This is the seventh deadly sin which unfortunately brings this special edition Thursday Movie Picks theme to an end. Last but not least we have pride. For me pride is the hardest to pin point because it’s not necessarily a bad word. While others have more negative connections to the word, pride can be a positive thing. Though partnered with sin I guess pride can also be super bad. Anyway, I’m taking a strange route and delivering three movies where pride aligns with romance and mates for revenge.


Honestly, this is the second time I’m writing this post because I got the idea to link pride and romance at the last minute. Someone Like You… was the first one I thought when I realised I could pick this route. Here we have Jane who is super hurt after her boyfriend cheats. Her pride is hurt, she feels awful and she decides to take it out on… all men. It also has Hugh Jackman throwing dumplings left handed and it’s the hottest thing ever.


Ever have a guy hurt your feelings? Well how about a guy hurting many girls at the same time? This is a teen romance movie that is about girls seeking revenge after, you guessed it, John Tucker’s a dick to them. It has some memorable moments and it’s not the worst. Some fun performances and just a silly movie. Granted, none of the three here are really masterpieces but this and the others are still fun to watch.


Last but not least we have a movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. No, wait, the leading character is played by Uma Thurman but the pride that’s hurt belongs to Morgan’s character. After his wife to be cancels their wedding due to the radio love guru, Patrick is ready to seek revenge. Of course his manhood, his pride, his future is ruined so why not ruin the life of a woman that so carelessly destroyed his? I can totally get it but also I’d gladly derail a marriage if I had a chance to get THAT man for myself.




  • I like your theme within the theme! All are cute films, not every film can be nor needs to be a masterwork, full of fluffy coincidences and conclusions that are foregone. Enjoyable nonetheless.

    This one was tougher than expected because as you said pride can be a good thing and initially I came up with lots of them but finally managed to find three where it is more a fault than a virtue.

    Jezebel (1938) In the pre-Civil War South headstrong Julie Marsden (Bette Davis who won the Best Actress Oscar for this) loses his fiancée Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda) after creating a scene at a ball when her pride stands in the way of her making amends. When he returns from the North with a new wife Amy (Margaret Lindsay) she schemes to get him back but a duel and a yellow fever epidemic complicate matters.

    Pride and Prejudice (1940)-When the wealthy Mr. Darcy (Laurence Olivier) and Mr. Bingley (Bruce Lester) arrive in her rural village Mrs. Bennett (Mary Boland) sees an opportunity to find husbands for at least two of her five unmarried daughters. Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan) takes a shine to Mr. Bingley but it’s instant animosity between Elizabeth (Greer Garson) and Darcy who let their pride (his) and prejudices (hers) stand in the way of their attraction. High grade adaptation with good performances though Greer at 36 is pushing it as the supposedly 19 year old Elizabeth.

    The Pride and the Passion (1957)-A piece of immense foolishness about a British captain (Cary Grant) in Spain trying to prevent the French from stealing a super cannon (the pride of Spain) during the Napoleonic Wars! Ludicrously cast with the Italian Sophia Loren and Hoboken born Frank Sinatra (preposterous with both an atrocious accent and wig!?) as Spanish guerillas (she’s okay but he is dreadful) and a stiff as a board Cary. Overripe piece of twaddle that Grant considered the worst thing he ever did. He would visibly cringe whenever it was mentioned.

    • Thank you so much! I sometimes feel like I make things harder for myself with these themes within themes but it’s always fun! 😀 I love the Knightley Pride & Prejudice version but I haven’t seen any of the other ones so I might give it a try soon.

    • I feel like I’ve seen so many rom-coms that they have lost their magic now. But I love to hate on them now. 😀

    • Oh I recommend all three if you’re just looking for something light and just.. entertaining. Don’t take them too seriously though.

    • It was but it was fun silly, at least I didn’t think of it too ridiculous. But no point in taking it too seriously. 😀

    • I have seen the second one more than once so I remember it well but I always want to return to it every now and then. 😛

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