Alright, I’m breaking all the rules this week! Which, ironically, is what special agents and spies usually do. They have all these rules for being a spy, they get a mission, then they go off the map and break all the rules. It’s a multilayered post here on Mettel Ray this week. Also, I’m time traveling in all the shows because that’s my theme within a theme this week. Plus I’m mentioning a show I’ve already mentioned and a show I haven’t fully even seen. I’m channeling spy energy and going off mission.

1. TIMELESS (2016-2018)

Breaking my own rules, I’m gonna mention Timeless again because I still can’t accept the fact that this show was cancelled. Timeless was fun, quirky and filled with interesting story lines. The link with this week is a secret agent traveling back and forward in time. That agent is played by Matt Lanter, who I actually really liked in Timeless. Frankly, I almost miss him, that’s how good this show was. Plus, they left it on a HUGE cliffhanger which is the WORST thing anyone can do. Timeless itself is about historical events being unwritten by the bad guy, in order to keep the bad guys in power in the present. It’s actually rather educational, despite the fact that it “changes” history, because the starting point is always the actual historic event.

2. TRAVELERS (2016-2018)

Again, a show that was cancelled way before it needed to be. Alright, maybe not way before, but definitely too soon for its time. Though I do admit that the series finale had a very nice ribbon on it. While totally serving as a cliffhanger, it also works well as a series finale, which is why despite the cancellation, Travelers is a show worth watching. I’m more than happy to have been a fan and Eric McCormack always has my full support! His like my favourite television actor, which, to be fair, there aren’t many. Travelers is about agents sent back in time into host bodies to prevent disasters that would that prevent the destruction of Earth. It’s a Canadian show which means it has a lot of heart and respect for character development.

3. DOCTOR WHO (2005 – …)

Now, my second and last cheat is a show I have yet to watch past it’s.. first season (after it came back in 2006). I know, I’ve never seen David Tennant be a Doctor, come at me! No, seriously, come at me, because why have I not seen this show!? I’m putting it in this list for two reason: 1) it has time travel and the Doctor is sort of like a special agent, 2) I want somebody to yell at me for not watching this show. Don’t think I haven’t tried. Yet, every time I think about watching it, I get frustrated because I never seem to be in the mood. Plus, I know how freaking painful it’s going to be. I’ve seen the beach scene, I know what happens! Do I want to live that with context? Yeah! But will I be ready for it? NO! So yes, haven’t seen it, but really really want to.




  • I had to cheat this week, too!
    Now I know I’m not the only person who hasn’t watched Doctor Who. Everyone I know seems to just assume I’m a super fan of the show but I’ve never even tried to watch it. I know I should, but I just don’t get the appeal!

    • I think there are a few of us here! It’s okay, we can form a club to protect ourselves from the whovians or how ever they call themselves 😀

  • I haven’t seen any of these but I’ve been meaning to watch all of them, especially Doctor Who. I hate that Italian Netflix only has the last four/five seasons. Nice theme within theme btw!

    • Ah, thank you! I try my best with those theme within themes and it’s nice to hear that they work. 🙂

  • The only one of these I’ve seen is Doctor Who and never enough of it to watch a whole season. My dad has been obsessed with that show since it started though.

    • It’s nice that there are so many fans but like, I feel like I’m missing out but not enough to catch up. There’s just too much of it I think. 😀

    • I have the same thing with it sort of. I have seen some but not enough to say, omg, I’ve seen it! But like.. I know it’s good! 😀

  • The only one I’ve seen any of it Dr, Who and only a very few episodes. The other two sound interesting however.

    I went all 60’s spy this week.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964-1968)-Secret agents Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) work for secret international counterespionage and law-enforcement agency U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) under the direction of Alexander Waverly (Leo G. Carroll) to battle evil organizations such as THRUSH and other nefarious forces that threaten freedom with much gadgetry thrown in. A trendsetting hit in its day this received a decent big screen treatment in 2015.

    It Takes a Thief (1968-1970)-Sleek international thief Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) temporarily incarcerated is offered a deal by Noah Bain (Malachi Thorne) head of the Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA) to be free if he steals important information or objects for the government. Breezy, stylish series globetrots around the world providing a time capsule of 60’s high fashion and high quality guest stars (among them Bette Davis, Teri Garr & Suzanne Pleshette) and in the later episodes Fred Astaire as Mundy’s master thief father Alistair.

    Get Smart (1965-1970)- Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), a highly intelligent but bumbling spy works for CONTROL, battling the evil forces of rival spy agency KAOS with the help of his chic and competent partner Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) while their often exasperated Chief (Edward Platt) looks on. Daffy fun with Adams’ deadpan delivery even under the most extreme conditions priceless. Tons of cool gadgets, gotta love the shoe phone!

    • I haven’t seen any of them but I have heard of the first two! Which is better than I would have guessed.

  • I haven’t watched the first 2 at all and typical, that they were cancelled too soon. I saw some of the original Dr. Who with the Daleks…my mom had salt shakers that looked like those annoying robots. I never got into Dr. Who but my nice loved the show and feels Tennant was the best Dr. Who. I did watch one episode with those freaky Stone Angels. I still have nightmares about them

    • Oh well Travelers at least got a very great ending in a sense that they almost sensed it, because like, they had a lot of fans, but not enough. Small shows sometimes suffer because of that. Timeless was too great and the cliffhanger was the worst. But still, a fun show, I recommend watching both! Really, do it! 😀

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