So we are back at it with the books but this time, I’m talking about book adaptations that have not yet happened. A warning though, this is a list mostly about fantasy books I really love. And I must clarify, when I mean movies, I probably mean movie franchises and when I mean movie franchises, I could also mean shows. But since I’ve done so many TV show posts already, I figured I should up my movie game for 10 For 10. Anyway, any adaptation of these 10 wonderful books would work. Thank you.

Disclaimer: haven’t had the chance to proof read this one so I apologise in advance for the bad grammar and non-logical sentences. 

Honorable mentions: Kulti by Mariana Zapata, Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West.


So Celeste Ng might be a familiar name since her book Little Fires Everywhere was made into a miniseries. I’ve read that book but not seen the show yet. I’ve also read Ng’s debut novel, Everything I Never Told You and honestly, I liked the first one better. It had a very interesting element and two different timelines which I loved. The story is focused on a first generation Asian-American guy, his American wife and their children. One of the kids, the daughter, wounds up dead and well, there the story of grief unfolds and mystery unfolds.

The representation would be amazing, the story would be interesting too because it would be in a non-linear matter. Since I’m watching This Is Us now, I’m all about that non-linear timeline! Also, if well cast, I think the whole book on a bit of a simpler manner, could work so well. And yes, I do think they should cut some things because the book does span throughout many years. So yes, it could be even better as a show…

9. BEARTOWN by Frederik Backman

I’ve probably mentioned this book here a lot. It’s been ages since I read it but I still carry it with me, on my mind, not literally. Beartown is a book that would work so well as a movie because it would be the kind that makes you cry. And honestly, sometimes a good cry is all we need! It takes place in a tiny town, where everyone knows everyone. It has a lot of storylines but it focuses on one family, who’s daughter gets raped. But the “problem” is, that when she reports it, nobody believes her because she is accusing the star of the town’s beloved hockey team.

There is a follow up but just the first one, in a snowy cold Swedish town, or you know, adapted into a different town, would tell a haunting visual story. I can see it with my eyes. I can already feel the tears too.

8. THE UNHONEYMOONERS by Christina Lauren

After two sad mentions it’s time for a romantic comedy… well, you know, fingers crossed! The Unhoneymooners tells a story of food poisoning attacking the entire wedding party, including the bride and the groom (notice the bravery, I’m including a book that has puking, something I hate to see on screen myself). So when an all paid honeymoon is up for the grabs, the bride’s twin sister gets to go with the groom’s best man, who she hates. Ah, they didn’t eat the food that got this all started, so that’s why they could go.

A fake relationship trope insudes because twist, the all paid honeymoon is basically like a lottery win and it can only be “cashed in” by the actual bride and groom. So the enemies have to pretend to be newlyweds and all the fun stuff begins. I can totally see this on the screen. It reminds me of The Wedding Date, which I love.

7. HEARTSTOPPER graphic novel by Alice Oseman

This one is a LGBTQ+ novel that just brings joy to me. It currently has three volumes so in ways this could work as a miniseries the best but I could totally see an epic YA movie spur from its pages. The love story between the main characters, a gay boy and a bisexual one, is heartwarming. Like its title says, it is a true heartstopper and I’ve read the first two twice already for the feels.

The artwork is also wonderful, it’s done by Oseman herself, and I can totally see a warm, pastel toned movie spur from its pages. Honestly, this needs to happen at some point because we need more feel good gay movies out there.


I would want the entire series made into a movie but I would be content if only two of them happened. But I for sure need the second, that’s the best one. There have been movie rumours and talks already so this one could be a quite solid possibility. Which, as you can probably sense, is a big deal for me. Fantasy movies are rare, and this has faes so I’m like, yes please, give it to me now.

It also has some dark themes woven throughout so if they mess those up it would be quite bad. Hopefully they won’t though.. if the movies ever happen.

5. DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

Sci-fi time travel book that just deserves a movie of its own. It had good pacing, a good set up and few lovely twists and turns. Plus it’s hard to make time traveling sound logical but somehow this made it seem.. common. I hardly remember the small details though, and I just recall the big stuff because it’s been ages since I read it. But honestly, I wanted it to be a movie while I was reading this book, that I remember.

Also I can just imagine how it would be a great challenge to an actor. He would have to carry a lot in this movie and it is maybe selfish, but I think Jake Gyllenhaal would do a great job with it. Maybe it’s just be.. maybe it’s Jake’s beard but I can see him in this.


4. FROM LUKOV WITH LOVE by Mariana Zapata

A slow burn romance movie would be nice, wouldn’t it? This is set in America, where two ice skaters are training in a pair to win awards. The leading lady hasn’t skated in pairs, she is a solo skater but after something happened, she sort of lost a few of her skating skills. So she is given another chance to become a winner by teaming up with her arch enemy. They dislike each other a lot and it’s such a fun dynamic to read. It would be as fun to see it unfold on the big screen.

This movie would also give a chance to cast a Russian-American for the role, as the main guy is (if the Lukov in the title isn’t a giveaway already) written. It would also allow some steamy scenes and gorgeous ice skating sequences. When Netflix came out with Spinning Out, I thought that was as close as I can get to it. The show was crap so I would like this kind of story told properly now. Also yes, I love slow burn romances a lot!

3. PUMPKINHEADS graphic novel, story by Rainbow Rowell, illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks

This is the sweetest teen graphic novel where the entire story takes place, you guessed it, on a pumpkin batch. It’s the last day for our two main characters and well, they are going on an adventure. This graphic novel has great representation and it’s wonderfully sweet. Also, while reading it, since it has illustrations, I could just imagine this as the cutest little (dare I say) Netflix movie.

And to be completely honest, there’s a character in this graphic novel, that could be so easily portrayed by Sam Rockwell. Not just because he was already in a similar role where he was running a water park, but because he would fit the role so well. Ugh, just thinking about this makes me want to have it as a movie already.

2. THE FOLK OF THE AIR SERIES (aka The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing) by Holly Black

Fantasy guys, I can’t get enough. This is a new-ish adult fantasy that has a regular teen girl being literally kidnapped by her sister’s biological father… to live in a fae world. I mean, this is just a great plot for a movie in general but I can just imagine it on screen so well. Since I wasn’t a fan of the second or third book as much, I would even accept this as a failed trilogy. Like give me the first book on screen, and I’d be happy.

But for the love of god, get the magical world right. There isn’t a lot of fae worlds in movies, I mean there probably are but I can only think of LOTR at the moment (maybe because it’s 1AM) but in general, not a lot of pointy eared people lurking on screen. I need this to happen though. For personal reasons.

1. THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLE (aka The Name of the Wind, A Wise Man’s Fear and unreleased The Doors of Srtone) by Patrick Rothfuss

As a fan of high fantasy, this is the ceiling here guys. It’s a very compact adult fantasy story in a way, following just one character, telling his own story. It’s well written, it’s descriptive but never boring. But there is a huge downside to this series. You see, the second book came out in 2011… the third book has not been released. It’s been a long time coming but honestly, I’m very certain it will be worth the wait. Though I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to read the first two book again before I’m picking up the third. 

Anyway, the movie trilogy could be dark, twisted and full of magic. Just like the series is. I can just see it: if done right, this could work great as an adaptation. Especially since, at least the first two, meshed so well together structurally too.

10 For 10 is Mettel Ray’s 10th Blogiversary celebration series where I post 10 random Top 10 lists during 10 days from May 1st to May 10th.


  • Are you psychic? I was just writing up my list of books I’d love to see as films/shows and Beartown is up there with my must-see. I just know that any adaptation of Beartown will have me in tears and I am more than happy to embrace it haha. I’ve only read one Mariana Zapata book and adored it and I’m all for seeing a skating slow burn romance. Anything involving sports has me hooked haha.

    • Hahaha, maybe!? But I agree, Baretown as a movie would be amazing. Can’t wait to see it. 😀
      I recommend From Lukov With Love, I’ve read many of her books and I think that’s the strongest.

  • My husband loves the Kingkiller Chronicles, he keeps telling me to read them. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed here, but now I think I have some ideas about what to pick up next.

    • I would recommend putting Kingkiller off until the last book arrives. The wait is just becoming too long and awful. 😀

    • Right!? But like fantasy YA/new adult things never seem to work out so like.. I hope if it becomes a reality, it works out. 😀

      • At least Netflix is working on a show based on Leigh Bardugo’s books. I’m so looking forward to that. Maybe if that goes really well, they’ll do more.
        Did you read the Grishaverse/Six of Crows books?

  • Oooh yes! The Unhoneymooners sounds right up my alley! I’ve been wanting to read The Cruel Prince too. I love Frederik Backman but have not read Beartown. Maybe I’ll choose that for our next book club selection!

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