Another last Thursday of the month and it means it’s time for some television recommendations – the post I love the most even though I sometimes struggle with the theme. This time around the theme was time travel, which turned out to be quite a good one for me. Especially considering the fact that all these shows in my list are really really good in my opinion. And surprise surprise, I actually managed to list four shows this week because there was a time when a lot of time travel was happening on TV, and because I could not not mention any of these.

1. TIMELESS, 2016-…

Who would have guessed I would ever list a Matt Lanter show here but hey, I guess people change. Lanter who’s name is familiar to me since 90210 spin-off on CW and Star-Crossed (an underrated and utterly pointless show I actually enjoyed), grew on me during the first few episodes of Timeless, and that was that – I suddenly loved the show! It centres a team of three going back in time since someone is altering the course of history. They all have interesting backstories and among the drama there is a lot of humour and it’s so much fun. Especially when the team meets various historical figures such as Ian Flemming and Bonnie and Clyde. PS: It’s created by Eric Kripke, the guy behind Supernatural!

2. TRU CALLING, 2003-2005

Alright, so Tru Calling is a little bit weird and odd, and I love it! It’s about this medical student who takes up an internship in a morgue, where Zach Galifianakis works, and discovers soon enough that she has supernatural powers. See, sometimes she is able to repeat her day (as many time as needed) to prevent a death that was too premature. The first season was great, the second fell off the tracks a bit but I still liked it, but sadly, it’s a two season show so it’s a shame it didn’t end on such a strong note as it started off. Still, it’s a pretty good one, plus, there’s Matt Bomer and everyone knows he’s good to look at!

3. BEING ERICA, 2009-2011

Oh Canada, you warm my heart with such sweet and great shows like Being Erica, a show focusing on a woman finding herself and accepting her past in order to live for the future. And when I say accepting her past, I mean reliving these past events of hers she regrets during her therapy session by going back in time! It’s a brilliant concept and the show is filled with so much greatness. Erika Karpluk is perfect as Erica and well, there are the supportive characters that you can’t help to love. The show wraps its plot up brilliantly as well so it isn’t one of those shows that suddenly ends and you have no idea what happens to our main character. And I now have a sudden urge to rewatch this because it’s been too long and I just realised I miss this show so much!

4. HINDSIGHT, 2015

Bittersweet mention of a show that almost was more than just a one season wonder. It got renewed, just to get cancelled days before the production of season 2 would have started – I was devastated. Hindsight was about this woman, right before her second marriage, transported back in time to the 90’s, where she will have to right her wrongs. Especially her relationship with her best friend, who she had a falling out with for some unknown reason. It was quirky and fun, plus it was filled with 90’s references, which a 90’s kid like me, loved. 10 episodes of greatness, and me forever wondering what could have happened in season 2.





  • Oh goodness four chances to see something you chose and I come up empty! I’ve actually only heard of two-Timeless and Tru Calling-but even of those I’ve never seen a single episode. I’ll have to see if I can sample any of them to see if they’re for me.

    Two of mine were favorites when I was a kid-one has held up over time, the other….hasn’t-and a newer show that mixes time travel and mythology.

    Atlantis (2013-2015)-When marine scientist Jason (Jack Donnelly) is mysteriously transported from present day England to the legendary land of Atlantis via a deep sea accident he discovers a world of legend and myth ruled by King Minos and his scheming Queen, Pasiphae. At first he blunders about but shortly is befriended by Hercules (Mark Addy)-not yet the strong man of legend and Pythagoras a brilliant but poor youth. As time passes Jason encounters monsters and gods as well as the mysterious Oracle (Juliet Stevenson) who has expected Jason’s arrival and holds the secrets to his destiny and the fate of his father who vanished when Jack was young. A little silly and too contemporary at times but a fun show with an excellent cast.

    The Time Tunnel (1966)-“Two American scientists are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages in their first experiments on America’s greatest and most secret project…”The Time Tunnel”! Tony Newman (James Darren) and Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) now tumble helplessly towards a new fantastic adventure somewhere along the infinite corridors of time!”

    So began this short lived series of adventures through time where each week the pair landed to witness another piece of history (the sinking of the Titanic, the signing of the Magna Carta, etc.) overseen by a team scientists and military able to shift them through time periods but unable to return them to the present. Created by master of disaster Irwin Allen.

    It’s About Time (1966-1967)-Goofy comedy created by Brady Brunch mastermind Sherwood Schwartz concerning two astronauts traveling faster than the speed of light who end up in prehistoric times that is best described by its theme song sung in rhyme:

    “It’s about time, it’s about space,
    About two men in the strangest place.
    It’s about time, it’s about flight.
    Traveling faster than the speed of light.
    Here is their tale, of the brave crew.
    As through the barrier of time they flew.
    Past the fighting Minute Men.
    Past an armored knight.
    Past a Roman warrior.
    To this ancient site.

    It’s about caves, cavemen too.
    About a time when the Earth was new.
    Wait’ll they see what is in sight.
    Is it good luck or is it good night?
    It’s about two astronauts.
    It’s about their fate.
    It’s about a woman,
    And her prehistoric mate.
    And now, It’s About Time!”

  • Timeless is the popular show this week and one I need to watch. I’m glad it is coming back. Canadian Shows can be quite good but I did miss this one. I have even heard of the last one

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