For this week’s theme I wanted to focus on movies that are filled with magic and have a fantasy element, which wasn’t hard, since the chosen one is like the most common character arc for that genre. That being said, picking between all these movies and sort of choosing the ones most closest to my heart, was still a difficult task. Here are four movies I recommend.


My first pick is so obvious that I expect to see every Harry Potter movie being picked this week, I mean, how can I not chose our favourite wizard? He was THE chosen one to fight with Voldemort, he was our only hope! And while I could pick the first movie, or the last movie, I still picked the third one because it’s my favourite from the franchise. It also happens to be directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who sent the Potter franchise towards a much darker path and I love it!

2. CINDERELLA (2015)

Another magical story of a certain someone being chosen as THE princess. And while there are so many movies out there that feature such an ultimate choice by a prince, I felt like this live action version of Cinderella captured the feeling of being chosen the best. I also think that since live action versions will soon be everywhere, I think Cinderella should be praised for getting it right by being simple yet magical.


Alright, so I know Jennifer Lawrence has become a box office nightmare, as well as someone who does not say the most refined things BUT I’m not gonna lie, The Hunger Games is still pretty badass. And I especially mean Catching Fire, its second installment, by far my favourite of the entire franchise! So when our beloved couple is chosen to fight on the arena again, the tension builds and the movie leads us to the most well crafted and action packed dystopian competition ever. In other words, despite all that has happened, let’s not forget that Catching Fire, as a movie, is good!

4. AVATAR (2009)

What would be a fantasy recommendation list about the chosen one without Avatar… well, it would be a list without Avatar but that’s beside the point. I have seen this movie many times, and if I’m being honest, I still remember it like I saw it yesterday. It is memorable, but it has so many great cinematic cliché type moments that it’s impossible to enjoy it just once. And yes, it might be a complete rip-off, but it’s still a movie that made history. So while I do think James Cameron’s greatest legacy will always be Titanic, Avatar is actually a better movie among the two.



  • For someone who loved vets Fairy Tales, I still have to see this Cinderella but that is an excellent choice. I guess Beauty and the Beast would work as well whether you choose the great French film from 1946, the animated one or the most recent film. Love Harry Potter and it is everywhere and rightly so. I haven’t seen the Hunger Games at all and for some reason have no desire to. Except for the great special effects, I can’t stand Avatar.

    • I recommend it, it’s really great! I hated the new Beauty and the Beast though, ugh, just, not a fan. Interesting, I didn’t expect everyone to like Avatar but didn’t really think anyone wouldn’t stand it. Maybe I’m just blinded by it’s flashiness. 😀

  • I agree about Cinderella, it was decent and not just screwing up the memory of the original animations. Not an Avatar fan, never really got it. THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was my favourite Harry Potter book and film mostly because it didn’t feature or get obsessed with Voldermort. I LOVE Hunger Games so I am happy to see those over and over.

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