Few times, last year, I recommended TV shows as part of my Thursday Movie Picks because I thought why not and now Wandering Through the Shelves has decided to add it as part of the series! So every last Thursday of the month, everyone participating will recommend television shows according to the theme. It is a wonderful addition, and honestly, I’m a little scared because I have definitely seen a lot of shows! A lot! And considering science fiction is one of my favourite genres, just so you know, this list feels very important to me. But, I also wanted to recommend shows that not everyone has heard of, so…

1. KYLE XY, 2006-2009

Starting off with something that isn’t necessarily a science fiction show, which is exactly what I love about it! It tells a story about Kyle, who isn’t your typical teenager – he is super smart and yet lacks any understanding of social skills. Due to his past, he is taken in by a family with two other teenagers, and the show focuses a lot on the family dynamics and how Kyle is adjusting to his new life. Of course there is the sci-fi element, which is the fact that Kyle doesn’t have a belly button – hint-hint. Favourite thing about the show though? Jean-Luc Bilodeau, who went on to Baby Daddy, and has such great comedic timing that I just .. I’m thinking about rewatching this show now that I’ve recommended it because it’s mostly a feel good comedy, with some sci-fi drama elements! What’s not to love?!

2. THE 100, 2014- …

Now, granted, I’ve stopped watching this show passed its second season but man, did I love the first two seasons of this show! Those two seasons were so strong, first one close to brilliant, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t continued watching it. They just.. they did something with the storyline that I wasn’t a fan of but I understood it.. yet, haven’t been able to get back on track with it. Still, like I said, the first two seasons are really strong, they’re strong enough for me to rewatch them because I enjoyed them both. Plus, there’s some eye candy and not gonna lie, a little eye candy is always worth it.

3. DOLLHOUSE 2009-2010

This two season wonder was one of my favourites way back when, and when I thought about what show to feature, I was eager to go with a Joss Whedon series – because I think that Whedon has made some really great ones! Plus, Eliza Dushku is also one of those TV actresses that you won’t forget – she is memorable and badass! Granted, Whedon has given her some really great characters in his shows, and Dollhouse is not the only one where Dushku shines. In addition, I really like the concept of reprogramming a person’s brain, plus, I really like the programmer dude in this one – he was memorable and funny!



  • I’ve heard of all three of these but the only one I’ve ever seen even one episode of is Kyle XY but I came into it too late to get hooked. The one I’ve heard the most about was Dollhouse but it never appealed to me. Nice choices though that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

    We’re coming at this from different places since you love these sort of shows and I’ve never been much for sci-fi week after week though I’ll go and see something like the Star Treks or Passengers in the theatre. Be that as it may I did manage to come up with three that over the years I’ve been a fan of.

    Firefly (2002)-A ragtag group of astronauts tour the galaxy in their rust bucket ship Serenity lead by cheeky leader Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion). Often not functioning as a harmonious whole due to squabbles between the opinionated crew they pull together when the going gets tough and manage to emerge from their scraps banged up but unbowed. Serio-comic sci-fi series with a strong cast was regrettably brief but did lead to a big screen sequel “Serenity”.

    My Favorite Martian (1963-1966)-Somewhat zany comedy of a stranded Martian (Ray Walston) taken in by young reporter Tim O’Hara (Bill Bixby) who uses the cover of being his Uncle Martin as he tries to repair his spaceship in an attempt to return home. While he works away the pair are confronted with many situations where Martin is constantly at risk of exposure. What could be idiotic is kept from being so by the skillful playing of Walston & Bixby as well as Pamela Britton who is simply aces as their charmingly addle-brained landlady Lorelei Brown. Adapted into a wretched decades too late feature in the 90’s.

    The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)-Trend setting anthology series created, hosted and largely written by Rod Serling. Generally but not always with either a science fiction or supernatural theme this weekly series was consistently eerie with a cavalcade of future stars, including Robert Redford, Elizabeth Montgomery, Charles Bronson and Robert Duvall, and top flight character actors-Agnes Moorehead, Gladys Cooper, Burgess Meredith etc.- in strong stories. For the length of time it ran the series stayed uniformly high in quality but has some episodes that have remained justly more famous than others…Eye of the Beholder, The Invaders, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, Time Enough at Last, Nothing in the Dark, and my personal favorite The Hitch-Hiker among them.
    A small addendum: A moderately successful reboot of the series was done in the 80’s with varying results but there were some excellent episodes produced especially in the first season. Two directed by Wes Craven: the series’ first “Shatterday” starring Bruce Willis and “Her Pilgrim Soul” with Kristoffer Tabori and Anne Twomey are exceptional.

    • My best friend has asked me to watch Firefly for a long time and I’ve yet to get to it. It’s a shame it was cancelled.. but hey, Firefly is made by the same guy who made Dollhouse – so I should watch it!

  • I actually saw Kyle XY and I really liked it especially when he had no belly button and then, for some strange reason, I missed a couple of episodes and when i tried to find it, I couldn’t. It seems they started screwing around with the time slots (happens a lot which bugs me). I haven’t seen the other 2 at all.

    • That was a nice detail with the missing belly button and it’s a shame the time slots thing messed it up for you. If you ever get a chance to catch up, I recommend it! It’s a fun show!

    • OH well Dollhouse was epic when it started! I loved the concept and I still like it a lot! Then it gradually sort of lost its magic but it was still decent. It’s a shame so many of my favourite shows back then were cancelled.

  • oh wow, I totally forgot about Kyle XY! I don’t think I ever finished watching it, but I remember enjoying the episodes that I did see! Also, I love The 100! I’m sorry you had to stop watching! The story does end up getting a little complicated though, I will admit that. I also remember some friends of mine talking about Dollhouse back when I was in high school, but again, I think I only watched the first episode :

    • You should finish watching Kyle XY if you ever get a chance! I might rewatch it someday because I just want to witness all the fun!

      I’m thinking about getting back into The 100 but I just need some time.. which I don’t have. 😀

      • oh man, if I ever have the time I will definitely try to watch it all! It really did intrigue me back when I first started watching!

    • Do! The first season is very strong! The second one as well. I don’t have any comments on the third since I still haven’t watched it but it just had its season 4 premier so the show’s still on and that’s something!

  • I saw KyleXY and I enjoyed it too. I don’t think I saw it through to the last season though as I saw it on TV and they change schedule and just wasn’t able to see it.

    Love 100. I haven’t seen season 3 either but it’s in my to watch, so I’ll see it soon.

    • The last season was a disappointment because they cancelled it right after they revealed a big ass cliffhanger! It was so devastating not to know what was going to happen next that I regret ever watching that last episode. Usually shows get a chance to tie up loose ends but not Kyle XY, all the ends were loose and fans went crazy.

      I’m thinking about a marathon as well but who knows when I’ll have the time!

  • YES! Dollhouse was awesome – although I really did not like Dusku, loved everyone else mostly my favourite, Topher.
    I got bored of The 100 after about 10 episodes, can’t believe I stuck with it that long.

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