This week has brought me back so many wonderful memories. You see, I used to do these Intro posts where I just put images from the opening title sequence into a post. I did shows as well as movies but like many of my features I didn’t do that long. Though putting together this week’s post did make me smile in the best way possible so who knows, maybe I’ll bring that opening title sequence feature back (but don’t expect anything). Here are three opening title sequences of TV shows that I still remember for their visual appeal and song selection.

3. DEXTER (2006 – 2013, 2021 – …)

I have a feeling all my picks are gonna match with somebody today. It’s just no way these three won’t end up in any other lists. Dexter is probably one of the more famous ones because it is very cleverly done. The dark nature of Dexter’s serial killer side meets his morning routine. There’s so many cool little details and I just love how disjointed yet eerie it all feels. The sound editing for this opening title sequence also elevates some of the sounds which makes it a very memorable combo. This particular Youtube clip has been watched 6,5 million times.


So with this one I’m going with the first two seasons and their opening credits. I couldn’t choose because those were the ones I really remember and like. I recall them being creepy and truly unsetting. Plus they set the tone for the show so well. The song is also iconic in its own and though I haven’t watched AHS for ages I’m guessing it’s still part of the show. And you know what, maybe I’ll return for its 10th season. It has Macaulay Culkin so I’m very curious to see him and how AHS has progressed over the years. It fell off the wagon for me but it’s still going so I guess it’s doing something.

1. TRUE DETECTIVE (2014 – 2019)

The first opening title sequence I thought of was True Detective (the first season one). I did a huge post about it way back when and you can look at it here. There is so much detail, so much beauty in this opening credits sequence that I just can’t. I wish we had more opening credits like this, nowadays it seems we just get the title and that’s it. With opening credits like True Detective you get a full story and I love it. And this just proves that crime and horror genre can have such beautiful intros. And people love it, this Youtube clip has been watched over six million times! Another for True Detective intro had almost three million. People want opening credits! Anyway, I’ve rambled a lot just enjoy the intro.




  • I have True Detective on my “honorable mentions” list. Such a beautiful sequence! Season 1 was so amazing. I’ve never watched Dexter or AHS but I’ve seen their intros too and they’re great picks for this.

  • You are, so far, the first one I came across to pick these 3 but I have a few to go yet. I will never watch Dexter because, just like those opening credits, which are well done, they seem to poke fun and make the serial killer sensual and I can’t get into making someone so disgusting as an anti hero. I found American Horror Story very unsettling but I would try and watch it…if I ever get the chance. I didn’t like the first one because of the real dead kids being burned up..ick. Now, as for the 3rd, I would love to see this series and love the opening credits. The song is excellent!

  • I really don’t remember the True Detective one. I think because I saw only the first season quickly, bingeing it. The sequence uses the double exposure effect. There was a time that style was very popular, I remember seeing a lot of double exposure art on Tumblr…or maybe it is still popular, I don’t go on Tumblr much now.

    • It really was and I sort of miss it. I would love to see more of it. Now it’s more graphic and minimalistic styles that stand out.

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