Truth to be told, I choked up a bit when I saw the theme for this week because I literally had no idea what to recommend. Then, as always, it clicked and I had three picks all lined up. Granted, one of them is not my favourite, but I had to pick it because it’s theme within a theme again! It’s like the theme itself it not a challenge enough, I have to go and make it a bit more difficult for myself. Here are three entertainment business shows all revolving around music!

1. GLEE (2009-2015)

The first year when Glee was on air, I didn’t watch it. Then I caught up and loved it. After a few seasons I fell out off love and well, since then it’s been a rough time for this musical show. First, one of its main actor passed away, and then another supporting actor was arrested for something awful. But though the show has had a rough behind the scenes shelf life, the show’s first few seasons were still enjoyable and gleeful. The business connection is not the strongest but I’m sure there’s a lot of money involved with glee clubs.

2. SMASH (2012-2013)

Though a shortly lived musical show, Smash was great! It had fabulous songs and dance numbers, and it introduced me to Jeremy Jordan. Who I, by the way,  during my Broadway Youtube marathons, have listened to many many times. Smash had drama, it had enough heart and passion, that it seemed unfair for it to be so short. But that’s the musical/music entertainment business to you. One moment you’re on top, next thing you know, you are cancelled.

3. NASHVILLE (2012-2018)

Probably the strongest musical show I have seen (haven’t seen Empire yet!), and so good at delivering the drama. Though I don’t know what is true and what is fiction with Nashville, I feel like the country scene is exactly like showcased. Everyone’s everyone’s competition, yet, they all stick together. The show definitely suffered after Connie Britton’s exit, which is when I stopped watching. No idea why she quit, and didn’t finish what she started, because Rayna Jaymes is an amazing character to have on your resume.





    • It does get better in the second season, at least in my opinion, but I never stuck with it until the end. 🙂

  • We match with Smash which seems t9 be a popular choice this week. It seems you and I both liked this show and your critique is great. I only started watching Glee in the later seasons and I still liked it. It is a shame that the lead guy died of a drug overdose and the other guy turned out to be really disgusting. I never watched Nashville because I am not a Country music fan

    • I liked it indeed. I know there were flaws but sometimes the entertainment factor outweighs the bad stuff.
      It is a shame about Glee and things that relate to it now.
      You know, I’m not a fan of country either! I don’t listen to that genre nor did I listen to it after watching Nashville. It’s still a good show despite the music genre it focuses on in my opinion. 😀

    • I walked into Smash being not as critical as I usually am with shows, so I was glad that I ended up quite liking it.

  • Wasn’t a regular GLEE watcher, but I did enjoy it whenever I did watch it. I think I saw one episode of Nashville. It was pretty good, but for whatever reason, I never went back to it.

    • Nashville is the strongest in this list in my opinion. At least the first few seasons. It attacks so many problems and issues, and does it so well I think. There’s a fe strong female characters and that’s always a plus. The teenagers are annoying but that’s given. 😀

  • Glee – the supporting actor that was arrested…wasn’t that after the show ended its run?

    Nashville – Watched the first season. It was ok. Very Soapy. I did like some of the songs. I have seen a little of Empire. It’s I think a little more soapy.

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