top 5 superheroesBy now I’ve finally seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron (expect a review next week) and to celebrate this fine occasion, I decided to rank my favorite superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First of all, it was so hard and secondly, that’s what she said! Seriously though, it was probably the hardest Top 5 list that goes up this week but I think this is currently how I feel about all the superheroes in this universe.

Bonus: Deadpool is going to be in this list even though they haven’t even finished filming his movie yet. I know this because I’m very certain that Ryan Reynold’s performance as Deadpool is going to win my heart with all that sarcasm. Also, there better be some amazing fourth wall breaking moments! In other words, I’m very very excited!

5. Black Widow portrayed by Scarlett Johansson

The only female superhero that immediately jumps into my head is Black Widow and it’s because she is so slick and smooth, simply a trained fighter who doesn’t have any superpowers and yet is superb. Part of me wanted to add her higher into the list but she’s still quite the mystery to me, though that mysteriousness is part of her charm.

4. Daredevil portrayed by Charlie Cox

Sure, finishing Daredevil’s series last week might have influenced me ranking him in this list but let’s face it, Daredevil is freaking awesome! He is technically blind, with heightened senses fighting bad guys and he is a lawyer. I mean, sure, he has his flaws and he is constantly struggling between being good and evil but the bottom line is, he is cool.

3. Peter Quill portrayed by Chris Pratt

The first time we meet Peter Quill all grown up, he is dancing and stealing – what a way to introduce a hero. Quill who is partially human and partially something unknown, is the kind of superhero that is highly appealing due to the actor behind him. Sure, other casting decisions have been as spot on but let’s face it, Chris Pratt is a born superhero.

2. Iron Man portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Just as important is Robert Downey Jr. wearing that iron suit and being the man behind the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was the beginning, he was the start to it all and he launched my addiction to another level. Iron Man is smart, intelligent and cocky – a combination that wouldn’t work unless you had Robert Downey Jr. Also, I like how he is sort of evolved from being a villain into being a hero through his own actions.

1. Captain America portrayed by Chris Evans

This was a difficult choice and it’s probably because Pratt and Downey have so much charisma as actors that their superheroes overshadow everybody else. The reason Captain America is first though is the fact that he is extremely powerful, yet, he is still that little kid who just wanted to join the war and save people.  In other words, I just love the strength he has, and the fact that he has stayed as humble and selfless throughout the difficulties he has been through.


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