There is a very big reason why I’m not mentioning one of my all time favourite workplace related comedy show in this list, and it’s because the last theme for this year is much more suited for it. But when I started to think of other shows related to workplaces, I realised I have three picks that are also very much related to each other. Oh and apparently I have a thing for law firms.

1. SUITS (2011-…)

It’s been years since I last watched Suits but I keep thinking I should get back to it, from the beginning. Yet it feels like too big of a commitment, so I haven’t gotten to it. But it is still a really good show, with great performances, and right amount of drama. Plus, it stars the future wife of a prince (I typed this post before it even happened!!) so I mean, just for that reason alone I think Suits is a historically important show. Plus, Meghan Markle is so gorgeous and her outfits are goals, and Gabriel Macht is just handsome and now I really want to watch this show again!

2. ALLY MCBEAL (1997-2002)

Who doesn’t remember the dancing baby? Who doesn’t remember Robert Downey Jr. playing the piano? Who doesn’t remember Ally herself? This show is one of those nostalgia filled 90’s classics that everyone should at least watch once, if not now, then maybe in a few years. Can’t believe it’s first season is now 20 years old!? Man, I feel so old.

3. THE GOOD WIFE (2009-2016)

By the end of its run, The Good Wife was surrounded by so much behind the scenes drama that it could have given the onscreen drama a run for its money. But that’s not important, what matters is that the show had a really strong opening season, followed by a few more and those are worth your time for sure. What I also think is worth the time is the performance by Josh Charles, who you all might remember from The Dead Poets Society.




  • Suits has declined along the seasons but it’s still pretty good. And I love Meghan and Gabriel too much to stop watching it. I can’t believe she quit the show 🙁

  • While I didn’t follow any of these regularly I’ve seen a couple eps of each.

    Suits is the one I have the vaguest memory of, to the point I can’t even place the character the future Princess (will she be a Princess or a Dutchess?) played. When I caught it was into its run and I didn’t have the time to catch up.

    Ally McBeal became such a thing I think that turned me off from it. I do like Calista Flockhart and was a devout fan of her next show, Brothers & Sisters.

    Likewise I like Juliana Margulies and again it was a case of not catching her show from the beginning that kept me from regular viewing. I also like Josh Charles but when I see him it’s Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead that I think of rather than Dead Poets.

    So many, many choices so I reached back to a couple I really loved and one I liked but was merely a blip on the screen.

    Murphy Brown (1988-1998)-After spending some time in rehab for her drinking problem broadcaster and tough broad Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) returns to work on her news show FYI joining capable but insecure investigative reporter Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto), esteemed uptight anchorman Jim Dial (Charles Kimbrough) and perky former beauty queen turned features reporter Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford) and led by high strung producer Miles Silverberg (Grant Shaud) who frequently butts heads with the assertive Murphy. For ten seasons the team tackled topical subjects (including Murphy’s baby becoming a cause celebre when Vice President Dan Quayle condemned her for having a child out of wedlock) and Murphy’s inability to find a decent secretary-over the show’s run she had nearly 100. That is unless Murphy was home dealing with her permanent housepainter-daffy, endearing conceptual artist Eldin Bernecky (Robert Pastorelli). Winner of a massive amount of Emmys, Candice Bergen withdrew her name from contention after receiving her 5th.

    Designing Women (1986-1993)-At the small Atlanta interior design firm Sugarbakers the four female partners-sisters, the fiery feminist Julia & shallow much married Suzanne Sugarbaker (Dixie Carter & Delta Burke) plus single mom Mary Jo Shively & naïve country girl Charlene Frazier (Annie Potts & Jean Smart) struggle to make a success of the business while discussing and quarrelling about their lives and the situations that cross their paths to humorous effect. Providing the male prospective is their handyman, ex-con Anthony Bouvier (Meshach Taylor). Brilliantly acted sitcom addressed many sensitive subjects including AIDS, racism, spousal abuse, homophobia and in the award winning episode “They Shoot Fat Women, Don’t They?” the cruelty towards people because one’s surface appearance has changed. Ironically for a show about a workable partnership between four people the show because infamous for its hostile work environment behind the scenes with Delta Burke and the producers clashing so strongly (and publicly) that she eventually left the show. It never recovered the special chemistry of its initial lineup.

    Bay City Blues (1983)-Ensemble drama of minor league California baseball team The Bluebirds as they move from town to town. As the rookies, up and comers and one time big name players try and work together to form a winning team they have to deal with outside interference as well as each other. An entertaining “lost” series this extremely short-lived show (8 episodes) was Stephen Bochco’s follow-up to Hill Street Blues and starred many performers who appeared on that show or would on his next, L.A. Law including Dennis Franz, Ken Olin and Michele Greene plus a pre-stardom Sharon Stone.

    • She will be a duchess. I’m not sure why I know these things so well, it’s not like I’m a huge fan of the royal family or anything.
      Interesting picks from your end, haven’t heard of any of them!

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