This week allows three different type movies to be listed and I’m going to go with satires. It seems the one I’ve seen the most and most likely enjoy the most. Spoofs aren’t really my thing and I haven’t seen enough mocumentaries to recommend them. The one I’ve seen isn’t my jam either. So spoofs it is and I’m glad to say that one is quite a recent one.

1. JOJO RABBIT (2019)

Who else is brave enough to make a satire movie about Hitler? Taika fucking Waitit, that’s who! King of satires? Too soon. Probably not. While this movie wasn’t my favourite among the 2019 award season, it sure was brave. Using Hitler for laughs? Who would have thought. My favourite character in the entire movie was Sam Rockwell’s Klenzendorf – obviously. His character was so over the top at times and in the nicest way possible. While this movie is either loved or disliked, nobody can deny it’s very clever. It’s making fun of a very awful thing and manages to walk the line between classy and awful.


It’s so hard to talk ab out this movie because honestly, it’s nuts. It is just a fun, strange ride from start to finish. The movie stars LaKeith Stanfield in the lead who is wonderful. It has Tessa Thompson being as equally cool. Is it the best among satires? Not really but it sure as hell is a fun one! Rapper Boots Riley pens the script and directs Sorry to Bother You himself, a markable debut in both categories. While the story itself is a little rocky around the edges, the visuals are magnificent. There are so many scenes that come to mind from this movie. The way the phone calls were done!? Perfect! So if for anything, the fun way of making common things more visually interesting is a good reason to watch it.


Let’s go all out this week and pick a comedy I wouldn’t have otherwise mentioned. Not that I don’t like comedies like this. I just don’t love them. The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco who go to interview the North Korean dictator. Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds. Yes, it’s completely nuts. But there’s also a cute dog and for some reason that’s the thing I remember the most. That final scene where Franco cuddles the dog. Anyway, in its core it’s a political satire. It has some good laughs. Rogen as per usual is funny as usual!




  • I’ve heard of all three but haven’t seen any of them. Of the three I’ll probably catch up with Jojo Rabbit eventually.

    I went with three that I guess could be considered mockumentaries all from Britain,

    A Hard Day’s Night (1964)-John, Paul, George and Ringo portray themselves in this skewed view of “a day in the life” of The Beatles as they enjoy their first brush with fame and the craziness that went along with it. Just this side of reality the film takes you for a fun ride with the lads from Liverpool who sell this by being so effortlessly appealing.

    The Big Tease (1999)-Scottish hairdresser Crawford Mackenzie (Craig Ferguson) dreams of leaving his small village to compete at the World Hairdresser International Federation annual contest and winning the coveted Platinum Scissors Award. It looks like his wish is about to become a reality when he receives an invitation. Determined to immortalize his shining moment for posterity he heads for the contest in LA with a documentary crew but comes crashing down to earth when he finds he was only invited as an observer. Unwilling to be cowed and with the help of PR agent Candy (Frances Fisher) he pursues his goal with relentless zeal all recorded by his tagalong crew.

    Confetti (2006)-Faux documentary follows three couples as they battle for the coveted title of Confetti magazine’s “Most Original Wedding of the Year” along with a house and a cover shoot. Fitness enthusiasts Josef & Isabelle (Meredith MacNeill and Stephen Mangan) want a tennis-themed wedding. Romantic movie fans Matt & Sam’s (Jessica Stevenson and Martin Freeman) are determined to have a ceremony inspired by Hollywood musicals. Finally naturalists Michael & Joanna (Robert Webb and recent Oscar winner Olivia Colman) want their big day to a celebration of the great outdoors with Michael adamantly insisting that he be nude during the ceremony. Hit and miss but funny overall.

  • I LOVE JoJo Rabbit!! I picked a different satire but I mentioned Taika’s movie as being one of the best. I have another Taika movie for the mockumentary category. I haven’t seen SORRY TO BOTHER YOU but I should, sounds really good! I also haven’t seen The Interview but I should since it’s on Netflix now.

    • Ah yes, JoJo Rabbit is either very loved or liked, I love it for Sam Rockwell but honestly, I wasn’t a huge huge fan of it. But Taika is amazing!

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