This year’s first Television Edition theme is all about those new shows that came out in 2018. Without actually going crazy and talking about my favourite among the last year’s freshmen, Bodyguard, I’m going with a theme within a theme! You guys seems to love these so let’s make it a bit more interesting this time around. I’m not going to tell you what the theme is, and I’ll let you tell me in the comments, what all three of my picks have in common.

1. BARRY (2018-…)

With my participation in the LAMBcast’s episode where we discussed our favourite shows of 2018, Barry was mentioned. So, since I had time during that same evening, I binge watched it in one sitting. It was amazing. It was so dark and gritty and Bill Hader has the best poker face in the business. The only thing I have with this show is that it is easy to forget it. I’m actually starting to vaguely remember it, and honestly, the only character that is still fresh in my mind is Hank (Anthony Carrigan). Who, through brilliant a as acting as well as writing, managed to steal all of his scenes with ease.

2. KILLING EVE (2018-…)

Now, Killing Eve was also mentioned during said podcast episode but I myself didn’t mention it. Not because it’s bad, it’s quite good but it’s also one of those, seen it, can’t really remember it shows. Which I’m sorry about because I really did like watching it, that much I remember. What I also recall is that Sandra Oh was wonderful but that Jodie Comer was even better. I’m actually disappointed that Oh is getting all the award attention, while Comer was easily carrying a lot of the wow scenes. If not for Comer’s deadpan delivery, I don’t think this show would have worked as well. Oh, and the fashion, amazing! Too bad I hardly remember it…

3. YOU (2018-…)

This one was more of a “everyone is talking about it, I better check out what the fuzz is about” type show. I ended up binging it all and actually enjoyed it. It’s not a great show, it’s hardly a good one because it makes so many mistakes. But it’s oddly different and satisfying – it’s so bad that it’s good! You know, that kind of a thriller where you think you know the outcome, and yet, you are so off the mark, because they throw crazy at you. Plus, it was sort of nice to yell at Penn Badgley’s character for being an idiot most of the time. He was a wreck, a mess – the kind of character who just gets under your skin. But hey, if it weren’t for that gimmick, I don’t think You would have become such a hit. So, surprise, it’s not that good but damn it, I’m watching the second season!




    • You are correct! All the main characters are killing people, but two are hitmen, one is just … making quite bad decisions. 😀

  • Loved Killing Eve. Such a brilliantly constructed show even though it went a tad melodramatic at the end. Not seen You but I doubt I will. Barry intrigues me as I love hitmen stories…

    • Oh I think you would like You. It’s not meant to be like anything else out there, so I totally got into it. And the cliffhanger, man, the more I think about it, the more I like it. 😀

    • And it wasn’t that bad, right? Like, it’s not good but I mean, being bored or sick, this show really helps 😀

    • It wasn’t an instant love for me either but I stuck with it. But You is awfully fun.. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you go in with very very low expectations and just.. livetweet how stupid everyone in that show is. 😀

  • I haven’t seen any of these but I’ve been meaning to watch Killing Eve as I’ve heard it’s great. I also want to see You but there’s so much new stuff on Netflix right now —I just finished Sex Education and I’m probably starting Pose tonight— I’m not sure I’ll ever start it 😅

    • OH POSE! I need to watch that but like you said, there’s so many things on Netflix that it’s hard to keep up. Umbrella Academy is coming and it has Robert Sheenan, who I love since Misfits, so I have to watch THAT right away. 😀 And I still have The Punisher to see… and so many others.

  • I want to see Killing Eve because there’s just so much buzz around it.

    You was ok. I think it could have been better if it was a few episodes shorter. It’s getting a season two, I mean I know the book also has a sequel, but if it’s more of the same it will get boring. But wait there’s the ex-girlfriend though…I wonder why she came back.

    • There is, I saw it for that reason too.

      You did feel like it dragged itself a bit but man, I had nothing to do, so that one felt like the perfect way to spend time though. But yes, SPOILERS, the ex coming back was a bit of a shock and I’m eager to see where the show might take itself.

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