So let’s see. Game shows are television programs were people go and win money. There are many that have been adapted to various languages and I can name like a few that are still sort of going on in Estonia. But that’s the most I know about these because I rarely watch these types of shows. I can think of a few game shows that I’ve seen over the years, one that I really liked and there’s surprisingly a theme within a theme here too. Not sure how that happened, pure coincidence I think.


Now this is somewhat of a cheat because it’s not something I’ve actively seen. But it’s the first one I thought about when I saw this theme. The elements of this game show have been all over the place. I’ve seen parodies of the format, I’ve seen various versions that borrow from the format. A British comedy show has a similar thing going on. It’s just famous without me having actually seen it.


Can it get even more known than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – I don’t think so. There was an Estonian version of this so that’s how I saw it growing up. There’s not much to say, a lot of the excitement with game shows usually comes down to the host and the contestants for me. But the national version I’ve seen of this didn’t have a host that I was excited about. And most contestant sadly weren’t memorable – few exceptions here and there. The “start the clock” still rings in my ear though but from the US version, ironically.

3. THE WEAKEST LINK (UK version)

Hands down my favourite game show ever is the UK’s original Weakest Link. It’s amazing! It ran for 13 seasons and I remember watching it as a kid (keep in mind, English is not my first language) at my grandparent’s house. I loved it! Mostly because the host was the coolest, coldest, most wonderfully sarcastic Anne Robinson. I don’t think I was even aware about most the answers but the show was extremely entertaining regardless. The format and everything just sparks joy even now when I think about it. And yes, the theme within the theme is of course the fact that all three of my recommendations start with the letter W.




  • I catch part of Slumdog Millionaire on TV the other day and that was the first time I’ve thought about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in a long time. We match on Wheel of Fortune!

  • Those are three solid picks for sure! Actually, the one I’m, um, weakest on, would have to be The Weakest Link, I think there was a window in the US where you HAD to watch it, but once the ‘phenomenon’ died off, so did my interest. That lady was f–king cool though, as she basically was Simon Cowell before Simon Cowell was. Hardcore Brit who doesn’t give a f–k? Yes, please.

    • Silly me, I was probably already thinking of Weakest Link when I wrote that because that’s where it’s from. But the sound in WWTBAM still counts.. just without the Weakest Link sentence. 😀

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