Even though most of this year has been about not expecting anything. And the end of 2020 slowly taking away all hope, I’m trying to stay positive even though everything seems awful and getting progressively worse. Anyway, as I said, despite of all this I’m gonna try and look forward. Towards recent movie trailers I have stumbled upon. So this is a very random post about a few recent movie trailers I’ve seen that made me excited about the movies.

5. DUNE (December 18th)

I shall start off with the one everybody has already seen. This one will be a good one, I can tell. Not just because I’m excited about Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. Or Oscar Isaac or Jason Momoa or Rebecca Ferguson or that worm thing. But I’m mostly excited because of Denis Villeneuve who has yet to disappoint me. For me his movies have always worked and I’m thrilled to fangirl over Dune in December. Hopefully because only god knows what 2020 has in store for us. EDITED: Never mind, Dune was pushed back until October 2021.

As a book lover I have a very beautiful edition of Dune in my possession. I’ve yet to read it but I will try to get to it before the movie comes out. Yes, it might spoil some things for me but I prefer to go in knowing things anyway. Besides, it’s going to be a  stunning visual experience either way.

Leaving the trailer here even though I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen it. It has 25,5 million views on Youtube.

4. FREAKY (November 13th)

This horror movie is a Freaky Friday meets The Hot Chick mash up. It looks fun, silly and definitely something you shouldn’t take too seriously. Starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn Freaky seems like something that’s just a good fun.

Too bad it comes out in November, it feels like a perfect Halloween flick. After watching both The Babysitter movies  and enjoying them a lot I’m ready for Freaky. It seems to be the same type of fun horror where the emphasis is more on comedy than on the jump scares. As somebody who hates jump scare horror (still even though I’ve become a fan of horror in recent years) it pleases me if its mixed with comedy.

Christopher Landon is a name I’m not necessary familiar with but the guy has directed some okay ones. For instance Disturbia, a movie I enjoyed a lot. He has also done quite many Paranormal Activities and Happy Death Day. I’ve seen only the first Paranormal (which he did not direct) and haven’t seen Happy Death Day so Freaky could go either way really.

3. MINARI (November ?th)

Now this one has already circled the film festivals and the reviews seem good. Rotten Tomatoes has it on 100% fresh at the moment which gives me a lot of hope. It seems like a well told story, an intimate look into a Korean family living in America in the 80’s.  Steven Yeun (Glenn from The Walking Dead) plays the dad here and it’s amazing to hear him speaking korean here.

With the hype for Parasite and The Farewell (still need to see that one) I’m expecting this one will be enjoyed a lot too. It’s telling a different story, the one that is oh so common yet very rarely shown in movies.  Written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, a son of korean immigrants, reassures it’s certainly going to be an authentic experience. Plus it looks visually beautiful.

As luck would have it’s part of A24 which has been one strong distributor over the recent years. Of course that also adds a new level of expectation to the movie. Now you expect it to be good right out the gate.

2. LOVE AND MONSTERS (October 16th)

For those who have been here a while this is no surprise. I have a soft spot for Dylan O’Brien who I first saw in Teen Wolf. He has had some good roles over the years but not much. There was that serious accident on the set of Maze Runner that almost killed him. (Pulled from one vehicle, he was reportedly struck by another, leaving him with a concussion, facial fracture, and brain trauma among his injuries / Vulture). He had to have surgery and it took him a while to recover.

Anyway as I said I’ve been a fan for a while. Even if the movies aren’t that good, I’ll like them because of him. That being said, I think I’ll like Love and Monsters regardless. Here Dylan can show off his comedic abilities and well, there are also monsters. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and he also has a dog for a travel buddy. Perfect.

It seems like comedy is evolving into a pairing genre. Horror and comedy is a big thing now and even though Love and Monsters is classified as adventure, I’d say it has horror elements (hello, the monsters!). It was initially going to be on big screens but is now released straight to streaming. Understandable situation but still sad how 2020 has fucked up the movie industry.

1. SUPERNOVA (November 20th)

Now this is a pick that is not flashy. We have a couple portrayed by Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci traveling across England. One of them has dementia and this is sort of like their trip down memory lane before he loses his memories. It is definitely not going to be a huge production movie but one with great performances.

Firth and Tucci have played gay men previously in their career and to see them together in a movie will be interesting. Plus emotional because of course it has a sad overtone. No doubt the performances are going to make it all worth it, even if the movie itself may be lacking.

Written and directed by Harry Macqueen the movie Supernova has received a 70% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes so far. Macqueen’s debut movie Hinterland has the same rating but audiences didn’t like it. So while it may go very badly I’m still excited to see Firth and Tucci, they are so lovable!

Any recent movie trailers that have made you excited? Leave them down below and I’ll check them out.  



  • Minari has been on my radar ever since I saw the festival reviews making their rounds. I love watching Yeun soar. He such a brilliant actor.

    Dune has got to be my most anticipated sci-fi & fantasy film. Admittedly, I’ve not read the book, but the trailer looks stunning, it’s got a brilliant cast, and I pray they don’t mess this up.

    Anything with Firth and Tucci has my attention haha.

    • That’s great! I don’t keep up with festivals but I’m glad I saw the trailer on Youtube. And yes, it’s Firth and Tucci who sell the movie, not so much the plot at the moment. 😀

  • Minari has been on my must see list since Sundance, I’m so glad there’s finally a trailer for it. I’m excited for Dune as well. I hadn’t seen the other three trailers before now but Freaky looks fun. I don’t know about Supernova, I really like those actors but I hate dementia movies.

    • I don’t follow film festivals as much as I should but I’m glad I stumbled onto it on Youtube regardless. Freaky looks totally fun. And yes, sad gay movies, how innovative.

  • I think I’m looking forward to Freaky more than any of the newer Star Wars movies – it looks SO GOOD.
    Gutted for Dune being pushed back into 2021 now…I really hope Free Guy sticks so we have something to look forward to at Christmas.

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