This is probably my favourite theme among this year’s television picks because I have so many shows to choose from! I’m literally wondering how many I can fit into this category and I guess the number could be huge – but I’m keeping a few for other themes because girl plans ahead! Therefore, this list has only five picks for this week but I swear, there’s something for everyone here with the theme being so god damn juicy! PS: Happy new school year to all the students and teachers out there, stay strong and educate on!

Disclaimer: I feel like I should mention that due to certain news out there, I won’t include one very famous high school oriented vampire related show in this list. Also, yes, I haven’t seen Freaks & Geeks yet, don’t yell at me!

1. AWKWARD. (2011-2016)

There will be many MTV shows in this list because there was a time when MTV was bringing out a lot of good original content, and Awkward. was one of them! Though the show lost my interest around the third season mark, the first two seasons were very strong and amazing! Funny, angsty, feisty and high school drama filled Awkward. is also exactly what it says to be – awkwardly amazing. The plot begins with our main character’s accident being thought as a suicide attempt. Bottom line though is the fact that I’m glad I stumbled onto it when I did because I had a lot of fun with it.

2. FAKING IT (2014-2016)

Short lived Faking It is another MTV original show about two best friends who fake to everyone that they are in a lesbian relationship – the problem, one of them actually is a lesbian and in love with her best friend. It’s another light, funny and great show that views high school from a very different angle, and it’s wonderful by portraying a more positive take on sexual orientation. For both lead actresses Faking It was sort of their first big role, and they both did a great job. I was especially impressed by Rita Volk.

3. TEEN WOLF (2011- …)

The third and last MTV show in this list is a special mention, and even though I haven’t watched it for years, I know I will someday marathon it all from start to finish. Teen Wolf is of course based on the well known movie and marks the start of my endless love for Dylan O’Brien! I have the sweatshirt of the character Dylan plays in Teen Wolf – in case you were doubting my endless love. There are many things with it that bother me but the first season, which I’ve watched twice, is still great in my opinion. Sure, my opinion is clouded by Dylan O’Brien, but I’m not even ashamed because Teen Wolf is fun, a bit scary, funny and a perfect guilty pleasure show.

4. MY MAD FAT DIARY (2013-2015)

I feel like I need to add an UK show to this list because the British know how to make shows, and sometimes they make them better. My Mad Fat Diary is a very good show that features an overweight main character in the midst of finding friends, falling in love and fighting her own insecurities. It has a lot of heavy topics but it also has a lot of heart, warmth and humour, which is why I felt the need to mention it. Also, Nico Mirallegro is absolutely adorable!

5. ONE TREE HILL (2003-2012)

How can I have a list of high school related shows when one of my favourite shows of all time features a high school name in its title?! I have mentioned this one before, but it was when I chose to mention TV shows among movie picks, which is why I’m mentioning it again. One Tree Hill and its first FOUR seasons are perfection! Sure, the show ran on for far longer, but the four seasons featured the high school years, so that’s why I feel like it suits this week’s theme perfectly. Also, have you seen James Lafferty lately? He looks so damn fine, and every time I see him, I’m reminded of Nathan Scott and the greatness of One Tree Hill!



  • I also picked One Tree Hill. I haven’t seen the last couple of seasons but I loved the others, especially the high school ones.

  • I loved Awkward, Faking It and My Mad Fat Diary. I am totally behind on Teen Wolf but I did enjoy it in the beginning.
    If I had to make a list Riverdale would have probably made it on there despite some problems that I have with it. I adored Rosswell back in the day and one of my guilty pleasures is Degrassi: Next Class.

  • I’ve only seen Teen Wolf of these five but I was a faithful viewer for its first several season and then it seemed to lose direction and I stopped. But those first couple of seasons were tops and I couldn’t wait for each new episode!

    There was a time when TV was replete with shows set in high school and it was just impossible to keep up which is probably why I’ve seen so few of yours. But I enjoy the setting and have watch many including these three favorites, only one of which is a big throwback.

    Skins (2007-2013)-British series about a group of teens in Bristol going through what is known there as sixth form which in the US would be high school. Controversial when it was showing for its graphic depictions of sexuality, drug abuse, bullying and many other issues with more than its share of nudity. Well-acted but grim. Another element of its notoriety was the casting in one of the leads of Nicolas Hoult who at the time was most well known as the youngster in About a Boy.

    My So-Called Life (1994)-Regrettably short lived series that chronicled the angst filled high school life of teenager Angela Chase (Claire Danes) as she suffers the agonies of first love with the handsome but vague Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), tests her boundaries with new friend, wild child Rayanne Graff (A.J. Langer), redefines her friendship with childhood bestie Sharon Cherski (Devon Odessa), seeks to help and protect the abused Rickie Vasquez (Wilson Cruz) while next door neighbor the brilliant but nerdy Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall) yearns for her. At home she watches as her seemingly happily married parents Graham and Patty’s (Tom Irwin & Bess Armstrong) relationship begins to fray. Outstanding on every level.

    Room 222 (1969-1974)-Pete Dixon (Lloyd Haines) is a popular young history teacher at Los Angeles’s Walt Whitman High School. Along with guidance counselor Liz McIntyre (Denise Nicholas), amiable Principal Seymour Kaufman (Michael Constantine) and eager if occasionally bumbling student teacher (over time English teacher) Alice Johnson (Karen Valentine) they deal with the issues of the students, parents and the establishment in the changing face of education in the 70’s. Excellent Emmy winning series, one of the first to honestly portray multiracial classrooms and teaching staffs, looks at a multitude of problems including early marriage, corporate irresponsibility, freedom of speech, senility, the effects of unexpected death and more with many future stars, among them Bruno Kirby, Cindy Williams, Teri Garr, Jamie Farr, Rob Reiner, Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, and Mark Hamill, passing through.

    • Skins was great, at least the seasons I watched. I don’t think I watched the first so called generation but the second or third one. Which is weird but I just liked a few specific characters I stumbled onto on Tumblr and then went and watched that season.

  • The only one of these I’m familiar with is One Tree Hill and I didn’t watch it. I think I only saw an episode or two.

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