For obvious reasons, the concept of underground makes me think of horror/thriller genre. There is just no way, for instance, a romantic story could or should happen below the ground. That is why, all my picks are a little scary.


I didn’t see the first Cloverfield, so I walked into this movie blind. Turns out, having no expectations is great! 10 Cloverfield Lane is a movie where three people end up in a bunker. That is what makes the movie interesting, thrilling and quite a bit scary.

Find my review here.

2. THE HOLE (2001)

The majority of The Hole takes place in an underground… hole. The teenagers who get stuck there don’t handle it well. Despite not loving the movie, or it even being that good, the plot has stuck with me. The idea is simply a really good one.

3. BURIED (2010)

I’m cheating a little. I’m cheating because I haven’t really finished watching Buried. The reason? Being buried alive is not something I take pleasure watching. And this movie manages to convey so much fear in such a limited space that the plot of the movie scares me.




  • I haven’t seen 10 Cloverfield Lane yet as it’s something I still want to see. Buried and The Hole I have seen. The latter wasn’t so great despite its concept.

  • You got me this week, I haven’t seen any of these. I’ll never watch Buried, the whole concept is just too unsettling for me but considering the cast in The Hole I might give it a try one of these days.

    I couldn’t come up with anything that happened entirely underground but all three of these spend a significant period below the dirt.

    Transatlantic Tunnel (1935)-Engineer Richard “Mack” McAllan (Richard Dix) proposes the building of a tunnel to connect England and the United States though revolutionary new technology. The film follows the many years and problems encountered as the realization of the project progresses. Futuristic early sci-fi posits the construction of an undersea tunnel linking England with the United States was one of the first film allegories to attempt to strengthen the US/UK bond as the dark clouds of war began to waft through Europe. Though little known today this was a high profile project at the time with two of the most esteemed actors in film, Walter Huston and George Arliss, as the President of the United States and Prime Minister respectively.

    Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)-Sir Oliver Lindenbrook, a Scottish geologist (James Mason) and his assistant Alec McEwan (Pat Boone!) set off on an expedition to the center of the earth after finding directions in an inscription hidden in volcanic rock. Along the way to an Iceland volcano to begin their journey Carla Göteborg (Arlene Dahl) the widow of a famous scientist, Icelander Hans Bjelke (Peter Ronson) and his pet duck Gertrud join their party. On their way they encounter, treacherous terrain, subterranean oceans, prehistoric monsters and rival scientist Count Saknussemm (Thayer David) who is on their trail. The sets and effects are very dated by today’s standards but still a fun adventure.

    Daylight (1996)-When robbers fleeing police collide with trucks carrying toxic waste inside New York’s Holland Tunnel a fireball results collapsing both ends and trapping a disparate group of survivors who turn to the disgraced former chief of Emergency Services Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallone) now working as a cab driver and trapped with them “the only man capable of saving the day!” Typical Stallone nonsense but vigorous and actiony if undemanding.

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