This week’s theme was a bit of a challenge for me. Television Edition weeks usually aren’t but there aren’t that many shows based on movies. If there are, I haven’t seen most of them, so there’s inevitably not a lot to choose from. I did go with movies I’ve seen and in one case, I’ve also seen the show. I think I’ve seen parts of one show but I can’t remember.

3. LOVE, VICTOR (2020 – …)

This Hulu show came out this summer and I binged it in basically one go. It’s based on the movie Love, Simon which is based on a book Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It’s one of those I’ve seen it all picks. I’veย  read the book, seen the movie and watched the show. I’d say the movie is hands down my favourite. The series is sort of based on the movie, it follows the same universe and we have Simon narrating the entire show. There’s also a nice surprise at the second half of the first season too. All in all, it’s an okay show but it’s nothing mind blowing. More for my thoughts, you can read my review here.


I’ve seen the movie which was absolutely wonderful! But I’ve yet to start the show which I know is a shame. There’s definitely nothing holding me back, really but I just haven’t been in the mood. Nothing more to say really. The show also got an Emmy nomination recently which is amazing news and I promise, I’ll get to it soon. I’m just currently rewatching Lucifer for some reason. Among the three I do think it’s the strongest of the picks I just haven’t any personal experience of this.

1. LIMITLESS (2015-2016)

So this is a show that lasted one season. Meaning, it wasn’t that good but also, why would you want your show to be on CBS… it doesn’t really have a very strong track record in my opinion. I think Limitless, a show based on the Bradley Cooper movie by the same name, would actually work as a concept. But somewhere else, maybe Netflix? Anyway, Cooper is also in the show and Jake McDorman too who I love since Greek. I remember seeing this maybe for a few episodes but didn’t finish the season. Not because it was bad but probably because I forgot.




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