We have had one hell of a month and I don’t mean in terms of Thursday Movie Picks. I mean in regards to what’s happening in the world… With most of my Thursday Movie Picks having been scheduled for this month, it’s only now that I sit down to write this one in complete amazement. Something is literally taking over the world and putting it in standstill. It sounds like a scifi movie and not the fun kind. So in order to get our minds off things, I recommend three documentary mini-series to make you feel even shittier. These are dramatic, sad, emotional and quite frankly, horrible stories. They are very interesting though, so at least there’s that.


If you’re thinking of looking into Ted Bundy, one of the most horrific serial killers there has been, I recommend this documentary series. It’s by the same guy who did the movie where Zac Efron played Bundy. I also have a tiny connection with the director, Joe Berlinger, who I almost had the chance to interview. Instead I interviewed a guy he made another documentary about. In all honesty, Berlinger has a good eye for documentaries. I like his style and the Bundy tapes was a good insightful 4-episode series. It was just enough and not too much. As somebody who has a weird fascination towards serial killers, this Bundy documentary definitely scratched my itch. PS: Berlinger really has a thing for long titles, huh?


This year I decided to venture out a bit more form my comfort zone and watch even more documentaries. I have started to more in recent years but like, 2020 could be my year! Though with the current situation, all I want is to escape reality. Anyway, The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez tells a horrific story of a young boy who gets killed by his mother and her boyfriend. It’s a story of the system failing this young boy over and over again, until it was too late. It doesn’t have that sort of Spotlight type angst due to it being 6-episodes long and ranking almost 6 hours worth of footage. In other words, it does get a bit too long and ends up being a bit too messy in terms of the timeline. But even telling you this wouldn’t really matter because this is a documentary series I still recommend. It’s so sad… so brace yourself!


Another surprise documentary I watched this year that left me emotional. This is a story of a football star Aaron Hernandez… who ends up killing a man. Yet the story is not that simple. There are aspects to this documentary that sort of rub me the wrong way. The fact that his sexuality was brought into it might not be the best angle and yet, I was also fascinated by this. It’s really a shame he cannot tell his own side of the story anymore. Ah, and yes, spoilers, he dies. But then again, going into it and knowing this with these types of documentaries really doesn’t matter. This has 3 episodes and while definitely shorter than the Gabriel Fernandes one, it also suffers from a messy timeline. Other than that, worth a watch for sure.




  • I absolutely loved The Ted Bundy Tapes. I haven’t seen the other two but I’ve read so many positive reviews I’ll eventually check them out. Probably later than sooner because reality is too shitty right now to watch crime documentaries.

    • I get that! I watched all these before the sh*t hit the fan. now we have restriction added to the list every day.. meanwhile I’ve been living in this hardcore lockdown BEFORE these restrictions were added. Like a good citizen.. oh well. But yes, recommended when this bad times is a distant memory.

  • I have a different Ted Bundy documentary series on my list! Not surprised to see him pop up though. He’s all over the place these days.

    • There are many indeed! He was, for a short period of time, everywhere on social media. Now I think the big buzz has died down but like, he will remain in history.

    • Ah well I can get that, he’s is the name most known. BUT I do recommend the other too. Even in terms of documentary making, it’s interesting to see how Netflix is approaching this genre.

  • I feel like the only person that hasn’t watched the Ted Bundy tapes yet. That guy is so gross. I might have to check out this Gabriel documentary as someone else picked it too. I also watched the Aaron Hernandez one.

    • I mean.. it’s gross but it’s fascinating! How somebody is able to do it, able to manipulate.. it’s just.. fascinating! Gabriel is sad, it’s just so so sad…

  • All sound like excellent picks, but I’m with you, the less reality now, the better.

    If I were to dive in, I’d probably start with Aaron Hernandez, not only because I WAS a fan, but this dude’s story is such a tragedy. He was a legend in the town where my father is from, and the way it all unravels is so completely awful and shocking. My cousins went to high school with him, and like everyone in the area, have their own stories about him, too. Weird..

    • I said that and then I binged Tiger King… turns out I want a different kind of reality right now.
      I can’t imagine how this story unfolded for fans. I’d say I’m very far from being a fan of American football so like.. and your cousins went to high school with him?! Gosh. I suddenly feel a lot closer to this story through you….

  • I remember when Ted Bundy was killing the girls back in the day and I have seen more than one documentary on her so I will pass on this. I think I would pass on the other 2 as well. I have seen and enjoy watching true crime shows but not when it seems to be too distressing. ok this sounds weird but I hope you know what I mean

    • I get that! I was watching I Am a Killer yesterday and was crying… I think I like to torture myself but I don’t recommend that to anyone else. I live in Estonia so I think being so far from Bundy’s case, in geography wise and age wise, just keeps me in a distance that feels not as distressing to me, you know?

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