Of course I’m in the middle of my summer break when this theme comes up! What a perfect coincidence. Anyway I have not much to tell… here are my three movies that feature a summer break. They are not the best but they shall do because I honestly don’t have a lot of good movies left at this point. Oh and yes, they all fit into a specific genre because of course.


Alright I’m taking a bit of a leap here because I can’t be 100% sure this is a summer break movie. But … camps happen during summer right, so this should work! Basic point is that the main characters get stuck in a 92 minute summer break/summer camp movie scenario. Though not the best horror movie out there it’s still fun and I think the main idea is rather innovative.



A true summer break horror classic! Even lil old me who just recently discovered the joys of the horror genre watched this way back when. It is not the most logical or exciting but honestly it’s still a classic. Like in its own little way, it’s a must and I feel like everyone knows about this movie even if they haven’t seen it.

1. WRONG TURN (2003)

I haven’t logged this one into Letterboxd but I feel like I’ve seen it. I’m pretty sure I have though I can’t remember anything but honestly what is there to remember about these types of movies? Some college students get stuck in the woods during their summer break, it gets bloody, one survives? I honestly can’t remember but I feel like I’ve seen this because I used to LOVE Eliza Dushku to bits. Still do just haven’t followed her career as much. Oh and apparently there’s a 2021 remake of this… I’m sure it turned out super well!! (PS: that was sarcasm).




  • Looking at that cast of The Final Girls… why haven’t I watched this yet??? I feel like IKWYDLS is a classic, but that’s because it came out when I was a teenager LOL. I haven’t seen Wrong Turn but I do like Eliza Dushku.

  • I’m not much of a horror guy but I have seen I Know What You Did Last Summer which was entertaining in its dumb way but not enough to get me to watch the sequel. I might check out your first since it sounds like it takes a more comedic slant but the last is just the type of horror I avoid.

    It’s great that you always have a theme within the theme. I luck out some weeks with one but this isn’t one of them, two of mine deal with different aspects of coming of age but the last is a straight adventure.

    Last Summer (1969)-Spending the summer unsupervised on Fire Island Sandy (Barbara Hershey), wealthy, spoiled and bored meets fellow teens Dan (Bruce Davison) and Peter (Richard Thomas) on the beach where the three quickly form a tight circle. One day they become acquainted with the awkward and naive Rhoda (Catherine Burns-Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actress). At first friendly the trio close ranks and Rhoda becomes a figure of sport, teased and humiliated by the group. Distressing and disturbing story of maliciousness, sexual domination and cruelty with a pitch-black ending.

    The Flamingo Kid (1984)-Just out of high school Brooklyn teenager Jeffrey Willis (Matt Dillon) unhappy with his modest home, chances into a summer job at the posh Flamingo Club during summer break. Enticed by the heady atmosphere he is taken under the wing of smooth-talking club member Phil Brody (Richard Crenna) who extolls the pursue of the easy buck over the hard work of college much to Jeffrey’s father Arthur (Héctor Elizondo) chagrin. There are some late-summer hard lessons ahead for Jeff though.

    The River Wild (1994)-Troubled married couple Gail and Tom Hartman (Meryl Streep & David Strathairn) are taking their son, Roarke (Joseph Mazzello), on a birthday rafting trip down Idaho’s Salmon River during their summer vacation. Misfortune and danger come their way when they are taken hostage by fugitives Wade (Kevin Bacon) and Terry (John C. Reilly) who force Gail, a former raft guide, to help them attempt escape down the treacherous rapids.

    • I always try to aim for a theme within a theme, I don’t know why. I guess I like to make things harder for myself.

  • The first film is a comedy take on the horror teen summer break flicks right? I have heard of all 3 but have not seen them. I get scared too easily and have nightmares.

    • Yeah, I feel like it’s the best of the bunch. I used to be scared of horror movies but I’ve gotten over of it. Don’t really seek horror out but I don’t necessarily avoid it. Especially the horror-comedy genre.

  • I’ve only seen I Know What You Did Last Summer and I guess it didn’t really work for me because a, it’s so dumb, and b, it was spoiled to me by Scary Movie.

    • Ah well Scary Movie is one of those movies that I will most likely never watch. And it is dumb in a fun way lol.

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