Let’s continue on with the lists that will take this blog into the new year like a proper blog should be taken to 2013. And in case you were wondering, yes, I put a lot of effort into these lists but I assume this would be just bragging at this point. But you know what, I love to brag, yes, hours and hours were put into these, mostly during Christmas, and I loved every minute of it.


So here’s a list of shows that I loved a lot this year. To be honest, I had a pretty hard time choosing these ones but when it came to putting them into order – I didn’t even try because I knew I would fail. It’s like choosing between one piece of chocolate and the other piece of chocolate that is exactly the same – hence they are all good in their own genres and for many reasons, putting them in preferred order doesn’t make any sense. So it’s normal that I’m equally in love with all of these shows.

Liking close to loving: The Walking Dead, Castle, Criminal Minds, White Collar, Rizzoli and Isles


A dysfunctional family that has so much personality that it can hardly fit into a season of drama, Shameless offers me everything I love. Humor, drama and yes, those sex scenes and full frontal flashes don’t make it harder to watch Shameless but it is entertaining past those as well! When it comes to the acting, the cast is brilliant from grown-ups to little ones, some even stealing scenes from the longtime professionals by having almost no experience themselves. Few of my favorite characters induce Ian, Lip and the forever brilliant Sheila, who almost never leaves her house.

2012part2p2Assuming this isn’t a surprise to anyone, probably because it has been collecting awards right and left, Homeland makes it to my list. Reason is quite simple, the show shatters every possible boarder and entertains me from great performances to thrilling new character developments. I especially enjoy Quinn, the newest member of the team – if it were about ships, I would go for him and Carrie. Especially now after the series gave us a lot to think about while waiting for the next season: is the bad guy we thought was good actually the bad guy he was supposed to be all along?


This is a show I discovered this year and watched all of its four seasons in a row with great enthusiasm. Canadians sometimes get it so right and like Continuum, Rookie Blue delivers believable characters and gives them very realistic story lines. Little worried about the show’s upcoming season due to some reasons but the road so far has been amazing. Looking back at my excitement over Rookie Blue, it is safe to say I love it to bits and pieces!


The love continues for a show that might surprise people. I wrote a review of it and I got basically no comments because it doesn’t strike people as watchable. Is it the fact that it runs on MTV or the poor quality in the beginning where it lacked some sufficient story building, who knows. The actual fact is that Teen Wolf has grown quite remarkably and with Stiles Stilinski as my Top 3 favorite TV character, I will never get tired of teenage dramas and werewolves. Especially now when a bunch of new characters are coming, including twins – how exciting!2012part2p5

Although The Vampire Diaries is based on novels, the show has stood on its own and created some amazing stories related to all kinds of supernatural beings. With the current season speeding up its main plot which will see its end in the final episode, as it is a tradition, my favorite of 2012 was actually the spring season finale. Though the sad end of not seeing Alaric anymore might be too harsh on me, I’ll be seeing him in a totally new CW show next year. But that’s not the point, The Vampire Diaries is giving all the other vampire shows a run for their money and that is why I love it so much. Plus, it doesn’t seem to be getting worse but stays in the same area of awesome.


I was a bit of worried when Hart of Dixie ended in the spring with a cliffhanger that left all the fans into a vague space of wonderment but they did it, they came out of it with style. And if anybody has had any doubts about Hart of Dixie then give Zoe and Wade a chance and see how fresh their relationship compared to other TV couple plots actually is. Not just a mushy love story but a real build-up that stays away from most of the clichés that they could use, and actually gives the fans what they need. A half naked Wade being all playful and a bit cheeky – that’s what we want!

2012part2p7 Like Rookie Blue, I discovered Haven this year with a newly found passion. I started to watch it sometime in the beginning but then stopped just to return and become obsessed. Now, as the final episode of this year is still unseen by me, I feel especially shaky when it comes to Haven. I need to see how it all plays out, I need to finally decide which one of the two guys I would want the leading lady to end up with because so far, I’m torn. Honestly, how weird is it that with all the love triangles out there, Haven has the one where I can’t pick sides!? Why, you might ask. Well, because they both seem honestly the best kind of good guys who care about Audrey and like her, I’m undecided.


Though I haven’t seen the second season yet I’m including it because I know I will love it. Actually, I saw couple of episodes and it already had a feeling that it will end up in a positive place. I just need to take the time and watch it during the day time or otherwise I will scare my pants off myself – the word “horror” in American Horror Story really does fit. I also like the fact that Evan Peters is still among the cast because I enjoy his not so obvious sex appeal that came across really well when he was the devil’s child or something. Or I’m just really weird and constantly like the bad guys, may they be serial killers or just crazy killers, I just like them when they are a bit dark in their minds.

2012part2p9With the new season starting next year, I still remember some of the best moments of Game of Thrones which took place in season 2. One of them on the image right there, showing the best moment of television in years for all those who ever doubted in this show. It costs a lot of money to put GOT onto the screen but having the author of the books behind the project kind of gives the whole thing a certain element of authenticity that nobody can deny. I still haven’t picked up a book but I keep planning to and who knows, maybe soon I’ll be able to give this show a literary background that might make GOT even better than it is.

2012part2p10No more waiting, Suits is going to be back in January instead of keeping us on our toes until summer! This is probably the best news ever because the show ended in a really good place last season, with Harvey and Mike getting high and all – those two really make a great on screen couple, don’t they? Suits does not only offer eye candy but it does have that dramatic build going on with Mike’s secret and all, what worries me though, is how long this will go on. There’s an end to each show, the best of the best, know how and when to end! Some of my favorite shows have gone off and ruined their success by dragging the story lines to a point where everybody is just sick of them. Suits has not made it to that point, no worries yet, but still, I think about this show a lot and its end game is one of the elements I wonder about. That and Harvey in his apartment without his shirt…


New list up tomorrow, stay tuned for more of my countdown from 2012 to 2013!

    • I keep forgetting it because I get a movie vibe from it.. And because it’s been on hiatus for so long. But it’s of course one of the best… movie-series. 😀

  • I’m the opposite of you – I’ve read Game of Thrones (well, the first two in the series anyway) but have never seen the show. I really enjoy the books, though. They read quite quickly despite the massive number of pages, haha!

  • I haven’t seen half of those shows, but some were part of my 2012 obsessions as well. Like Hart of Dixie, which is getting better and better, and you’re so right, they really did a good job with Wade and Zoe. And Vampire Diaries, which I didn’t love as much in the previous seasons, but this season is absolutely killing it! Game of Thrones and Shameless were my two discoveries this year, amazing shows.

    • Rookie Blue is kind of .. Hart of Dixie police office version I guess. It has a bit of action and drama and relationships. I recommend it! I think you will like if, if not, leave a bad comment as revenge! 😀

  • I can’t wait to read your thoughts on American Horror Story new episodes! I still didn’t find the time to check out Homeland’s remaining episodes, I think I have 4 to see.

    • I still have the whole season!! Except two first episodes but why not watch them as well and have a whole day filled with.. asylum stuff ! Planning it for January though, I have Pushing Daisies and a crime show to watch. 4 shows in less than two weeks – 6 seasons (half seasons all of them though) – I’m going mad!

      • Ah, you’re not going mad – I’m rewatching “that 70’s show” now and I saw whole season in one day 😀 I saw few AHS season 2 episodes in the row once, while being drunk ,and it was a bad idea. I was scared to get out of my room 😛 This season is crazy intense.

        • Don’t tell me. I’m afraid of horror things and despite that I still can manage to watch AHS and TWD without peeing my pants. But if you say it’s horrible I might have to start watching it during the day!

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