Film scores have such an important part in creating a mood and elevating the images on screen. Unfortunately I’m a very lousy movie lover when it comes to scores and I definitely don’t pay enough attention. Mostly because I’m more of a visual person than auditory. There are, despite my lack of awareness towards scores, a few that have stood out. These are three film scores that I have listened to from start to finish… more than once.

1. A QUIET PLACE (2018) scored by Marco Beltrami

As I mentioned in my last decade’s favourite movies post, the horror genre has slowly crept its way into my heart. One of the special treats of the last decade was of course A Quiet Place, a predictable horror movie that still managed to wow me. It had John Krasinski and Emily Blunt playing the parents of three kids in a world where any sound could get them killed. Because of scary aliens. The movie was built around silence so the score had a very important part! I remember listening to this score for a few weeks after I saw the movie and it took me right back to the cinema. Beltrami who scored this also got a Golden Globe nomination and I can see why. To create a score for a movie that’s mostly silent sounds quite the task. He returns for the sequel as well. Anyway, here’s one of my favourites from the entire film score.


How in the world does Hans Zimmer only have one Oscar is beyond my understanding. The guy has been scoring left and right and his only Oscar is for The Lion King in 1995. Anyway, it’s no secret that Zimmer is a loved composer in the movie world and he especially loves to work with Nolan. Or the other way around. I didn’t go with a Nolan movie though, I went with Pirates of the Caribbean and more precisely, the first movie. The reason is mostly nostalgia because when this came out I fell in love with it. Every time I hear the score on the background or something, I get this urge to go on an adventure. I can’t explain it. One thing is for sure, Zimmer helped to create the world for this franchise and his music is a vital part of its identity. By the way, it was hard for me to pick just a single track so I picked three. Sorry!

3. TRUTH AND JUSTICE (2019) scored by Mihkel Zilmer

This should not come as a surprise because I just recently posted my favourite tracks from this movie. It’s an Estonian movie that was shortlisted for an international Oscar this year but didn’t make the cut for the actual nomination. At first I figured I should pick something else but this is the soundtrack I’ve been playing while writing this past few months so… It wouldn’t be fair not to mention it. Plus, I can’t think of any other Estonian movie that has such a score. There probably is but I just can’t think of any. Zilmer manages to create a very special vibe that is somehow very Estonian yet not exactly. It’s a strange combination of old and new. Melancholy and joy. I love it so much! Still among my favourites is the track titled Labour which I just can’t get out of my brain.




  • I love how patriotic you are, so much love for that film and I havent even seen Ida yet 😂 loooove POTC score it makes me want to go on adventure too but I am just so tired 😂

    • Aww, thanks.. I’m like patriotic only when it comes to this movie. 😀
      Same about being tired.. it’s like my default setting at this point.

  • A Quiet Place is an unsettling film a lot of which is reliant on the effectiveness of its score. The first Pirates of the Caribbean is a good time and I remember it had a jaunty score to aid the action but its been years since I watched it. The sequels have slowly gotten worse and worse though. I haven’t seen Truth and Justice.

    I’ve used most of the films with scores that I loved before so I turned to the Oscar list for winners and still ended up double dipping but these three really do have great scores.

    The Wizard of Oz (1939)-Dorothy (Judy Garland) is “Off to See the Wizard” (Frank Morgan) “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” when she is told by Glinda the Good Witch (Billie Burke) to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” with the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger) who wishes “If I Only Had a Brain”, the Tin Man (Jack Haley) who wonders what would happen “If I Only Had Heart” and the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr) who tells them “If I Only Had the Nerve” what he would do “If I Were King of the Forest”. After being told by Munchkins how things were “In the Merry Old Land of Oz” they find themselves pursued by the Wicked Witch (Margaret Hamilton) who wants Dorothy’s ruby slippers and causes no end of trouble until the word can be spread that “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!”

    Oklahoma! (1955)-“Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’” when Curly (Gordon MacRae) comes riding up on “The Surrey with the Fringe On Top” to court Laurie (Shirley Jones) who is hesitant to express her true feelings to him because “People Will Say We’re in Love”. Unsure she turns to her friend Ado Annie (Gloria Grahame) who tells her “I’m Just a Girl Who Cain’t Say No” but also tells her “Many a New Day Will Dawn” when she’ll have another chance with Curly if the dangerous Jud (Rod Steiger) who is pursuing Laurie doesn’t get in the way. But then “Pore Jud is Daid” but everyone else is happy because:
    “We know we belong to the land
    And the land we belong to is grand!
    And when we say
    Yeeow! Aye-yip-aye-yo-ee-ay!
    We’re only sayin’
    You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma!
    O.K. L – A – H – O – M – A

    West Side Story (1961)-“Something’s Coming” between the enemy gangs the Jets and the Sharks but “Gee, Officer Krupke” gets in the way before they can rumble. During the big competition dance at the gym which follows former Jet Tony (Richard Beymer) sees “Maria” (Natalie Wood) sister of Shark leader Bernardo (George Chakiris) and knows that “Tonight” is special. Later when Bernardo’s girlfriend Anita (Rita Moreno) tells Bernardo things are better in “America” Maria realizes “I Feel Pretty” and that she and Tony share “One Hand, One Heart” even as Anita tells her “A Boy Like That” will bring only heartache. But she believes and tells Tony “Somewhere” away from all the conflict “There’s a Place for Us”.

  • Really good Pirates score. I’ve always loved that one. My very favorite may be from Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day-Lewis. That score has so much variety yet ever piece is just incredible. I adore it.

    • I know right! I don’t think I’ve seen that Day-Lewis movie.. I don’t really like him (sorry not sorry) so I haven’t looked for his movies that much. 😀

  • I LOVE the Pirates of the Carribean score. Probably one of my favourites.

    I haven’t seen you third pick but I guess I’ll have to check it out since it sounds great!

    • Yaas, it’s a shame the franchise sort of … became less about the adventure and more about the money grab? I don’t even know what it is anymore.
      The third one yeah, I can’t shut up about it.. clearly I’m determined to make everyone watch it. 😀

  • I love movie scores. I have so many I could choose from, but I think one of my all time favorites is Glory (James Horner). It makes me feel things every time I hear it. I love POTC too! Iconic.

  • My favourite of the scores is Pirates because it is full of life while, I can appreciate the A Quiet Place, I would never play it because it sounds disturbing which works with the actual plot of this horror film. The last film, I never heard of and the score was just ok to me…sorry:)

    • Full of life – so true! Ah it’s okay, soundtracks work better with movie context in my opinion so… maybe that’s the problem here. 😀

  • I don’t like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but I do like the score. Zimmer has only won once? Not even for Gladiator? Anyway if you like his music, he has a concert film featuring his iconic scores, you can probably find it on Netflix.

  • Nice picks! I didn’t realize A Quiet Place had as much of a score as it did. I can’t wait to see what Krasinski does with the sequel. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is amazing. It just screams adventure, and I’d love to see it live with a screening of the movie.

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