To redeem myself from the fact that I didn’t use any Chris Evans images to create the features for this series (I’M SO SORRY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING), I’m dedicating an entire post to the man. The man being Chris Evans and his beloved Marvel character, Captain America. As many of you might know already, I’m a huge fan of Evans as well as Captain America – who also happens to be my favourite superhero. Duh. So without further ado, here are my 10 favourite Captain America moments for 10 For 10.

Disclaimer: this post was hard on many levels. First of all, it’s impossible to list favourites when the whole damn character, his character arc and the actor is your favourite. Second of all, it’s very very hard to focus on writing a post when you have to add videos that you end up watching. Many hours was spent on this.

Honorable mentions: every other scene Captain America is in.


He’s hardly in it, but his butt is. And that’s enough for me.


A lot of bad guys and Captain America in a very tight elevator.. yes please. This is also a great fight scene and so tightly choreographed.  It’s just nice to see something so smooth and… hot. I like those smaller, more compact fight scenes and prefer them to the big war-like moments. That shield move is also a cool touch.


I almost wanted to include all the “I can do this all day” scenes but that would probably make this list a little too long. So I’ll include the most recent, the most funniest because the context of this is pure perfection. His reaction to himself saying this is just pure joy… it makes me laugh every time.


Yes, I’ve included two “skinny” Captain America scenes in my list because I love his origin story and the fact that he was brave, honourable and had good qualities before he had the bod. Didn’t want to pick between these two because each showcases different sides to him. Not just brave but also clever.


While this scene starts off with one of the iconic sentences, there is a small little comic relief moment too. Thor says to Cap, “give me that, you have the little one” and they switch their hammers. Which you know, has a bit of a double meaning…but I’m sure Cap’s is as big, you know. Ha, that scene will never be the same for me again. BUT no, the chills moment is the “Avengers, assemble” line delivered, which is an amazing pay off moment to many many many if not all fans.


There is a whole lot of drool happening at the moment because the transformation gets me every time. I also love the little moment when Peggy Carter almost touches his chest because she’s taken aback by it all and forgets where she is. I would have jumped him right there and then.


Only one possible way to react to that:


Winter Soldier overall is my favourite Marvel movie. As a whole, this works for me on many levels. I love it to bits and I love so many moments in this movie. The reason this scene is number 3 is not because it’s not as good as the first two.. I simply had to make a choice. This scene, the fight between Cap and Bucky is great. It’s well choreographed, it’s thrilling, it’s the kind of action scene I love to see and yes, Bucky helps to make this scene even hotter.


I have never had this much fun at the cinema… the scene where he appeared, people clapped! And my flatmate sighed out loud.. I mean, I was too shocked and probably too focused on the fact that I didn’t want to melt right there and then. Do you see how Wanda is staring at him, like she’s about to have an orgasm. Everything about this is perfect. Yes, there have been many great Captain America moments in this list but for the sheer anticipation, and the fact that he has that AMAZING BEARD, makes this basically porn to me.


When the beard reveal was porn, this is.. what’s the level up from that? Is there a word, it’s double porn, it’s pooooorn. Okay, I’m done now but honestly, this was also one of those moments that got a huge reaction in the cinema. I loved it, I love how the excitement from the audience makes scenes like this so much more special. It’s also so freaking hot how he just casually takes a hammer that belongs to a GOD and bam. Chills. Every time too. The soundtrack in that moment highlights the importance of this moment so well too. Anyway, that’s where I end my top 10 Captain America favourite moments… him literally proving the fact that he is god like.

10 For 10 is Mettel Ray’s 10th Blogiversary celebration series where I post 10 random Top 10 lists during 10 days from May 1st to May 10th.


  • The number 1 choice is great but my heart and, um, other parts, belong to the transformation scene from First Avenger. OBJECTIFY ALL MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah that beard reveal got so many cheers. Cannot believe these cowards have him shave it as soon as Endgame started

    That Defending Jacob thing must be some serious porn considering how hot and bothered you guys got over him again 😛

  • Great list! It’d be kind of a shock if I didn’t agree with every single one of these. I still can’t get ever the reactions of Infinity War and Endgame in theaters. It was wild, and I’m happy his story ended the way it did. He deserves it.

  • I don’t think anyone can argue with this list. I love it! And the beard reveal…I made some weird noises for sure. LOL

  • So many great moments! One of my favorite scenes is where he rips the log in half.
    Beard reveal was also amazing and my heart nearly broke when he shaved at the beginning of Endgame.

  • I sat here and watched every single clip. Great choices! Cap is my favorite too (TWS is the best Marvel movie IMO!). His origin story, his trilogy, his ending… I’m going to miss him in future movies.

    Also. The beard. THE. BEARD.

  • People saying that Adele’s is the definition of glow-up clearly haven’t seen The First Avenger!
    Number 1 still gives me the chills every time I rewatch it.
    And that beard porn. OH MY GOD.

    Great list!

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