So here’s the thing, I had to cheat this week and it’s a rare occasion for a Television Edition post. The thing is, I had no proper knowledge of what anthology means in relation to a TV show. That meant I had to ask, and after some help, and checking blogs to see what they had posted, it became clear. But it also dawned on me that I haven’t seen that many anthology shows, and some of them I’ve stopped watching. So instead of recommending shows this week, I’ll be sharing with you my guilt list. Here are three anthological shows I still need to watch!


Every season focuses on a different story, the first focused on O.J. Simpson, the second on Gianni Versace’s murder. Both seasons are out, and I still haven’t watched this series. Even though I’m a sucker for true crime, and I know very well that this show has gotten a lot of praise. So as soon as this post goes up, I’m most likely going to watch it!

2. AMERICAN CRIME (2015-2017)

I’ve mixed up this show with the first so many times, it’s actually a little annoying. Pretty much the same name, both anthological shows – it’s hard not to mix them up. But again, I haven’t seen this show, despite the fact that I really want to. It’s only three seasons, so I could easily binge watch it… if I had time.

3. TRUE DETECTIVE (2014-…)

No, it’s not a show I haven’t seen, technically. I’ve seen the first season and it was brilliant! Then I never continued watching and the third season will soon premier. I’m pretty sure I will catch up, even though the second season wasn’t as highly praised. But I’m also contemplating on just skipping the second one, and seeing what the third season has to offer. Because that’s the magic of anthological series – you can skip seasons, and continue with a new one when you feel like it!




  • True Detective is so wonderful. I like American Crime Story as well. I watched season 2 of regular American Crime and I actually regretted wasting my time on it. It was so good until the last episode where no questions got answered.

  • All, I have heard, are excellent but I haven’t seen any of these..maybe one day. Reminds me of Genius which my hubby and I watch and are excellent detailing the lives, so far, of Einstein and Picasso

    • Same, that’s why I added all of them to my list! Good things heard, but still haven’t seen it. And oh, I sort of want to see Picasso, Banderas looks so good in it.

  • Nice picks! I’ve only watched the People Vs OJ first season of American Crime Story, and loved it. Besides worshiping Sarah Paulson, the entire cast and direction was great. You might like that one! 🙂

    • I have watched a few episodes. I’m super annoyed by OJ so I’m not sure if this season is going to blow my mind.. but the acting is great across the board. Except the Kardashian kids… though I could see why they would be so bad. 😀

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