This week’s theme is an exciting one because I get to talk about a few of my favourite shows. College, though less exploited than high school, is a great foundation for a show. It has a lot of possibilities, and there’s always ways to introduce new story lines and characters. Here are three shows taking place in college.

1. GREEK (2007-2011)

This was the first one I wanted to mention, because Greek has always been an underdog in my eyes. It wasn’t talked about much, and it didn’t really have the opportunity to be an Internet phenomena either. But the show had heart, and a great message. It also had Scott Michael Foster (mostly with bad hair though), which is always a bonus!

2. FELICITY (1998-2002)

A controversial show, especially due to a hairstyle change (oh, the drama!), but a good one at that. It’s about a girl, who follows her high school crush to college. So a little weird, but not too much. I liked this show, and I’ve thought about rewatching it. Even though this show did come out a bit too early for me. Especially since it was hard to appreciate it fully for showcasing transitioning from high school to college.

3. COMMUNITY (2009-2015)

Though I didn’t watch this show from start to finish, I watched enough to understand it’s appeal. And I think it’s important to showcase the fact that college is for everyone! You can go back to college even after you’ve been out of high school for years. It’s never too late to learn something new. But that’s only a small part of Community’s appeal, there’s a lot of funny things happening. Oh, and Donald Glover is there!




  • This week was so hard for me because I’m familiar with all three of these shows, but never watched them. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Greek. The only thing I knew about it back then was that actress that stared in those lonelygirl youtube videos everyone thought were real was in it. lol

    • Oh well, it was a bit hard for me too because I don’t really want to repeat my picks.. but it’s getting harder and harder, because well.. I haven’t been able to see so many new shows to fill up lists every month. 😀

  • I watched Community off and on mostly for Joel McHale and caught an episode of Felicity but never enough to really know what was going on. I’ve heard of Greek but never saw it.

    I went with all comedies this week:

    Blue Mountain State (2010-2011)-Risqué, amiable comedy from the now defunct Spike TV network about the “Mountain Goats” the hard partying football team of fictional university Blue Mountain State. While much of it took place on a football field this was more concerned with the crazy doings of the team’s members, chief among them Alex Moran (Darin Brooks), Craig Shilo (Sam Jones III) and scene stealing dunderhead Thad Castle (a fearlessly comic Alan Ritchson).

    Boston Common (1996-1997)-Easy going and slightly goofy Virginia country boy Boyd Pritchett (Anthony Clark) accompanies his sister Wyleen (Hedy Burress) when she begins college in Boston. What’s supposed to be a short trip becomes permanent when Boyd falls in love with fellow student Joy (Traylor Howard) despite the fact she has a steady, but pompous, boyfriend, and decides to stay much to Wyleen’s dismay. Being handy he gets a job as the college repairman sharing an apartment with Wyleen (and frustrating her attempts to spread her wings) while pursuing Joy and becoming enmeshed in no end of antic comedy. A huge hit in its first season this nosedived in its second when moved to a terrible time slot.

    Delta House (1978)-Watered down but still amusing sitcom derived from the megahit Animal House about the rowdy Delta fraternity house at Faber College with several of the movie’s cast returning. This also served as an early spotlight for Michelle Pfeiffer as “The Bombshell”

    • I watched it for Glover a lot.. but like I said, never finished it, so I guess it also doesn’t really end up in my favourites lists.

  • I don’t know the first one at all but I know the other 2 even though I never watched them. I’d like to try Community which appeals to me more than Felicity. I do remember the big hair drama…Oy Veh

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