It’s that time of the month again where instead of movies I recommend TV shows. It’s always exciting but this month I get to talk about book to TV adaptations! Now, since I haven’t done this type of recommendation list before, I figured I could make this week even more special. So, instead of recommending adaptations that exist, I’m listing shows that are coming out in the (hopefully) near future. Since this pandemic is still affecting our lives and everything around, two of these may take forever. That being said, these are three upcoming book to TV adaptations that I’m very excited for!


Alright, so I originally planned to list books I’ve read but now we’re going the other way. I’ve only read the first book of the Girsha trilogy and then the Six of Crows duology (which might become a show too). So I’ve almost read it and I kind of know what happens but mostly I have no clue. Shadow and Bone is YA teen show that is taking place in a Russian inspired fantasy world. There are intriguing characters, including Kaz and the Darkling. I’m excited for Ben Barnes as the Darkling but I’m also liking the visual appearance of Freddy Carter. He plays Kaz and in my mind, fits the character perfectly.

2. THE INFERNAL DEVICES based on a trilogy by the same name by CASSANDRA CLARE

Shadowhunters have had a bad rep. Heck, I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie adaptation and cringed throughout the Freeform series that lasted longer than anyone expected. I don’t even like The Mortal Instrument series but and here is where things get strange. I loved the other series, The Dark Artifices which follow the events of The Mortal Instruments. And, so far, I’m even liking The Infernal Devices (only half way through the first book). It’s not super great but I’m actually not hating it. Plus the show that is now apparently in the works is made by the British! I trust them, even more so when it comes to adaptations and historic shows. So BBC Three where this is supposed to run has my full attention. Though it could be years before we finally get this as a show because we know nothing yet.

1. CIRCE based on a book by the same name by MADELINE MILLER

Again, I have no idea when this is coming out but HBO ordered an eight episode mini-series that would be in development now-ish. I guess it was originally thought to come out in 2020 spring since the news was announced last year but there’s like no info. I’m throwing it here because I want it to happen. Partly because it will hopefully push me to read the novel. Yes, I haven’t read it but I have it! That counts for something. This is again a historical fantasy and the book was very well received. Here’s hoping the news is correct and the mini series is actually happening and soon. Even though there’s not a single person even cast into this… maybe I’m just grasping for straws here.




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