Last Thursday Movie Picks of 2018, and it’s time for some laughs! And good ones too, because I have so many great TV comedy recommendations! But I’m still going to do 3 recommendations because I’m definitely doing TMP in 2019 and I need to keep some things on the shelf for future themes! But all these 3 are amazing, and I know most of you are definitely fans of at least one of these amazing comedies.

1. THE GOOD PLACE (2016 – …)

It took me a while to get onto The Good Place bandwagon but once I got there, oh how fun! The show keeps all the seasons fresh and interesting, and every season seems to end on a great cliffhanger. You can see it on Netflix, but sadly, it’s released weekly which just messes me up now. So I usually let the episodes pile up and then binge them for hours – a huge hit of comedy is better than 20 minutes in my opinion. But yes, The Good Place, is a good one!

2. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (2013 – …)

Now, again, a show that took me YEARS to get to but once I did, I understood the hype. It felt like the first season was a little shaky. Not all characters had their “it” figured out and the show was looking for its right place. Once the second season started though, it felt like Brooklyn Nine-Nine was always a part of me. I guess it also means that by the end of season 1, you get used to its humour. Definitely one of the good ones, which makes me think FOX is an idiot for cancelling it. And good for NBC for picking it up!

3. BROAD CITY (2014 – …)

Alright, I haven’t added an end date even though it will definitely end in 2019. It’s probably because I’m still in denial. For the last season I decided to rewatch the entire show and if you haven’t watched it, do it! It’s a perfect girl power comedy, where two crazy chicks aren’t afraid to show the sloppy side of women. Like honestly, this show feels so real and honest and it’s refreshing to see characters that I can relate to so much. It is a SUPERB show and I’m already crying about it ending…




  • I’ve seen a few episodes of Broad City and they were pretty funny. I need to watch Brooklyn 99. I always come across gifs of that show that look hilarious.

    • I want to rewatch Broad City before its final season. It’s what I expected Girls to be but 100 times better. Oh and I kept putting off Brooklyn 99 too and such a great decision!

  • I saw like, half an episode of The Good Place and never went back. I watched the series premiere of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and never went back. They didn’t hook me. Maybe I’ll give them another shot at some point.

    • The Good Place picks up mid season 1 I think. And the cliffhanger at the end of the first season is so worth the entire season – one of the most amazing cliffhangers I’ve witnessed.

    • I think The Good Place picks up mid season 1. I always take a bit longer with comedies, because you have to really start to love the characters in order to love the show and with an unlikable character as the lead, The Good Place takes a bit longer to grow on you.

    • It has some similarities but I don’t think it’s comparable. One has a fantasy element. But the dynamic of the characters is quite Parks and Rec-esque.

    • I was too. I thought I was the only one who hadn’t been watching them but turns out I’m not. Definitely good ones both. Broad City is good too btw.

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