When I sat down to recommend movies for this theme, I was in a bit of a rough place. “Witness” is a really specific theme and well, I wanted to go out of my way and do a theme within a theme. So this week I’m recommending three movies, where women witness a murder. Two are mob related, and all three take on a fake identity. Eventually, I had so much fun with this week’sΒ  witness theme!

1. NURSE BETTY (2000)

After her husbands illegal actions get him killed, and she witnesses the murder, Betty goes into fugue state. So basically, she takes on a whole new personality – for her, it’s a nurse from her favourite soap opera. Now, I remember seeing this ages ago, and it being completely nuts, but still fun. With hitmen trying to catch up with her, she pretending to be somebody she’s not, the movie had some moments. Is it the best thing ever? Nope. Is Renee Zellweger okay? Sure. But it’s still some good old fun.


When I looked for movies to match this week’s theme I stumbled on Connie and Carla. I love this movie! I know it’s a bit crazy and again, nuts, but I only have fond memories of this. It’s about two best friends witnessing a mob hit. They end up going to LA and start pretending to be drag queens. As far as I remember, there are no actual drag queens playing the actual drag queen roles, which is a shame. But it has music, dancing, fun costumes and Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette – what more do you need?

3. SISTER ACT (1992)

The holy grail of witnessing a mob hit movies! Sister Act is by far my favourite on this list and I’m not ashamed to admit this! I love it! I love the songs, I love the plot, I like the characters. I’m not religious but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying Sister Act. It’s one of those movies that when it’s on TV, you never turn off the TV. It’s also a nostalgic and absolutely wonderful! Besides, it’s one of the rare gems from the 90’s that I keep going back to every now and then. Whoopi Goldberg is great, Maggie Smith slays. Perfect. By the way, it also has a strong sequel, in my opinion.





  • Oh man, everyone’s posts this week are making me really want to rewatch Sister Act! It’s been so long I can barely remember the story but it’s such an iconic movie <3

  • I can’t abide Zellweger so I haven’t seen your first but love the second two. Sister Act is popular today, rightly so since its a perfect fit. Whoopi, Maggie and company are a joy from the first frame to the last.

    Connie and Carla has everything you said and Debbie Reynolds too!!! It’s scattershot at times but very sweet-natured.

    I chose three that have trains factor into their stories in some way to help thin out the choices.

    The Narrow Margin (1952)-Tough, grizzled cop Walter Brown (Charles McGraw) is attempting to transport the widow (Marie Windsor) of a mob boss from Chicago to L.A. via rail to serve as a witness at the trial of her husband’s cohorts. Once underway they discover there is a hit men on the train, who will stop at nothing to prevent her from testifying. Lean low budget noir is a classic of the genre.

    Narrow Margin (1990)-Deputy District Attorney Robert Caulfield (Gene Hackman) is charged with returning reluctant murder witness Carol Hunnicutt (Anne Archer) back from Canada to L.A. by train to testify in the trial of a mob boss. As they hurtle through the Canadian wilderness they find themselves pursued by two hit men charged with eliminating Carol. Reworking of the ’52 film is plusher but doesn’t pack quite the same punch.

    Murder, She Said (1961)-On her way home Miss Jane Marple (Margaret Rutherford) witnesses a murder through the window of her passing train car. She notifies the police but they are unable to find a body however Miss Marple knows what she saw and determines to get to the bottom of things her own way. Getting a job as a maid at the manor house she believes is the setting of the crime she hunts for clues while engaging in a battle of wits with the bombastic owner (James Robertson Justice). Delightful comic mystery is based on an Agatha Christie novel.

    • Ah, well Zellweger is a kind of a taste thing I guess. I like that I at least got two movies picked that you have enjoyed!

    • YAAS! More goofy heart warming comedies. I had enough of raunchy comedies with dick jokes. No thank you. (Going to see Good Boys this weekend though so… I’m hoping it proves me wrong about R-rated comedies πŸ˜€ )

  • Ok..I have to see Connie and Carla! I recall the trailer and wanted to see it. I saw Nurse Betty when it came out and recall it being funny and quirky even though Zellweger is in it because I am not a fan of hers. Love Sister Act which is the popular one this week.

    • Sister Act is a nice popular pick of the week. I’m glad that I reminded you to watch Connie and Carla. It’s a fun one. πŸ™‚

    • I know right! It’s always the kind of movie that makes you feel good. And I’m not even religious! πŸ˜€

    • Ah, that’s a shame. Though I totally understand why you would feel that way. That movie is a bit nuts.

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