duo, Janis and Damien evolve into something that has more courage than they had on their own. Sure, the basis of their friendship is to mess with Regina but it all turned out for the better in the end.

2. Regina, Gretchen & Karen from Mean Girls

There are two trios in Mean Girls and though both are exceptionally fitting, the better one is definitely the dysfunctional one. Regina as a leader works only because she is mean, Gretchen as a follower works only because she doesn’t know better and Karen, well, it’s hard to tell what she knows. They start off with three of them and evolved into a foursome but they are still a trio in my eyes, a trio who wears pink on Wednesdays.

1. Harry, Hermione & Ron from Harry Potter

If you would Google trios, this trio will come up more than once because this is probably the most famous one out there. They are the perfect trio in a way that their friendship doesn’t overlap with relationship drama and they simply gradually grow up facing danger around every corner. They are, without a doubt, friends first and then maybe something more but that’s not even the point. They complement each other and all have different traits except they are all extremely brave!


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