Sometimes I like to think that I’m quite well experienced with television shows, even though I’m not watching them as often nowadays because I don’t have enough time. But I used to watch a lot of shows, and I know what shows are currently out there, even though I’m not watching them! Yet, despite all of this, and while I was watching 40 shows a week way back when, I rarely tuned in for period dramas… so I had quite a limited list to pick for this week.

1. THE FORSYTE SAGA, 2002-2003

This is quite a tiny little two season series that I would call a mini-series because it only has 10 episodes all together. It is quite a nostalgic choice for me, and it always comes to mind with great memories, because I watched this with my grandmother and it was probably my first serious drama show I was fully merged into and actually enjoyed. Based on a book series by the same name, The Forsyte Saga tells a story of one family through three different generations. And it’s also where I first saw Damian Lewis and his amazing acting skills.. granted, his character was very unpleasant, as far as I remember, but even as a teenager I recognised the skill behind that role.

2. MERLIN, 2008-2012

Here’s where I cheat a little because it’s not actually my recommendation – help was provided for me by my flatmate, whose opinion I trust enough to list this show here. And actually, I myself have seen a few episodes and they were fun, nothing too bad actually, I simply had no time to binge watch the entire show and then I slowly just lost track of it. I still see gifsets of this on Tumblr though and it seems like a fun show, because even with drama shows, Brits usually like to throw some humour into it. But as the name indicates, this show is about the well known wizard named Merlin and his early years.

3. OUTLANDER, 2014-…

This one is all me because not only have I watched the first season of Outlander (haven’t tuned in for season 2 yet!), I’ve also read the first book in this epic series by Diana Gabaldon and I plan to read at least a few more! The show is very good as far as adaptations go but I did recommend it for a friend and she thought there was too much sexy-time happening. Funny, I thought there was not enough sexy-time but everyone can decide for themselves when they see it because you should give it a chance! Also, Outlander has quite a lot of serious topics and feminism is a solid theme which I think is especially interesting in the period drama context. There’s also time travel involved which is a shame because now I have one less show to recommend in May when the time travel theme for TMP is going to happen but I’ll survive, I mean, I can always ask my flatmate for her help because she has seen many many shows.




  • I watched 4 episodes of Outlander. I liked what I saw but somehow never found the time to catch up :/ I’m just the worst with watching TV series these days

    • Same! I haven’t binge watched anything since The OA and Santa Clarita Diet and I think it was in February.. or even in January. Can’t even remember. It’s been a pretty bad TV year. Oh well.

  • I’m the same way, I watch a lot of TV but period dramas usually aren’t part of that. I did watch the first season of Outlander when I had a free preview of Starz though. It was okay.

    • It was okay!? Alright, I’ll accept it. 😀 I think I liked it a lot more because I read the book and seeing it all on screen was a lot more pleasing than simply reading it. Still need to tune in for season 2 though.

  • I really enjoyed The Forsyte Saga and both Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves performances in it but I thought Gina McKee was the weak link. She was dull and uncharismatic so I had a hard time believing either man was in love with her let alone both.

    I liked Merlin, I watched it once it ended and worked my way through pretty quickly. It was at times silly but overall a fun watch.

    Haven’t watched Outlander.

    I see yours lean heavily British and I like that, no one does period better than the English which is why all mine are from there as well.

    Poldark (2015-present)-In the 1780’s Ross Poldark returns to his ancestral home on the Cornish Coast of England after fighting in the American Revolutionary War to discover in his absence the advent of several distressing facts. His father has died leaving their lands in disarray, he himself had been presumed dead and Elizabeth, the woman he loved in despair has married his cousin. Times are hard and Ross has to find a way to rise out of penury, resolve his feelings between the now out of reach Elizabeth and Demelza the woman he has turned to while dealing with a despicable and shameless foe. Brooding and frustrating at times but consistently interesting.

    Call the Midwife (2012-present)-Wanting to help others young, well to do Jenny Lee becomes a midwife in London’s East End during the late 50’s and early 60’s. To do so she must live in a convent among sisters trained in midwifery as well and slowly loses her naiveté about the way the world really works. Terrific mix of pathos, joy, triumphs and sorrows played by a cast of great British actresses with nice period detail. Based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs and narrated by Vanessa Redgrave.

    The Grand (1997-1998)-As WWI comes to a close the Bannerman’s reopen the family’s hotel The Grand in London after a refurbishing done in hopes of revitalizing business in the postwar boom. They are also hoping to provide a comfortable return for their soldier son who has come back from war with what was then termed battle fatigue. However problems quickly arise forcing the inclusion of an unwanted partner. From here the series deals with the conflicts that arise within the family and the guests, some of whom are there for a day and others long term. The excellent ensemble includes the great Susan Hampshire and as the shell shocked son Stephen Moyer who is better known as Bill Compton from his years on True Blood.

    • Oh yeah, I think I remember now about that lady… since I hardly remember her performance it’s proof that she wasn’t memorable enough. Lewis on the other hand, stand out.

      My flatmate mentioned Call the Midwife to me but I haven’t seen any of the episodes and I haven’t heard about the other shows either because, like I said, not very aware of period dramas.

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