My first and only theme I suggested for this years’ Thursday Movie Picks will be about women seducing boys – the Mrs. Robinsons. There could be a few angles one could go with this theme, including the comedy route, but I’m sticking with drama. Also, I feel like it’s important to point out the irony of the Mrs. Robinsons theme – I feel very uninspired this week. And I have no idea why. So if this seems unedited, it’s because it is. (lol)

1. THE GRADUATE (1967)

The movie that inspired the theme itself, The Graduate. I think I watched this right before this years’ Thursday Movie Picks was announced and suggestions were asked to be made. So, I went with Mrs. Robinson because that was fresh on my mind. Now, it’s been a while and I’ve not kept to my own promise to watch the movies that feature Mrs. Robinsons. One of which is The Reader that I’ve meant to watch for ages now! Anyway, The Graduate wasn’t the first to start the older woman younger man theme, but it sure did elevate it. Also, Dustin Hoffman, despite his age, always looks older than he actually is.

2. THE GOOD GIRL (2002)

Isn’t this a nice throwback to the 90’s? With the voice over trailer and everything if you look it up on Youtube. Now, it’s a bit ironic that Jake Gyllenhaal plays a teen when his 22 but I guess it works. The Mrs. Robinson aspect of this movie is somewhat lost to me because Gyllenhaal and Aniston feel close to age. They are not, but for some reason, they feel like it. Despite it, I thought The Good Girl was an okay movie and fitting for this week’s theme. Also, babyface-Jake is always a great bonus!

3. ADORE (2013)

Now, many of you might dislike this movie but I happen to like Adore a lot. The complexity it has is not lost to me and the dynamic between two best friends, falling for each other’s sons… is just the right amount of messed up for me. The performances by Watts and Wright are great, and the boys don’t miss a step either. Is it a perfect film? No. But is it intriguing and fascinating from the perspective of the Mrs. Robinson complex, hell yes! So if you haven’t seen it yet, have a try, maybe you’ll be in the same boat as me. In a boat where we quite like Adore.




  • I’ve used The Graduate before but naturally it was the first I thought of as well. An excellent film with pinpoint casting, amusing considering how many other performers were either offered or thought of for both lead roles. I think Dusty looks great since he was 30 when the film was made.

    I liked but didn’t love The Good Girl but it certainly is popular today.

    I haven’t seen Adore.

    There were a few films with this theme before The Graduate but it certainly was a watershed moment and all my choices came after its release.

    Summer of ’42 (1971)-Teen Herman Raucher (Gary Grimes) is spending the titular summer on Nantucket Island with pals Oscy (Jerry Houser) and Benji (Oliver Conant) just after America has joined in World War II. He meets Dorothy (Jennifer O’Neill), a young newlywed whose husband is away in the war. As his friends awkwardly attempt to woo girls their own age, Herman slowly befriends the older woman and finds himself becoming increasingly in love with her, but a sudden tragedy may change everything. Nostalgic and bittersweet this was a huge hit upon its release.

    White Palace (1990)-Lost in grief at the recent loss of his wife young staid ad exec Max Baron (James Spader) meet earthy 40ish wild child waitress Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon) and the attraction is immediate. They embark on a steamy affair but soon enough their class and age differences become an obstacles.

    Afterglow (1997)-A roundelay of unwitting changing partners. Contractor Lucky Mann (Nick Nolte) is a serial philanderer who of late has become involved with unhappy young housewife Marianne (Lara Flynn Boyle). Unbeknownst to either Marianne’s business obsessed but equally unhappy husband Jeffrey (Jonny Lee Miller) meets and falls for Lucky’s wife, the troubled Phyllis (Julie Christie) a former minor star who is wrestling with demons of her own. Odd, opaque comic drama but Julie is sensational and was Oscar nominated.

    • Ah, well The Good Girl is a hit and miss with many I think. But glad you thought of The Graduate first. As I said, it inspired the theme recommendation in the first place.

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