By the third part I find it very difficult to come up with any additional things to say, so for those who happen to end up here with no back story to this what so ever, check out part 1 and part 2. And yes, this is the third consecutive day I’m posting a TOP 10 list – and no, this won’t be the last, two more are coming after the weekend, so the end is near, bare with me.


By now you guys know that I love my actors and actresses, some more than others. It was difficult to choose only ten, it was even more difficult to find some female representatives because I tend to like the men more than I love the ladies. I guess there will be some surprises in the list as well as some who will have no effect in terms of them being so predictable but that is only natural. Also, it seems that some in this list are never changing in terms of being my favorites for a long time but there are some new faces as well. Take a look and let me know who your favorites of 2012 were!

Those who I liked almost as much: Marion Cotillard, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Bruce Willis


Those who don’t watch Teen Wolf would have no idea who this guy is, and it’s difficult to describe his appeal with no actual back story. I like O’Brien because he has a very great knack for delivering comedy with his whole body. He’s not over the top physical joker like Jim Carrey, but just the right amount for it being funny. Therefore, he has a good knowledge in terms of comedy and when to add something extra to the lines, as well as make a non dialog moment hilarious. That’s a good reason to love him in my eyes, and because I still think Teen Wolf is a great entertainment because of him.


He is like a superhero, plays guitar, piano, sings, acts, saves people while walking on the street, makes you cry when you watch Notebook despite you gender – Gosling is by far the talent. He came suddenly into the limelight and has now continued to make us happy with roles in comedies as well as action movies. Best actors are versatile, so is he, therefore I see no reason why he shouldn’t get awards right and left. Plus, the fact that he looks extremely hot and has a very smooth and deep voice, does make it even harder for me to not like him on an everyday basis.


Do I really need to explain this or we’ll just skip this it? Let’s skip him, and not because I don’t love him, it’s because I’ve expressed my love way too many times already.

2012part3p4Another person that has gotten a lot of love from me is my favorite fake-ginger Emma Stone. Most of her movies I’ve seen, I have liked a lot and I doubt that she will stop with getting great roles any time soon. With a bright future she represents the girls who have that funny bone in themselves and who aren’t afraid to use it. Sometimes she looks a bit odd, definitely not the regular Hollywood beauty we have become accustomed to, but that is why I love her. That and her fair skin with that red hair which she ought to get back right away, blond is not good on her.


Here’s a woman who looks absolutely gorgeous from head to toe and has some great acting chops to bring that beauty on screen. Her Elena Gilbert is one of my favorite characters on screen because she has the ability to be extremely lovable and believable. Soft and yet strong, pretty and not in a so obvious way as one might think. So far she hasn’t really done anything more except TVD and Perks, that I’ve seen of, but her solid work as Elena has proven to me season after season that I cannot dislike her not one bit. She also seems like a cool person in real life.

2012part3p6Here is the rising star of Hollywood who will soon steal roles from right and left because he deserves it. I have seen him in a not so serious role as Percy Jackson but I’ve loved him in a series called Jack & Bobby (that sadly ran only for a season) and in Perks of course. He is very likable and I see a lot of talent which I immediately am drawn to. Plus, I wanted to add an actor to this list with who I don’t go for the physical traits as much as I go for the talent, because let’s face it, some in this list (or actually all of them) are very hot actors. Lerman has something going on as well, don’t get me wrong, but that is not what I go for when I look at him.


And enter a guy I like because he rarely wears a shirt on his show which is called Hart of Dixie. Wilson as Wade works wonders as a guy who appeals to me and I just can’t leave him out. Would he be here if he didn’t have that smile and… body…. maybe not but it still doesn’t mean I only like him for his physical traits. Bethel plays Wade as he should be played, I’m sure of that, it’s just my lack of knowledge regarding his other work that makes me wonder if there’s high end talent to love beyond those bulging muscles and his abs the writers constantly want to show on screen.


If I had not loved The Hunger Games books I would have probably not seen as much talent in Lawrence while watching the movie. Her portrayal of Katniss was the best possible angle on that character – she was created purely on “self thoughts” in the books, Lawrence had to carry her with just acting and she did it brilliantly. In addition, I like her take on real sized women as well, she is not skinny, yet, she is in a very good form and I like that image she’s showing to Hollywood.


Surprised? I was. The reason why I wanted to include her was probably because Canadians rule! Ryan Gosling is from Canada, so why not add a lady to the list who also has the looks but seems to have the talent as well. I remember her from Stick It, but I love her from Rookie Blue and since it was one of my favorite TV-shows this year, I thought it was fair enough to add Missy to this list. Plus, I think her ability to create her character’s thoughts in Rookie Blue with just an expression comes off very well. She is one of the reasons I love Rookie Blue, so she fits here perfectly.


To finish off, here is the man who came to my life in 2012 (a bit before that but I can’t really say when so I’ll go with 2012), and will never leave. I watched many Fassbender’s movies this year, Shame being one of my favorites and mostly because this guy knows how to act. Best news ever, he will play in a movie together with Ryan Gosling – fangirl silent scream *                  *. Going to be excited about him for many years to come, plus, he is hot and that never hurt anyone.

PS: Did you see how well I avoided his full frontal in Shame by not adding it as a reason? Well, until this question happened but I’m sorry.. no, you know what, I’m not sorry at all!


Next TOP 10 list will be posted on the 31st of January – before the New Year celebrations begin!

  • JGL and Ryan Gosling is absolutely fantastic! I’m right behind you with Nina Dobrev. She has grown a lot as an actress from the first season of TVD to now. Emma Stone is a darling, very likeable in all her roles. I’m looking forward to more movies from her!

      • Before that, people who followed Degrassi The New Generation knew that was where she started. I only watched an episode here and there of that series since it aired at an inconvenient time…

        Other than that, I don’t think she has established herself anywhere else. Honestly, when Dobrev first started, it was a pain to watch but after the first quarter or half of the first season, it got miles better. I think she grasped the whole Elena and Katherine thing very well. And its just been uphill since then 🙂

  • aah, love this list! Some great surprises: Nina Dobrev, whom I also adore in TVD and is often unappreciated; and Wilson Bethel…. hmm, such a dashing smile, indeed!

    Gosling and Fassbender are amongst my favorites too – I’m excited to see them working together.

    • Dobrev hasn’t been in movies a lot because she is doing TVD (except her small role in Perks as a stand out as well) but Bethel is purely a guilty pleasure due to his smile and.. abs.

  • Awesome to see Nina Dobrev here, my God what a beauty she is! I haven’t seen new season of TVD but I really need to catch up. She is with Somerhalder in real life right? I hope that by now Elena and his character hooked up, they are great together.

    • Yeah, she and Ian can finally make out on screen as they have been doing so off it, so .. here’s a bit of a spoiler. Though, I have to admit, the twist is PERFECT! I love how TVD solves things, takes away the forever ending love triangle and so on. You need to watch it, can’t wait to hear what you think of the whole thing. I think it happened in the very end of the episode a bit before in the mid-season finale.

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