Out of all the reoccurring themes during Thursday Movie Picks, I think Seven Deadly Sins is my favourite. I just love how specific it is and yet it gives so much room for interpretation. This week we are looking at gluttony – the need to have more than necessary. It is very similar to greed in my opinion so it’s going to be interesting to see how I interpret the latter in April. That being said, with the image from Se7en lodged in my brain, I went for a more glamours angle. Here are my three recommendations for the gluttony theme.


Money, am I right? That’s literally the thing that makes the world go around. And the more you have it, the less you think about spending it. This is a list of movies where men got so much money, they didn’t even know what to do with it. It’s not about the instant greedy fix, it’s about having so much money that there’s nowhere to put it. The first movie that came to mind was The Great Gatsby. Here we have a rich guy throwing lavish parties because where else is he going to put his big fortune? Anyway, I don’t remember much about this Baz Luhrmann movie except its soundtrack. Some reason that was more memorable for me than the movie itself. I’ve also read the novel but remember little of it. I guess I just don’t relate to this story. But it sure is a good representation of gluttony.


Well, guess what, I’m going for a theme within a theme and a common actor. Yes, this is a Leonardo DiCaprio list of three and second up is something I’ve already mentioned before. It’s about this young guy who starts forging checks and faking his careers. He seeks a wealthy life, something his father couldn’t give him and it’s the need to keep going that makes his need for money a deadly sin. But he ends up having so much skill that he starts mass producing the checks as if he knows how to spend it all. It’s not about the money anymore. Like I said, I have mentioned this one before but I can’t help it to mention it again. It’s a movie that somehow manages to hold up even now. Despite the fact that nowadays it would be impossible to pull something like that off. Anyway, it’s a good movie about going too far for the green.


Oh, how could I not go with the most loved Leonardo DiCaprio performances? This is yet again another great example of being so greedy for money it becomes “fun coupons”. So much so that he just throws it away, just like that. So it’s not greedy, it’s gluttony because he throws money away! Money for him is just an accessory at one point, expendable. Anyway, DiCaprio is really good at playing these money hungry men, isn’t he? For what it’s worth, I think greed and gluttony go hand in hand. All these movies have men who care little about others and selfishly follow their own path towards money. They all reach a point of having so much of it and boom. Anyway, what a great movie, can’t believe DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar for this. By the way, picking money to go with gluttony also made the next deadly sin theme a lot more difficult. And man, do I love a challenge!




  • LOVE your Leo theme! I have Wolf of Wall Street saved for another 7 deadly sins pick. lol

    I’ve never seen The Great Gatsby or read the book. It’s so embarrassing.

    • Thank you so much! I thought that Greed was gonna match some of these movies well too but I went with another route with that theme. Ah, how have you not seen Great Gatsby!? :O

  • Great theme within a theme. Leo sure knows how to rake in the mulah! 🙂 . I agree that, when one has so much money that they throw it away like candy or wallow in the money, literally, it is gluttony. I have seen all 3 of these films. Hated the Gatsby remake except for that huge party scene. I read the books decades ago and I have seen the Robert redford film which was a bit of a mess but much better than the remake even though Daisy is played by Mia Farrow. Wolf of Wall Street is perfect for this, although, I again, didn’t care for it and will only see it once unless it’s on TV and nothing else is on. I love Catch me If You can which is also about love. The kid really needed love and to feel accepted and wanted which he didn’t feel from his mom.

  • I absolutely love what you did with the theme! I wasn’t a big fan of The Wolf of Wall Street and I’m yet to see this version of The Great Gatsby but I loved Catch Me If You Can. It is such an underrated Spielberg movie.

    • Thank you so much! Catch Me If You Can always surprises me because I never think to think it’s by Spielberg! 😀

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