At first, I was like “oh no”, because it seemed like such a tricky topic but once I realised what my first pick was, it all made sense. All my picks have a sort of fantasy element to it, one of them is very close to the reality, but if you think about it, it’s still rather unbelievable. Long story short, here are my recommendations for a story within a story.

1. BIG FISH (2003)

This crazy wonderful film was made during the height of Tim Burton’s career, and it shows. It’s colourful, it’s emotional, it’s magical and you still don’t exactly know what is real and what is not. Big Fish is one of my favourites from Burton, but over the years I have forgotten about this movie. There’s no reason to, because it’s quite fun. It was actually the first one I thought about for this theme as well, since the main characters son is telling his life story back to him.

2. FORREST GUMP (1994)

I did tell you that one of the picks was a little unbelievable, and that’s how I feel about Forrest Gump. He tells how he got there, onto that bench, to people who happen to sit down next to him, and it’s a little strange. Sure, it’s unbelievable because Forrest doesn’t exist, but even as for his character, some of his adventures truly feel like a story he made up. Anyway, I still love this film a lot.


Well, I think this one is going to be a popular choice this week because I know there are many out there who love The Princess Bride. A grandfather tells his grand-child a bed time story, and it happens to be the story of the princess bride. It has everything, adventures, fantasy, humour, betrayal – everything a story needs to have. I did like the film when I first watched it, because it’s that sort of comforting humour that makes it so ageless.




  • I LOVE ALL THOSE MOVIES!!! Big Fish, Forrest Gump and the Princess Bride were all movies that got ingrained in my brain from an early age on. Such good picks! I would have gone with The Words! It’s a story in a story in a story – storyception!

  • I really enjoyed The Princess Bride because all the actors embraced their roles so fully and its such a fun fantasy. I also liked Cary Elwes book about the making of it “As You Wish”. I like Big Fish as well, it has its rough patches but overall it is an unusual intriguing little flick. Sorry but I detest Forrest Gump with a passion, to me its inane and puerile.

    This required putting on the thinking cap more than some weeks but after some false starts I manage to come up with a trio. Luckily I had just watched my first about two weeks ago, so a bit of kismet took a hand.

    Hellzapoppin’ (1941)- Projectionist Shemp Howard (ya one of the Three Stooges) is running a filmed dance number that turns into a funhouse ride collapsing into Hell where the dancers are tortured by demons until comics Olsen & Johnson arrive in a taxi and disrupt the scene. They call the scriptwriter in and we discover we’re in Miracle Pictures Studios (their slogan “If it’s a good picture, it’s a Miracle!”) where the boys are attempting to translate their Broadway hit show into a movie. Crazy patchwork quilt of a film throws everything, including a kitchen sink! into the mix and comes up with unrestrained lunacy that might make little linear sense since it bounces back and forth between stories but adds up to a very enjoyable viewing experience. Good cast with a standout Martha Raye. The source play was the longest running musical in history up to that point.

    The Locket (1946) – Because of a false accusation of theft as a young girl a woman (Laraine Day) sets out for revenge on the world becoming a kleptomaniac, chronic liar, and eventually a murderess. The story is told in layered flashbacks (flashbacks within flashbacks) from different points of view. Complex thriller has many noirish touches and a good cast including a young Robert Mitchum.

    The Fall (2006)-In a hospital ward in 20’s Los Angeles a young girl with a broken arm meets a seriously injured stunt man (Lee Pace) who as their friendship grows weaves elaborate stories in extravagant settings of different men who share a mission. As each story ends he asks her to forage in the hospital infirmary for morphine to help him endure his pain. Cryptic and challenging.

    • I get the hate for Forrest Gump, it’s an odd movie but I still enjoy it. Sorry.

      The Fall sounds familiar.. I might have wanted to see it when I was watching Pushing Daisies and was in my Lee Pace fangirl mode!

      • Well as far as Gump every movie isn’t for everybody. I remember going to see Wonder Boys with my sister so we had the exact same viewing experience and when it was over I loved everything about it and my sister hated it.

  • I haven’t seen Big Fish yet but I enjoyed The Princess Bride (and I picked it too) and I absolutely love Forrest Gump.

  • I’ve only seen parts of Big Fish but want to see it in its entirety. Forrest Gump is one I have seen often since it is on TV show much. It a good flick but it should not have won all those awards. I love The Prince’s Bride….love Andre the Giant and Peter Cook which made me laugh so much

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