We are closing in on the last seventh deadly sin and this week we are looking more closely at sloth. This feels too close to home because I’ve been feeling like a sloth these past few months. Not really exiting the house, staying in and feeling like doing nothing even while maintaining a full time job. Anyway, I tried to go with another theme within a theme for this one and ended up with four picks instead of three. That has not happened in a while nor a lot.


Saw this in January and the first thing I thought of was movie theatres. Guys, remember movie theatres? They were awesome, weren’t they…. Anyway, Jumanji: The Next Level within itself is the first movie I thought of in relation to the sloth sin. Because it’s so lazily made! There was a moment in the movie where I predicted a joke because this sequel was so close to the one before it. It seemed as if they knew they succeeded the first time and then changed a few things around but proceeded to do the same things. The sequel to the remake (revival?) was boring, dull and it failed to live up to its predecessor.

3. OCEAN’S EIGHT (2018)

There is nothing lazy or sloth like about the visual appearance of Ocean’s Eight, a sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy. It looks amazingly cast, it has so much potential on paper. So why a sloth? First of all it’s so lazy when it comes to writing. Clooney’s Ocean’s (13 excluded) works because it’s smart, witty, unique. There is no dull moment and the twists are exciting even the second time around. Ocean’s Eight was not fun for me and it was a huge disappointment.

Second, girl power does not mean all men suck. So many all female cast movies fail to realise that there needs to be certain balance. It’s not that we hate men but that we can do great without them. Ocean’s 11 was about getting the girl back, Ocean’s 8 was about getting revenge on a man. That felt wrong to me. So anyway, it had all the tools but it was too lazy to create a solid blueprint (aka script) to work around. That is the biggest sin in my book.

2. IT CHAPTER TWO (2019)

Another movie to the list of sequels that simply did not work is It Chapter Two. Yes, it had good moments but compared to the first movie, it was meh. The book’s adult parts were boring as well so granted, they had little to work on. They cleverly tried to get the kids back into the sequel because they knew they were going to be missed but for what cost. The movie is very very long and yet the set up drags so much. And that darn ending that sucked in the book sucked even more in the movie. So much energy went into making the past/present transitions smooth but they couldn’t rewrite the ending? Lazy, lazy, lazy. What else can I say.

1. DEADPOOL 2 (2018)

Who didn’t love the first Deadpool movie!? I mean there were some of you but well, I’m with you if you disliked the second. I gave it 3 cups back in 2018 but to be fair, I think it’s now simmered down to like 2. It’s forgettable, that’s for sure. Deadpool 2 is another lazy sequel because it tried to do the same things that worked the first time around. Just a bit different. News flash, for me, it didn’t work. The dance/soundtrack number worked but that’s all marketing. Main reason I think the movie didn’t work is because the sequel was rushed. Like they needed to get the sequel out and didn’t have time to write or fine tune the jokes. Not even gonna talk about the script. What a waste of a great character and the potential.



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