Top 10 Movies I Want to See in 2013

waitingtopThough this list should have worked better in January I can’t really say I was looking forward of seeing any movies throughout January to April, so the timing is actually perfect. I put them in order of my own anticipation and not the actual release dates because it seemed more interesting.

Before you continue, I must add that some of the release dates might be Estonian – I was in a hurry and didn’t have the time to double check – sorry!

It’s a bit of a long shot but I’m hoping that at least one young adult book can actually make a great movie. I’ll have The Hunger Game’s second movie pretty high in this list as well but I’m quite thrilled to see The Mortal Instruments for no apparent reason. Call me crazy but a little light entertainment is sometimes good.


Well, I mean, it has Brad Pitt and the man has done more decent movies than bad movies so I trust his judgement. Plus, The Walking Dead has made zombies awesome and I’d be glad to see them on a big screen .. with Brad Pitt. Gosh, I’m a bit obsessed with Pitt since I saw re-watched Fight Club and I’m not even sorry.


This movie isn’t something I look forward to as much as for its plot but because of its legacy. I read the book, I liked the book but I’m a bit hesitant about the movie. Still, Leo never disappoints me and I’m sure he won’t let me down this time as well.


To my own surprise I quite enjoyed Red and I’m thrilled to see the gang back together for the second time. It has a lovely concept and it has some brilliant actors doing what they do the best – creating amazing characters. Besides, no matter what he does, Bruce is my man!


When I saw the teaser I was quite excited and though I haven’t seen the trailer, my excitement continues to be as such. I like Jesse and the rest of the cast. Besides, it looks like a fun crime movie but who knows what happens – I hope it all turns out well and I’ll end up liking it when the time comes. Fingers crossed.


This may or may not be something I’m waiting for only because Dylan O’Brien is in it. I’m not saying it is because of him or it isn’t because of him. But I’m pretty sure you know that I have a soft spot for him. Plus, he is sporting some amazing glasses in this movie and I’m pretty much drooling over him at this point. I’m sorry but I’m allowing myself one guilty pleasure and may The Internship be that guilt.


It’s no secret that I liked the first adaption of this young adult book and I’m sure I’ll like the second one as well. I’m a big fan of Lawrence and since the second book was also great (the third will be a disappointment) it allows a lot of great things to take place in this second installment.


Although Sofia Coppola is a hit or a miss for me, The Bling Ring looks promising. I must say, a big portion of that promise is most likely Emma Watson but I’m not even sorry. That being said, I’m sure I’ll end up loving it or being indifferent with it, which is what I do with Coppola’s movies. She just has that effect on me – or in some cases, does not effect me at all. We’ll see Coppola, we’ll see!


Not going to lie, I’m super thrilled about this one! I mean, I can’t even hide my excitement and I’m not even sorry for ranking this one so high. I’m rarely excited about comedies, last time I was this pumped up was right after seeing Easy A’s trailer, so it was pretty long time ago. I can’t say if I’ll love it as much as I’m loving it now but since it has so many names, good names and big names, I can’t say I’ll hate it. Maybe I’ll be disappointed because I’ve hyped it up for myself but I’ll have to remember to be a bit drunk when I see it – then I’ll love it for sure.


I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED to see the new Star Trek and I can’t even.. I just can’t. As you can see the images are totally not stills and the reason is because I have no idea what will take place in this movie. I haven’t read anything about it, I haven’t seen the trailer (only heard the audio in the cinema) and basically been living in my own “I will have no idea what will happen” bubble and I will most likely totally freak out about everything and everybody. And that long sentence pretty much says it all – too excited to end sentences in a normal-sentence-way or even make normal sentences. I’m going to stop typing now. SO EXCITED!



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