So tired I’m not even show how to function. Therefore I figured I was going for a title and Youtube video only this week but then I remembered, I actually have made a post similar to this theme TV Score and/or Theme Song. So if this sounds familiar, it’s because I copy-pasted my 2020 post called Top 5 TV-Show Theme Songs That I’m Currently Obsessed With. This list still counts because I like all these songs still. Anyway, these are theme songs I liked a year ago and still do. (Thank god, I didn’t have the brain power to think of anything new to say this week…)



I know this sort of makes it into a list of six but I could not add this one. Also I have to admit, I haven’t watched the second season yet… I felt like the first was so perfect and then they cancelled it that now I have anxiety about watching the FINAL season. I’m weird, I know…


Haven’t really talked about this show on my blog but I just finished season 2 and I love it! Will write about it soon enough but now let’s listen to its calming theme song.

4. NEMESIS by Benjamin Clementine / THE MORNING SHOW

The credits for The Morning Show were always fun to watch. And I never fast forwarded because the song worked so well and the animation was cool. You can listen to the original 2015 track HERE.

3. MAIN THEME by L’Orchestra Cinematique / STRANGER THINGS

This comforts me. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a horror show! but that’s the truth. Granted, Stranger Things is much more than a horror show but still the theme song has that note of scary to it for sure.

2. CHICAGO by Sufjan Stevens / THE POLITICIAN

Again, it’s a show I didn’t really talk about last year but I liked it a lot! It’s theme song, paired with that strange and mesmerising intro just go together so well. And the tone of the song is also very strange to me which works well with the show.


This list wouldn’t have had happened if it weren’t for Succession. I binged most of the first season in like a day and now I’m obsessed with its theme song. Just like I’m obsessed with the show!





    • It’s fun! I hope the show comes back soon, the wait is too long and the kids will be too big! lol.

  • I adore the Succession and Stranger Things theme songs. I never skip them when watching. I like that you picked Morning Show too. That’s a great show.

  • Excellent picks! I can’t believe I didn’t think of Money Heist’s as I love that song immensely. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the series.

    • Thanks! Money Heist is still in my tbw list because I haven’t finished season 3 yet. I need to get to it but I haven’t watched anything lately. 🙁

      • I feel you. I started Ozark last month but I’ve only watched season 1 so far. It’s a great show but I don’t really feel like watching stuff right now.

        • I have watched like… maybe 6 movies or something during April and no shows what so ever. Netflix is filled with new stuff and I’m just binging Youtube videos at the moment. It’s a strange feeling.

  • I actually like all of these but I have not seen any of these shows since they are probably on Netflix, HBO, crave, Hulu, or whatever else I don’t get😁. It just shows how many shows are out there.

    • There are a lot yes… Apple and HBO are treating me well lately but also Netflix. Though I say this having watched nothing in April. 😀

  • Excellent choices. Stranger Things is definitely one of those theme songs I never skip past. I’ve been wanting to watch Succession too! it’s on my list.

    • Definitely watch Succession!!! It’s soooooo good!!! Can’t wait for the next season either, it’s so close yet so far.

  • Punisher – I thought the second season was ok.
    Money Heist – I really like the opening theme song too. But I got tired of the show it, got too soapy.
    The Politician – Like this song as well.
    Succession – I like it. The sound of the piano keys sound like descending…stairs? Representing the fall of an empire? I feel like we’ve been waiting a long time for the new season.

    • I haven’t finished season 3 of Money Heist yet but I can see it getting out of hand. Similar thing happened to Prison Break. The premise just doesn’t suit a multi-season show. Succession is yeah.. that track is very compelling and I’m sure there are analysis online.. I need to check them out.

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