Well, how about these eventful times, eh? Anyone feeling anxious, panicked, worried – well, you’re definitely not alone. The corona pandemic has made its way to almost every country. Including mine, Estonia, which is super tiny with only 1,3 million people and has already over 200 infected (as we know of). Statistically we are not doing so great. Thankfully I have the option to work from home but I can just imagine how stressful it is for those who can’t go to work right now. Sending you all the best and let’s just stay healthy and get this virus contained! In the light of these events and being stuck at home for a while (as if I don’t do that on a regular basis), I decided to share my current favourite HBO shows. Everyone’s been loving on Netflix but HBO deserves some love too!

Just a disclaimer: this list might be go from number 5 to 1 but honestly, these are all great! A few mini-series in the mix too and most of these shows are quite fresh. HBO is killing it guys!

5. WATCHMEN (2019)

Honestly, I was a little disappointed when HBO announced that this show was going to be renamed into a mini-series. Partly because the cinematography of Watchmen is gorgeous! The vibe of the show is great and I would love more of it. One thing is for certain, the story does wrap up nicely so it would be strange to continue with the same story line. But there were talks that it could, possibly be made into an  anthology show. And I would be all up on that!

Anyway, Watchmen HBO mini-series takes place in the Watchmen universe. I’m not very familiar with it but I did watch Screen Crush Youtube videos about the show’s easter eggs. That helped me to fill in the blanks and understand things better. I watched the easter egg videos after the episodes of course!

Watchmen a few twists, there are also a few unanswered questions but all in all, it’s great! It’s the perfect show to binge. Regina King and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II had great chemistry and Jeremy Irons was his weird self. Tim Blake Nelson as Wade Tillman though, visually fantastic and a real treat!

4. BARRY (2018 – …)

I feel like everyone who would love this show are already watching it but I can’t not mention it. Barry is a show that is about a hitman, played by Bill Hader, who decides to be an actor. But he can’t really quit his hitman job and that stirs up some trouble.

This show has amazing moments and it’s probably one of the easiest shows to binge. Partly because it has only 20-minute episodes and time flies while you’re having fun. Hader is great but Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank is amazing too! The chemistry those guys have, perfection. NoHo Hank guys, a real treasure.

I can’t wait for more of this show because the cliffhanger of the second season was irritatingly good. Who knows how this entire situation will affect Barry but hopefully, knowing Hader, this dark situation gives him lots of inspiration.

3. EUPHORIA (2019 – …)

I’m way past my youthful years but there’s nothing my old-self loves more than watching teen shows. I have so many current favourites that revolve around teenagers, it’s almost sad. Clearly, I want my youth back! Anyway, Euphoria was one of those shows last year that brought me a lot of emotion. It has crazy story lines, important themes and it’s painfully beautiful at times. The make-up department was creating inspirational looks! There might be more glitter in my makeup drawer because of this show.

Euphoria follows bunch of teenagers and each episode focuses on a different teen. There are some stronger plot lines, some weaker but it all comes together. A lot of triggers in this show so be mindful of that when you go in. Zendaya is great as the “some what” protagonist, Hunter Schafer is fabulous to watch also. But my favourite is Jacob Elordi. He has the worst character but he delivers a brilliant performance!

At the end of the day, this the dark, twisted and ugly world of teenagers just works for me. Plus the makeup inspiration is beyond!

2. THE OUTSIDER (2020)

Now, before you jump at me, I must confess that I have yet to finish this show! I watched more than half of the episodes (6 to be exact) of The Outsider every week and then I paused it. Mostly because I want to binge the ending and also because I got swamped with work.

The Outsider is based on a Stephen King novel by the same name. That says it all in my opinion because King likes to throw in some supernatural. So yes, this show feels like a crime show thriller from the beginning but it slowly brings in a supernatural element.

Ben Mendelsohn is great (when is he not), Jason Bateman directed the first two episodes and I thought he had some good moments. But when Cynthia Erivo showed up she basically stole the show. Excited to finish this show soon but I already know (and hope for the best) that it will have a good ending too.

1. SUCCESSION (2018 – …)

Nothing compares to a rich and dysfunctional family. Succession is a drama show with a comedic edge. At first I actually thought this was a serious show, then I realised it’s so clever at making fun of itself. The characters are sometimes crazy but not to a point of being useless. They still get shit done, they are just incredibly idiotic at times and it’s so entertaining to watch!

The thing is, I freaking love this show! If it weren’t for Margaret at Cinematic Corner I might have never gotten to it, so thank you! Binged the first two seasons so fast and now I’m hoping the third won’t be prolonged because of this mess. Though I’m guessing a lot of things will be postponed while the world is put on hold. Don’t let be down HBO!

Anyway, this show has various characters but Kieran Culkin plays my favourite. He is just precious! But Nicholas Braun and Matthew Macfadyen are the power couple of this show! Nothing beats their shenanigans!

Have you seen any of these shows? Do you ever plan to? Did you get to read my last list post: My Top 10 Female Led Movies Directed and Written By Women. Go ahead, read that one too! 



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