Searching for this topic made me realise I’ve really missed out on good gangster themed shows. So instead of listing recommendations of shows I have seen I’m compiling a shame list. These are three shows that heavily feature gangsters but I haven’t seen yet. I say yet because I do plan to see them some day… who knows when, but it’s going to happen, I promise.

1. THE SOPRANOS (1999 – 2007)

Yes, I know, shame on me! I have not watched a single episode of this 6 season masterpiece. Believe me, I’m very embarrassed to admit it. The Sopranos is probably THE show to see when one is interested in gangsters and is looking for good quality TV. I haven’t gotten the urge to see it yet, which like I said, makes me feel very embarrassed. But with shows like this, it takes me a while to get myself hyped for them. Even though I know they are good, I want to be in a certain mood and that mood is rare. I still haven’t finished Sons of Anarchy for said reason. Dark, heavy and serious – I’m not often in a mindset where I can handle all that. So if anyone feels like I’m insulting them by not having seen The Sopranos, please tell me so in the comments and I’ll try to prioritise this in the upcoming future.

2. BOARDWALK EMPIRE (2010 – 2014)

Only heard positive things about Boardwalk Empire but since it has a historic setting, girl hasn’t seen a single episode. It’ll become a theme in this list. Ironically, again, a great show about gangsters, and I haven’t had the mood to watch it. That tells you two things. One, I’m bad with gangster shows. Two, I don’t watch historic series easily. Even if they are Golden Globe winners, it takes a lot more for me to invest my time in them. Which is a shame, I know it’s quality TV, I just… I haven’t gotten to it yet.

3. PEAKY BLINDERS (2013 – …)

Do I sound like a broken gramophone  already? Well, get ready for the same old tune because guess what? I have not seen a single episode of Peaky Blinders either. And again, it has two elements I’m most hesitant about when it comes to TV – historic fiction and gangsters. It also has Cillian Murphy but he’s the reason I would want to see it. Am I afraid it will be boring? No, definitely not! Yet, it’s like a TV curse that has been set upon me. I’m slightly allergic to things that rip me out of my comfort zone and gangster/historic television shows happen to be way out of my comfort zone. So, wasn’t this week’s list interesting? Sorry guys to disappoint you in such a way but at least I’m not afraid to admit my shameful ways.




  • I’m going to have to play very loosely with the theme this week because I’m just not a fan of the whole gangster thing. I have seen some of Peaky Blinders though – I got bored after 2 seasons but the majority of those who’ve watched it think it’s amazing!

    • Same!! Too bad you were bored about Peaky Blinders. I do think that it’s more to do with the fact that we aren’t gangster fans.. I think that’s the thing, rather than the show is boring. Maybe.

  • The Sopranos is dark but it also has A LOT of humor. It’s an insanely entertaining show. It’s like a Scorsese movie. Peaky has Tom Hardy so I think it’s says enough as to why you should see it 🙂 BE is also worth watching so many great performances there

  • We match with The Sopranos which I bought the boxed set for my hubby for his birthday. We are done to just the last few episodes of this series. It has some great humour which alleviates the seriousness of this genre and the violence. I can say that everybody is rather ugly and I would never want to know them in real life…ever. I want to see Boardwalk Empire because of Steve Buscemi and never heard of the 3 show until now. You are the second person to choose this show

    • Ah, well we match but I haven’t seen it so, is it really a match?! 😀 I feel like if you’re already going that route, you should see Peaky Blinders too. 😛

  • The Sopranos… BEST SHOW EVER… also love Boardwalk Empire. I haven’t seen Peaky Blinders. I have no idea what channel or streaming service it’s on.

    • I believe you! I just haven’t had the chance…. I think Peaky Blinders is also good, it’s BBC.

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