I don’t know why I leave these things to the last minute these days but here we are – the band! Or more precisely the bands! I initially had a hard time coming up with a theme to stick into the theme but again, still gave it ago. Then I realised it was literally 10PM on a Thursday and I was running out of time. But I think my best ideas always come to me in the last minute. So this one is again a bit outside the box. Here’s hoping it works out.

3. YESTERDAY (2019) featuring THE BEATLES

Instead of picking movies featuring a band I’m going for the songs of the band in movies. Complicated way of explaining but you get it. Yesterday is a movie that features songs by The Beatles. Regarded as one of the greatest bands ever. Twist of the movie is, only the lead singer can remember the infamous British band and their songs. So he kind of steals them and becomes a famous musician. It’s a strange homage but I thought Yesterday to be a sweet movie. Nothing too bad. Charming, you could say.

2. MAMMA MIA (2008) featuring ABBA

Another movie that uses only songs by a certain band is Mamma Mia. And as the name suggest, it’s all about ABBA. The Swedish band that swept the world with their catchy disco-pop vibes. Not sure when I heard about ABBA the first time but I’m sure it was pretty early. It’s no secret I always smile when I hear an ABBA tune and it’s a fun way to revisit their songs in a movie such as Mamma Mia. Granted, I think the movie is not necessarily my favourite but I’m generally not a huge fan of musicals either. It’s the dancing that makes it strange for me. Again the cast sings the songs themselves.

1. IRON MAN 2 (2010) featuring AC/DC

Had to improvise a bit BUT did you guys know the entire Iron Man 2 soundtrack is by one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world? Well, for some reason, I did not. Anyway, the Iron Man 2 soundtrack of course is compiled of only AC/DC songs, the Australian rock band that every one knows. And even though nobody actually sings anything in Iron Man 2 (not that I remember), one of the biggest bands in the world is always there – supporting the superhero. And there you have it, my three recommendations based on THE band theme with three THE bands of all time.




  • Interesting collection of titles.

    I haven’t seen Yesterday yet but I do have it on my list. The other two I liked but once was enough for both. I have seen the stage play of Mamma Mia which I enjoyed much more than the film.

    I suppose I have a small unintentional mini theme in mine since all have the word “band” in the title but since it’s the theme its not really stretching much! 🙂

    Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1938)-In San Francisco near the turn of the last century concert violinist Roger Grant (Tyrone Power) abandons classical music when he falls under the spell of jazz much to his family’s disapproval. Circumstances lead to him renaming himself Alexander and forming a ragtime band with buddy, pianist Charlie Dwyer (Don Ameche) and singer Stella Kirby (Alice Faye) who both men love. Two decades, and a flock of great Irving Berlin songs, pass as they reach the heights of success even as their love lives founder.

    Strike Up the Band (1940)-Teenagers Jimmy Connors (Mickey Rooney) the drummer of the band he leads and his girlfriend, singer Mary Holden (Judy Garland) dream of winning a contest for school bands hosted by popular band leader Paul Whiteman. There’s just one hitch, the contest is in Chicago and for the band to take the train they need $200 (the equivalent to almost $3,800 today). They borrow the cash but when one of their number becomes seriously ill the money has to be used to help out. What to do now? Why put on a show of course!!! Mickey’s on the unctuous side but Judy is appealing and sings like a dream.

    The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968)-The Bower Family Band (including Buddy Ebsen, Lesley Ann Warren and Kurt Russell) are newly arrived in Dakota Territory just as statehood talk is at its peak and the 1888 battle between Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland for the presidency is in full swing. The Bowers are Republicans as are most of the other residents of their new town but Grandpa Bower (Walter Brennan) is a staunch Democrat which causes no end of trouble for the clan. All the strife doesn’t keep them from breaking into elaborate musical numbers from time to time in this Disney flick. In the small role of the “Giggly Girl” Goldie Hawn makes her screen debut.

    • I really even haven’t heard of these. But I would rewatch Iron Man 2 from my list, the others are okay too but that’s like.. part of something that I really much enjoy.

  • I would have never thought of Iron Man 2, mainly because I don’t remember the soundtrack at all.

    Mamma Mia is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know it’s not great but I love it nonetheless.

    Yesterday I’m still yet to see but I really want to as I keep reading what a nice film it is.

    • I know right!? I didn’t remember it being all AC/DC either so I was surprised when I found it. Mamma Mia is just.. good for the songs and I mean, Colin Firth is always entertaining! Yesterday can be a hit and miss, some like it, others don’t. Don’t go in expecting too much though.

  • I like the route you took this, especially ACDC for Iron Man. I remember laughing when “Shoot To Thrill” came on in Avengers. I wish I would’ve liked Yesterday as much as I wanted to.

  • Love these picks! Mama Mia is definitely a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I adored Yesterday, I’m not even a Beatles fan but it was just a lovely movie <3

    • Ah that’s great! Mamma Mia really is… a strange rollercoaster but I enjoyed every moment of it as an ABBA appreciator. 😀

  • These are great picks and a way to interpret this theme. I still need to see Yesterday but I do enjoy Mamma Mia which I was thankful to see on stage which was excellent. I love Pierce Brosnan but he even said he couldn’t sing. We are on the same wavelength since I chose ABBA the Movie. Ironman is an inventive choice and I love how it is used in the movie.

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