Most definitely the hardest topic this month is the combination of sci-fi and horror. The thing is, I like science-fiction, I think it’s one of my favorite genres because most of my favorite movies are categorized as sci-fi these days. But, as most of you probably know already, horror is not my thing, so the combination of these two was a challenge. All my picks ended up being average , can’t recall much about them, movies.

 1. THE PURGE, 2014

The only pick in this list that I would actually go back to someday is The Purge. It purposes an idea that once a year, during a 12 hour period, crime is allowed, and with that, the overall crime rate is lower. So, those good people who don’t want to steal, vandalize or go on a killing spree, lock themselves in, and try to survive those 12 hours. The movie has had sequels which I haven’t seen but both are apparently better than the first one. Still, what it’s worth, I think the idea is interesting, though the execution maybe not as good as it could have been.


Aliens. And dream-catchers. In the woods.  That’s pretty much all I remember but I recall being scared because of it being a horror film. I also like the concept of dream catchers so I thought why not list this movie here. What I did not remember was the cast, which is actually pretty decent, I mean, Morgan Freeman and Timothy Olyphant!? I don’t know if I would ever revisit it, but I mean, I’d do anything for Timothy.

 3. DETENTION, 2011

I had a Josh Hutcherson fangirl moment after I’d seen The Hunger Games, and I watched a lot of his movies – mostly kids and teen movies. Detention was one of those movies and man, it was a weird experience. I remember that it had a cool opening credits scene, which I posted here as well, but the rest is just a blur. The funniest fact in regards to Detention, the director Joseph Kahn has directed quite a fee Taylor Swift music videos – that explains a lot.

– No TV show recommendations this time –





  • Interesting to see Detention here, i hardly ever seen it mentioned. Interesting fact, the news reporter at the start of the film poker player Daniel Negreanu.

    I’ve been meaning to see The Purge for ages now…

  • I have no desire to see The Purge…sounds too scary for me and not sure about Detention. I have seen Dreamcatcher and I remember finding it quite freaky at the beginning and then losing its way near the end.

    • It wasn’t scary, I think, since I don’t like horror myself. It was mostly disturbing, but I might not remember it correctly. Detention isn’t worth a watch.. I mean, it’s just.. weird.

  • This really isn’t my genre in the least so I’m not surprised I haven’t seen any of your films. I’d be more inclined to see Dreamcatcher because of the cast but none really draw me in.

    My bench on this was so thin that I ended up watching two of my picks (the first & last) especially to come up with three. The first was okay but my last is a disaster that I included strictly so I didn’t feel like I put myself through it for nothing.

    Hollow Man (2000)-Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) and his team (including Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin) invent a serum that produces invisibility. They test it on Caine and he vanishes but something goes wrong and they can’t rematerialize him. As the team struggles to reverse the process Caine’s grip on reality begins to slip away.

    The Fly (1986)-Scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) invents a teleportation device, then decides to test it on himself. What he doesn’t realize is a housefly is in the device during the process, causing a comingling of man and insect. As the fly’s cells begin to take over his body and he becomes increasingly fly-like his girlfriend (Geena Davis) must stand by helpless in horrified disbelief as he deteriorates into a monster. What separates this from the norm is the perfect casting of Jeff Goldblum in the lead, his gawky angularity suggesting a fly-like physique even before he begins to transform. He and Geena Davis share a great chemistry, no surprise they were briefly married after this film. Directed by David Cronenberg.

    Monster A Go-Go (1965)-Astronaut Frank Douglas (Henry Hite) and his rocket disappear on their way back to earth and the next thing you know there’s a series of murders happening where the victim’s blood is turned to powder. Could they be related and who is the enormous rotting man roaming the countryside while people toil and look at papers in what appears to be a high school science lab? Nonsensical story atrociously acted with production values not even worthy of a grade school project, see if you can keep count of how many times the camera wobbles, it happens in almost every scene. One of the worst movies ever made this is inept in EVERY way, the best thing about it is its title.

    • It isn’t my genre either, so my picks were also sort of like, I watched them, and I will not watch them again. And since I haven’t seen The Fly yet, I couldn’t include it in my list either. But I’ve seen it everywhere this week so I mean, I should watch it!? I should. I just keep putting it off. I think I have heard of Hollow Man as well, but like I said, this genre just isn’t my cup of tea.

  • I’ve seen all the Purge movies and the second (which I picked this week) is definitely the best. But the first one was good too. Don’t bother watching the third though, it’s not good.

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