There are so many movies where a big moment, a monumental scene is all about delivering that speech. May it be motivational, may it be devastating, may it be empowering or simply put, emotional as fuck. So yes, there are many variations to the big monologues, that in retrospect are tiny moments that make a huge difference. Here are three of my favourites that give me all the feels.

1. “But to feel nothing so as not to feel anything—what a waste!” / CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (2017)

Even those who disliked the movie, had a hard time disliking Michael Stuhlbarg’s monologue to his son. It speaks volumes how much those words resonated with viewers, because they carried a lot meaning and truth. The author of the book has said that the said monologue in the book moved the readers so much, that they wrote him letters. They were moved and they wished they had a moment like that in their youth with their father. So this speech, out of the context of the movie itself, is mostly about a father accepting his son. There’s nothing else to it. It’s stating that love has no boundaries, and we should feel everything, and not be afraid of feelings. Even if those feelings might end up hurting us.

2. “I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.” / THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994)

One of my all time favourite endings to a movie is The Shawshank Redemption’s last monologue delivered by the voice over god Morgan Freeman. It actually makes me cry almost every time I watch that clip because it has such a simple message – we should never loose hope. And since Freeman’s character during the majority of the film has no hope, the power behind his words in the end of the movie hits you like a wave. The hope he seemed to have lost is yet again surfaced, and spending most of his life in prison didn’t really take away that hope completely. And to have those words “I hope” close the movie is simply perfect, because that’s what we should all aspire towards. Never loosing hope, despite how unfair our life might be.

3. “To me, you are perfect!” / LOVE ACTUALLY (2003)

A speech delivered with huge flashcards that pokes you in the heart and makes you cry? Well, leave it to Andrew Lincoln and his undying love for Keira Knightley’s character in Love Actually to make that a reality. This scene is sad, heartbreaking and filled with so much emotion – while no words are actually uttered. It’s simply a speech on paper, shown while Christmas music is playing and you are crying your eyes out. When I saw this week’s theme I knew I was going to pick this scene. Because in a way this scene is perfect. It reminds us that sometimes the most important things are the hardest to say out loud. But if we can’t say them, we should show them and even though it hurts, we will eventually feel lighter.




  • These are some pretty amazing monologues! You are so right about Call Me By Your Name’s, I wasn’t crazy about the film but I loved Stuhlbarg’s monologue. Easily the best part of the film.

  • I still have to see the first film you chose but I like that quote. Shawshank is one of my favourite films and that scene with freeman is sublime. Your last choice is a great one because it is a monologue in written form and his unrequited love shows the pain and truth that we have all felt at one time or another

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