It was about time my eagerness to post themes within themes bit me in the ass, because now I’m in trouble. You see, last year we had a workplace theme for the Television Edition, and I picked law firms. But now I have to recommend three legal dramas, and since I don’t like to repeat myself, things are going to get difficult. Take a look how I pretty much struggle through this one.


After the first season, I have no idea what is happening in How To Get Away With Murder. That being said, it’s one of those shows I always want to binge watch, so I might catch up some day. For now, it’s a legal drama with murders. I liked the first season a lot, but I just simply forgot and by the time I rediscovered it, I was already behind.

2. THE GOOD FIGHT (2017-…) 

Before posting this, I watched an episode of The Good Fight just so I could list it here – that’s commitment! But I also liked the first episode a lot, so it’s a good thing I watched it because now I’m going to binge it. Also, the cast is stellar, plus the drama just sucked me right in!

3. DROP DEAD DIVA (2009-2014)

So this one’s a stretch, because I can hardly remember it, though I did watch the first season and liked it a lot! It’s also has a plot about body-image, since an aspiring model dies and is brought back into a curvy lawyer’s body. I fondly remember Fred being my favourite character.




  • I haven’t watched either your second or third picks but I did watch the first season of How to Get Away with Murder mostly for Viola Davis and thought it was okay, she was far better than the show. But like you I lost track of it after that and haven’t tuned back in.

    Since the number of shows about lawyers is nearly limitless I decided to do a small theme within the theme. We’re L.A. bound!

    Perry Mason (1957-1966)-Criminal attorney Perry Mason (Raymond Burr-in the role that took him from villain to hero) aided by his loyal, intuitive secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) and investigator Paul Drake (William Hopper-son of famous gossip columnist Hedda) manages to save his client week after week with a last minute moment of revelation. Loaded with familiar faces including future stars like Robert Redford, Dick Clark, and in a guest shot when Burr was ill-Bette Davis. Based on the Erle Stanley Gardner series of novels.

    The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (1969-1972)-Venerated Los Angeles attorney Walter Nichols (Burl Ives) takes brother lawyers Brian & Neil Darrell (Joseph Campanella and James Farentino) into his firm and mentors them through their cases and lives. Part of an alternating series of dramas all under the umbrella title (The New Doctors, The Protectors, The Senator were the others) shown on rotating weeks. Again loaded with rising stars, Ellen Burstyn (just before The Exorcist), Martin Sheen, Richard Dreyfuss and Jack Klugman among others as guests.

    L.A. Law (1986-1994)-The trials and tribulations of the members of Los Angeles-based law firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak was a monster hit in its day. While it was highly glamourized rather than using the trials as a sort of mystery to be solved the series approach was more of one focusing on the nuts and bolts of the legal profession (torts, ethics, briefs etc.) at least in its initial seasons. It did however spend a great deal of time in the bedroom and actually created a huge buzz with a supposed sexual position called The Venus Butterfly that never failed to satisfy.

    • I feel like for me the lawyer theme is not limitless at all. Like for instance, I haven’t any of the ones you mention, and others recommended a few I have no idea either. I’m probably missing out.

  • I heard a lot of good things about The Good Fight. Drop Dead Diva was an enjoyable show, though its last seasons were a bit mediocre. The final season wasn’t at par with the first seasons. I stopped watching How to Get Away With Murder after season because of who they killed off. It’s a binge-worthy show though since it always ends in a cliffhanger and I’d want the next episode right away.

    • It was good! I finished The Good Fight like in a day, only 10 episodes, and it had the same kind of feel that The Good Wife had. I’m still hoping there will be more personal drama, I always love that but one thing’s for certain, I can’t wait for Carrie Preston to be back in season 2! She killed it in season 1, BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!! And I have to say, even though Perry’s character is a dick, his presence in this show also helped. In short, the cast is stellar!

  • YAY DROP DEAD DIVA!!! I so enjoyed that show, even though the early seasons were very much superior to the later ones, when they were clearly struggling to keep the plot afloat.

  • I haven’t watched any of these although I like Christine Baranski so the The Good Fight looks like one I would like to see. I never felt like seeing the first one and no desire for the second even though the premise sounds good

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