top 5 reality competition shows

Some years ago there was an ultimate boom of reality television and what started with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie has evolved into housewives, toddlers and what I can only describe as stupid people saying stupid things. Still, despite the fact that I stay far away from those Jersey Shore Kardashian Honey Boo-Boos, I do enjoy competitive reality television a lot so here are my top 5 shows I’ve enjoyed in the past or still adore.

Bonus: The Voice but only the audition episodes because as much as I like the idea of the show, the format feels anti-climatic. Plus, the constant change of the judges just shows you how it sort of lacks quality.

Bonus 2: Britain’s Got Talent audition episodes are also on my watch list but that’s the furthest I go with this show.. always. It even seems that the audition episodes take up most of the season anyway so the competition part itself is always rather short.

5. America’s Next Top Model

To be honest, I haven’t watched ANTM for a loooong time because it got too messy and well, boring. The photo shoots started to feel weak, the production is probably lacking money and well, the format is a bit over whelming for my taste. That being said, since I loved the first couple of seasons and the early years were rather epic, I have to include it in this list. Besides, it’s still going on, so I guess it still has viewers and since they’ve included male models means it’s more exciting for the ladies, right?

4. The X Factor

I’m still watching the UK version and I must confess, it’s still the only music driven reality show that thrills me. There’s some great talent each year, it doesn’t feel overly dramatic and I always like how the stage shows are put together. The hosts are great (Ant & Dec) and even after loosing Simon Cowell as a judge wasn’t such a big deal. It’s sad though that the winners from past years haven’t really made it.. but it’s just how the cookie crumbles.

3. Project Runway

This is still probably one of my all time favorites because it has kept its momentum up for so many years and I think it’s still relatively strong. It’s All Star version isn’t as good, but it’s the designers who keep me coming back for more. Especially those sassy and over the top designers who aren’t afraid to throw some clever shade and well, Tim Gunn is amazing so, there’s that.

2. So You Think You Can Dance

Though I considered SYTYCD as the best of the best, it’s current season auditions were so underwhelming that I changed my mind. It’s not that they were bad, no, SYTYCD is a good competition with a great message but since it’s fighting for views and clearly isn’t doing so well, it keeps changing its format and it’s just annoying. The hardcore fans love the show for what it is and constantly changing it is frustrating but I’ll stick with it because it has many positive aspects.

1. Masterchef Australia

The love for Masterchef Australia is fresh. It started a year ago, and I had some extensive marathons which has continued with revisiting seasons I haven’t seen and watching the current season like a mad woman. The show, I must admit, has kept its momentum, if not expanded it. I find the Australian version a lot more humble and more about the food than Gordon Ramsey’s and it’s the niceness that I love about it. Oh, and by the way, the level of food porn in MA is so high that I’m actually dreaming about fancy food I don’t even know how to spell.


  • I absolutely love your #2-#4, and I used to really enjoy your #5…but haven’t cared for it for like the last 37 cycles (what number are they on now?). I’ve never seen Masterchef Australia, but my #1 will always be Top Chef. Like, that’s my show right there!

  • Gosh, I used to be such an absolute ANTM fan in the early seasons. I caught an episode recently on E! during a marathon, and Tyra doesn’t even show up anymore except for judging. #Budget.

    • The competition has fallen into a mediocre level of “modeling” like.. the photo shoots feel so weak and for a better lack of the word, cheap. :/

  • I never watched any of these, but I saw bits and pieces of SYTYCD because a lot of them ended up as pros on DWTS and I watched that for awhile. My current favorite reality TV competition is Chopped. I can’t get enough of that show.

  • I love love love Masterchef Australia. It’s the best out of all the Masterchefs. I didn’t realise they still made SYTYCD. Is it just the US one? It was also one of my favourites. The talent in that show is just amazing and I love the connections the dancers make with their partners. I have to say my absolute number one competitive reality show has got to be RuPaul’s Drag Race. It has everything – drama, glamour, shocking twists, feuds, genuine talent and humour.

    • And Masterchef Australia has so many episodes !! I like just the US SYTYCD yes, and it’s still going on. They changed the format this year, so it is Street vs Stage and Twitch vs Travis Wall as team captains.

      I’ve thought about RuPaul’s Drag Race cause I’ve seen gifs on Tumblr but I think it’s too sassy for my taste. 😀

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