What a coincidence that not only can I pick movies suitable for a summer vacation but that I myself am currently on my summer vacation? It feels like it’s meant to be, and that this list should be epic because of this situation. It’s not epic but it’s pretty good! Also, as you’ve noticed, I’ve looked passed the idea of picking movies that feature people on their summer vacation, and set my sights on adventures and thrilling movies that I love to enjoy during my summer vacation!

1. STAR TREK (2012)

There’s something about summer vacation that sort of screams for big adventures and there’s nothing bigger in terms of an adventure than a journey to space. We follow our main character Captain Kirk, portrayed by my favourite Chris, Chris Pine, as he begins his journey towards that important title. It’s fun, it’s funny, and even though so many of you will probably don’t approve, I like it more than I like Star Wars universe (based on movies). There, I said it, roll your eyes, puff out some air, and be okay with it. Star Trek has since then gotten two follow up movies but none of them have really captured the feel of the first one, yet, they are all great adventure movies and worth one’s time.

PS: I think I’ve seen this movie more than 10 times.

2. THE ISLAND (2005)

A hit and miss depending on who you talk to but for me, The Island was great.  I liked the element of sci-fi in the movie but I also enjoyed the performances by Ewan McGregor – he played two people! The film is thrilling and enjoyable, it doesn’t try to over complicate the science fiction, and although there are clones involved, the majority of the movie focuses on the human aspect. I haven’t seen the movie in a while but I used to watch it a lot and summer would be the best time to revisit it.

3. NERVE (2016)

The newest movie for this week’s post is last summer’s release Nerve with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Now, I’m not a fan of Roberts what so ever, I find her very one dimensional but I did like her in this, and I also liked the younger Franco brother (honestly, I like both Francos a lot). Nerve is a movie with a fast running plot that takes place during a single night. There is also a scene that made me anxious in the best way possible and I was surprised how much I was rooting for the main characters. It also delivers a few laughs as well and it’s just a fun movie to enjoy during a rainy summer day or a late night movie night!



  • I like where you went with this theme! Star Trek is my favorite of the bunch. I never saw Nerve.

    • Thank you! Star Trek is awesome, I might watch it today, breaking my re-watch rule but I’ve done it three times this year, one more would be okay. Nerve is fun. Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll enjoy it too.

  • Hahaha…yes! Love these choices!

    Summertime is the perfect spot to watch big ol’ (can I say silly?) action movies, and these are all excellent picks. I didn’t see the second one (yeah, I’m that guy), but the first new Star Trek was so badass. Pine was awesome (as always) as the upstart Kirk. Did you ever see Stretch? That’s one of my favorite Pine flicks, and I think he’s uncredited in it…but totally the co-star.

    Anyway…I love Ewan too (like A LOT) but I don’t really remember The Island. When you first said it, I was imagining The Beach. Clearly, I’m not the smartest.

    But NERVE?? NERVE!!!!!! That movie was a blast. Baby Franco is challenging his brother for best Franco, but I’m still leaning toward James. For now.

    (Sorry this is all over the place)

    • Oh Stretch is awesome! Seen it a few times already but didn’t want to put it here.. I bet there is a theme coming that would fit Stretch perfectly!

      Hah, The Island is forgettable in that sense a little.. but I have a hard time mixing it with The Beach but that’s probably because I’ve read the novel, no sci-fi there sadly.

      Nerve was a blast! That’s a nice way of putting it indeed. In terms of Francos, I think Dave hasn’t had the best opportunities to shine yet, I feel like he needs bigger roles but is taking on supporting roles. But he’s moving up in the ranks and I wish the two of them teamed up for a movie, playing brothers! That would be interesting to see. 😀

      No worries, I like this comment just the way it is! 🙂

  • I love that you took this theme and made it your own! I really want to watch Nerve and your little paragraph made me want to watch it even more! 😀

    • Thank you! There will be a TV theme at the end of the month that I’ve completely turned around because it’s the worst theme for me ever.. you’ll see. 😀
      And you should watch Nerve, it’s really fun!

      • Ooh! I can’t wait to read it!

        I think I noticed Nerve on netflix! Hopefully I can try and find some time to watch it…after I get to the rest of the movies on my forever long films-to-watch list 😛

  • Interesting twist on the theme, love that.

    I also love the first of the newly refurbished Star Treks the best. Chris Pine is a great choice for Kirk, there’s a slight Shatner vibe to him, without the pomposity, that makes it a more natural casting and the film is just fun.

    Just saw The Island a few weeks ago, due to a recommend from a previous Thursday, and like it quite a lot though it could have stood a bit of editing to sheer off about 10-15 minutes.

    Haven’t seen Nerve but i’ll have to look into it.

    I went the more traditional summer route with two teen flicks (one a beach party movie of course because what is summer without a trip to the beach) and a travelogue comedy.

    My Life in Ruins (2009)-Stranded in Athens teacher Georgia (Nia Vardalos) takes a job as a tour guide which she hates and isn’t very good at hiding it. Every group seems just like the last-a goofy couple, a frat boy, a sullen teen, a feuding couple, divorcées looking for a mate, and the funny guy who really isn’t. Mostly tourists on summer vacation and mostly Americans they’re historied out by the time she gets them and most just want to shop. Her latest group looks like it will be business as usual but as unexpected events transpire what starts out so badly slowly turns into a life changing pleasure. Genial romantic comedy filled with stunning views of Greece.

    Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)-It’s summer vacation so Frankie & Annette along with Bonehead and the whole gang hit the beach and battle Eric Von Zipper and his gearheads to save the kidnapped singing star Sugar Kane (Linda Evans) with the help of mermaid Lorelei (hey it’s a beach party movie go with it). The ultimate AIP summer flick where all the typical elements gelled into the best of the series with the catchiest theme song.

    Gidget (1959)-17 year old Frances Lawrence (Sandra Dee) goes to the beach one day on her summer vacation with her girlfriends. While they are sunning she decides to take a swim and promptly gets bumped on the head by surfboarder Moondoggie (James Darren). Intrigued by both the sport and the boy she buys a second hand board with her birthday money and is soon hitting the waves with Moondoggie and his gang of buddies lead by slightly older beach bum The Kahuna (Cliff Robertson) who dub her Gidget (a contraction of Girl and Midget). From then on it’s pretty much sun, fun and hitting the curl until the film takes a darkish turn when Kahuna, who’s been traveling around the world chasing the perfect wave, faces an existential life crisis but that doesn’t stop Gidget and Moondoggie from falling in love. Enormously successful film with a very appealing Sandra Dee followed by several sequels and a short lived TV show that introduced Sally Field to the world.

  • I haven’t seen Nerve but I did like Star Trek. The Island…. BLECH!!! One of the worst films ever that makes poor use of Scar-Jo 3:16 and it’s really a rip-off of Logan’s Run but with terrible editing, explosions, and endless product placements.

    • I don’t think it’s the worst movie ever made, considering what movies are doing nowadays. And Scarlett’s cinematography isn’t doing great either. Nobody seems to know what to do with her. Haven’t seen Logan’s Run though, so I guess there’s where I might not notice its flaws.

  • I like that you went with the big action theme. Great call on all three movies. Tnhe Island is one of Bay’s best movies. I know that’s not saying much, but I like it. Star Trek was a blast, and so was Nerve.

  • I love your own style on this week’s theme. I’m a huge Star Trek fan so this is a great pick. I have t seen the other. 2 but will see The aisland one day

  • I enjoyed Star Trek (but I’m a Star Wars fan through and through). I didn’t enjoy the Island… it reminded me of another film but I can’t remember what. I think it was the clones thing that triggered it. Not seen Nerve but I was interested when the trailer came out. Luckily its on the old Netflix so I can catch up anytime.

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